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  1. I totally lucked out on the food line. Walked in the door just shortly after 5:00, and when I got in I went right down the stairs to the floor, walked right up to the buffet and picked up a plate. Might have been 20 people that made it through before me; virtually no waiting. And no line at all at the bar. A few minutes later as I was making my way up to a seat, the hordes were swarming in.
  2. Yeah, I imagine people will be doing all kinds of backflips to be sure they make it on time for this. My wife works every Tuesday night, but she put this on the work schedule as soon as they made the official announcement. Of course I realize not everyone is fortunate enough to have control over their schedule, though.
  3. You mean how long did the event last? Doors opened for STHs at 5:00, and to the general public at 5:30. Didn't end until the game was over.
  4. Some people in the garage elevator were complaining about it when I was leaving. "The organizational aspect sure leaves an awful lot to be desired," the father said. I said, " I thought it was great. I don't really see what more they could do to accommodate this many people for this kind of an event." Followed by total silence, the four of them self-consciously staring at each other until the doors opened and they got off.
  5. I've actually spotted 3 different Rags fans. WTF? You couldn't PAY me to go to a Lundqvist celebration.
  6. Hmm. Looks like my video didn't upload. Or at least it isn't working. Sorry.
  7. capturedvideo.MOV
  8. National Weather Service forecast for Tuesday says " A chance of rain and snow. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 39. Chance of precipitation is 30%. " Doesn't sound too bad.
  9. I notice on the email for the Monday night event that it says "Please be sure to bring your Membership card" in bold. Does this mean I have to be present in order for everyone I've invited to get in? I'm asking because I'm intending to be there pretty much right at 5:00, but I know some of the people who I've given tickets won't get there that early.
  10. Just to clarify what I said previously: I don't necessarily think he intended to hit the ref, specifically. If we're to take him at his word, then he didn't know who was in front of him. I'm saying if that's true, then cross-checking that unidentified person seems like a horrible decision.
  11. This was my thinking exactly. You're "woozy," so you just cross-check whoever happens to be in front of you on your way to the bench?
  12. We went ahead and renewed. Decided to try to think positive and hope for the best about my wife's schedule, and as I said, we don't want to give up our seat location. So we're in for at least one more season. Go Devils!!
  13. I'm in 103, row 4, straight behind the "attack twice" goal. My seats are just a shade under $1600 each. (Row three and forward are more expensive.) So seats in the corners would be less than that. Or maybe about the same if you went into one of the first three rows.
  14. I'm a little on the fence about it. On one hand, my wife's work schedule changed this year and it's much harder for her to get to the games. And we're also still stinging a little over the 20+% increase they hit us with last season. But then on the other hand, we still enjoy going and we REALLY like our seat location. There's an outside chance that my wife's aforementioned work schedule will get slightly better between now and next season, and my guess is we'll probably go ahead a renew for one more season and see how it goes. But at this very moment I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger.