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  4. Welcome! I LOVE the Albany black jerseys. I remember as a kid always giving the Devils a black alternate jersey using the same pattern in NHL and such. Call me mainstream if you must, those black are awesome.
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  6. I feel for their fans too, being subjected to 3 recent World Series and one of the best NBA team of all time. There's nothing about this Rangers team that suggests they'll steamroll the Sens. Ottawa has a more exciting and dynamic team top to bottom. If Anderson can keep up with Hank, it's gonna be a series.
  7. Baseball gods obliged, tonight is a rainout. So two days off. Hopefully that can reset them and get them in gear. Makeup won't be till September 25, Gsellman gets skipped.
  8. I remember hearing something like that, although it might have been some kind of miscommunication about playing in the KHL all star game. Also, if the idea were for a more lenient recapture hit, I believe the sooner he left the better. As I understand it, the recapture penalty gets worse the longer the player gets into the deal and when the yearly salary gets larger. The first two years of his deal, Kovy's salary was right around what the cap hit was. His last year here, the lockout year, his salary went up to $11.3 million and would have stayed there for four or five more years.
  9. How many of you miss 'The Master Blaster', the great and original voice of Devils Hockey; Larry Hirsch? Does anyone know where he is these days? Last I knew he was broadcasting a few years back for the Tampa Bay Lightning...but nothing since then. Criminal that this guy isn't broadcasting in the NHL, even more criminal he isn't still with the Devils.
  10. I wouldn't have any issue with a slight modification to the suit, however, anything drastic, anything outlandish that changes the 'feel' of Devils hockey will be a drastic marketing mistake. For those not concerned with our logo and overall look, you should be, this is our heritage, it's a legacy thing, and it speaks to all of those who have dropped sweat, blood, and tears on the ice over all the years this organization has become one of the most respected in all the NHL. Our logo, although not as long tenured as an Original Six look, has not only stood the test of time since the 82-83 season, but in addition, it has become an iconic and immediately recognized marking within all sports circles. If they want to change the striping pattern or redesign the shoulder areas, I'm okay with that - but DO NOT mess with the logo or make the revisions something that disrespects the tradition of our franchise. The ONLY massive makeover that I would sign on for would be a return to our original colors because I LOVED that look...the red and green looked terrific and on the rare occasions they wear them now they look even better somehow. I would also approve it if they would if they would please ditch the white helmets for road games and switch over to red helmets with the white jersey top. Lastly, thanks to those with a hospitable welcome to the board...and can we please get a new public address announcer at The Rock? Oh for the days of the great Bob Arsena.
  11. heh. Seriously I hope it gets cancelled. If anything to give Cespedes another day of rest and to have another day off to further flush the last 9 games out of our system.
  12. When they announced the color change, I had an idea for a jersey using that exact logo, and using this exact color scheme, later (almost) used by the Albany River Rats. Imagine my surprise when both surfaced, in separate parts, several years later! My 15ish year old self had really cool tattoo-style Devil face shoulder patches. I couldn't find one that was similar to my idea online, but I found this one that I think looks just like Adam Henrique which is funny enough to post. it would be my new profile pic if it wasn't watermarked. 40 year old me thinks that NJ map patches would be cooler. I know a lot of people hate black jerseys for some weird reason, but this one would have been money in the bank IMHO.
  13. The problem with KJ now is the excuse is going to be well he didn't have Spring Training, he's going to need all of May to get in shape and some of our other roster players (Duda, Flores) will be back by then, of course also by then Reyes could be DFA'ed or at least should be if he keeps going like this. Supposedly Ces in the lineup...bad hammy playing on a 50 degree somewhat rainy day, what could possibly go wrong?
  14. I can't believe the Senators swapped first round picks with us in 2016 and added a 3rd rounder that became Joey Anderson so that they could get Logan Brown. I would be bummed if I were a Sens fan! Great work by Shero/Castron. McLeod looks legit.
  15. If I remember correctly Ilya wanted to leave the year before he left. But Lou talked him into returning. Because if he left it would have been a big hit but for some reason the year he left was only a 250k hit per year and it jumped back up the next year. So no you don't thank Ilya for walking out on a bad contract you thank Lou of making the best out of a bad situation that Vanderbeek put him in. I say trade him for picks and if we play him we play him like the Kings did in the finals, the way that made him want to go to the softer KHL in the 1st place.
