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  1. Plus any of those 8 that were aligned in the Devils system certainly won't be coming to Trenton. Lou would never let that happen.
  2. I wonder if the writer maybe misinterpreted Lisk. My guess is the Titans retain the rights to the 8 players if they want to sign them.
  3. If they are real, they're just as dumb as the Devils. But that's an interesting photoshop job, especially when you see the logos are different sizes. The socks on the mascot are a nice touch though. Looking at the guy's FB page, he's clearly into photoshopping hockey stuff. However - those would make a great one-off third jersey/charity auction.
  4. Good God - We could've saved ourselves 14 pages of arguing - this sums things up pretty freaking well. Well played. I still contend that had no one stepped in and bought the Titans, the Flyers eventually would've put the Phantoms in Trenton. Would've been a far better financial move than sticking them in an outpost like Glens Falls.
  5. You've really got your finger on the pulse here. Didn't realize the Flyers were the new buyers. 90 percent of the T-Devs fanbase will come and support the Titans. You and the other 11 T-Devs fans that make up the other 10 percent won't. It's ironic that the same people that give Flyers fans grief for having not supported the T-Devs turn around and talk about how they won't support the Titans for the exact same reasons. Go figure.
  6. Why is it annoying? What in that article isn't accurate? The way people line up to have Lou's balls rest on their chins never ceases to amaze me.
  7. Meh. I had already abandoned the team (at least in terms of spending money to go to their games) two years ago. Princeton hockey is always out there. And there's always the usual 2 or 3 hours a day of porn that help to fill that hockey void. I'm sure we'll manage somehow - the biggest struggle will be figuring out something new to complain about.
  8. Doubtful - I think they're smart enough to realize that there are better ways to piss away seven figures a year. There's no shortage of deep pockets in Central Jersey, I just can't imagine anyone actually seeing any value in buying the team. I sincerely hope I'm wrong.
  9. Sidenote - echl.com has pulled the press release announcing the suspension of the franchise. This is utterly bizarre.
  10. I think it was just general stubbornness about wanting things done his way with his guys. I wish I could go back and find some of my "translations" of his quotes from post-game articles from the old Titans board. The guy was like a used car salesman in terms of being able to find positives in a 6-1 loss where they were outshot 45-12.
  11. That's a big problem for the future of hockey in Trenton. I'm not sure the market would support an AHL team unless it's the Phantoms. The Devils AHL team wouldn't draw significantly better than the ECHL team - would Devils fans come to watch future NHL players? Maybe. But the same folks that stayed away from the ECHL club because of how it was operated would stay away from the AHL team for the same reasons. I think the Phantoms would be a huge draw in Trenton - from the existing fanbase of former Titans fans, the local Devils fans aching for hockey, and former Phantoms fans from Bucks County that would flock to see the Flyers AHL prospects. Honestly, priced appropriately, if such a club averaged under 5,000 I'd be stunned. That said, it's a longshot at this point that Allentown doesn't work out - once they start the eminent domain process for the land for the arena, they're probably fully committed.
  12. We surmised at the time that he had incriminating photos of the Titans GM. In reality though he was probably the only candidate they could find to take the job at a bargain basement price.
  13. Doug McKay. Head coach of the worst AHL team in league history (The 89-90 Binghamton Whalers that won 11 games all season). Other coaching experience largely in 2nd tier leagues in Italy. Came in and basically jettisoned all ties to the previous year's Kelly Cup winning team. Got into verbal sparring matches with fans. Tried to trade fan favorite players. By the end of his short stint in Trenton the most entertaining thing about the games was heckling him because he had serious rabbit ears. A few of us have some great stories about Coach MmmmKay that probably shouldn't be shared publicly. Was an interesting couple of months to say the very least.
  14. How many seasons? 5? Really? (yes I know they bought the team in '06) Christ these idiots can't even get this right. For the sake of Albany's fans I can only hope that the "restructuring" includes selling off that franchise or at the very least a full lobotomy for Lou's kid.
  15. You mean Brad Mills and Olivier Magnan aren't prospects?!?!?!? They bought the team out of spite. Think of it as Lou's mildly expensive eff you to the Flyers.