  16. CR 76 mentions my opinion of losing the ugly black shoulders. But I'd just prefer to go back to the old unis.
  17. I used to have a black hat similar to below that had the NJ without the circle. It looked great on the hat, not sure it would look as good as the main crest on the jersey.
  18. That was not Kovalchuk's last season here. I'm talking about the following (lockout-shortened) season, after Parise was already in MN. I wouldn't say he put the team on his back in the postseason you're referring to.
  19. And then we'll start building up the defense. A wall!
  20. We'll buy McDavid and make the Rangers pay for it. Eventually, but at a later date so we can get started early, the Rangers will be paying, in some form, for the badly needed player.
  21. Mr. President, are you saying bigly or big league? I'm confused.
  22. Nobody's saying that Lou could have somehow tightened the screws and forced him out. But you think it's entirely a coincidence that he left when the big bucks on his deal were going to kick in, the team was being sold, etc.? So while I doubt there was some understanding from the start, I agree with Tri that it's quite plausible that Lou told Kovalchuk that if you're going to leave, now's the time to do it. And it's also possible there was some talk at that time about what a return might look like, but that's probably a stretch. Whether it was for completely selfish reasons is irrelevant. Getting out of that contract and the possible hellish recapture penalty helped the team a lot more than him staying could have given all the circumstances, the most notable of which is that we might not have the ownership that we have now. So I'm looking at what's in the best interest of the team now and my interests as a fan. And my opinion is that he can help the team win for at least another three years. He'll also bring a lot of excitement that the team desperately lacks. Reasonable minds can differ on that, but it would be really, really silly to let his leaving cloud your judgment on what to do now.
  23. Welcome to the boards! I'm still firmly against a change, but it seems like it's going to happen.. so yeah, I could live with the one posted in that other thread I guess.
  24. I think that last one looks pretty nice. Modern and streamlined without changing too much. I don't like the idea of the logo without the circle though. I really didn't like the Lowell Devil's logo at all, even if you took out the stupid devil hiding behind the L. Unless they managed to screw things up Buff-a-slug bad, I probably wouldn't throw a fit. I'm more concerned with the play on the ice than the jerseys. It would be cool to have something that looks a little more...formidable looking I guess? Even if the team currently lacks the bite for the bark. EDIT: Also, welcome to the boards.
  25. Indeed he was.
  26. Welcome to the boards. I started with the 1983-84 Devils myself. My parents took me to a 8-2 curbstomping at the hands of the Flyers (I was 13), but that was all it took for me to jump on board. Jersey design/re-design talk has been discussed a lot on here, with the usual cross-section of opinions. Some are fine with no changes at all, some wouldn't mind some tweaking as long as it's nothing too extreme (one member would like to see the black shoulder trim done away with, some others would like to see some green make its way back into the current design, etc), and some are OK with the idea of a more radical re-design in theory, but are afraid of Buffa-slug/Fishsticks-level disasters. I'm actually pretty open-minded on this (though I wouldn't complain one bit if the jerseys remained as is). There was a mashup of the older style jersey with black replacing the green, and the general striping and trim pattern being part current and part retro. I thought the very last photo on this thread (page 3) was kind of interesting:
  27. Glad to be here, been a fan since the Tapio Levo and Marshall Johnston days. Was there when Lever scored the first goal in franchise history. Lets talk logo and uniforms. I read here previous that some Devils season ticket holders were asked to respond to a questionnaire sent out by management in relation to the uniforms? This was following a report by Chris Ryan in the SL that the Devils told him the unis were staying intact. Any thoughts on what we may see happening in the next few weeks ahead? I have seen some say that they would not have a problem if the Devils removed the circle that is the backdrop for the now iconic Devils logo. I don't agree with this at all, simply having the logo on the front of the jersey without the circle would look horrendous IMO. Thoughts?
  28. Oh, I'm not disputing that he knows the process. However, the end result of this is still just speculation. This sort of reminds me of last year at around training camp. Friedman had an item in his column that went like this: "spoke to an agent I know, he says that someone he knows in Toronto that they would love Travis Zajac on the Leafs." From there, Rich Chere had a headline: "Leafs Interested in Zajac." The next day I turn on the NHL Network and Darren Drager leads off his insider report like this: I've got a big one out of New Jersey. Sources close to the Devils say that Toronto and the Devils might pull off a deal for Travis Zajac". Dreger goes on and uses Chere as his source close to the Devils, while Chere pulled his source from a thought in Friedman's column and all Friedman did was quote an agent he knew. Sometimes these guys have the gals at my wife's beauty parlor beat by 20 lengths.
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