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  2. I hate the "unwritten" rule about RFAs
  3. Cory + 2nd round + another pick for #3 overall, Ben Bishop, Lehtonen/Niemi 1:30 a.m. can be a boring time of the day, please don't yell
  4. Wait remember when half this board wanted to hand Toronto a blank check for Kessel a few years ago? What a joke.
  5. Didn't see the game but the offense looks like it did what it was supposed to do against a sh!tty Pittsburgh starter. Harvey completed 6 full innings for the first time since April 21. Four strikeouts so it doesn't look like he was blowing guys away...6 hits, eh...nothing too damaging there. But overall have to be happy. The box score looks like progress to me. Nice to see Bruce turn things around. Was hoping to avoid a long ugly slump with him and he's seemed to have done so. And of course Neil Ramirez had to enter this game which made me nervous even at 7-2. Naturally he walked two guys but was able to somehow get 3 outs. God he's terrible. The Brewers are in Citi tomorrow, and they have the 4th best offense in all of baseball. Against our starting staff and pen, this could get very very ugly.
  6. Arguably that's even more fun, actually!!
  7. Yesterday
  8. No doubt. Even if he is a bit of a loon.
  9. He takes an unnecessary amount of heat for a guy who always seems to perform. That being said, his last 2 years with the Penguins, his stats would have made him our leading scorer both years; last season he outscored Malkin and this year he was only two points behind him. He was third on the team in scoring both years. And yet still people act like he sucks. Id take him on my team all day, every day.
  10. Are we only talking about Kessel as a Penguin? Cause he's only been there 2 years. He is clutch in the playoffs though.
  11. So so I swung and missed once. .667 gets me in the Hall of Fame, I'm ok with that. For the record, I wouldn't put Kessel ahead of a bunch of those guys career wise. But in terms of what they did as a Devil? That's a different story as well.
  12. Great ratings as in the highest local US ratings by a lot. But I'm not sure half of Buffalo watching is enough to drive the ratings bus for NBC.
  13. Brendan Shanahan, Ilya Kovalchuk Patrik Elias, Joe Nieuwendyk, Jamie Langenbrunner, Jaromir Jagr, Zach Parise... I wouldn't put Kessel ahead of any of them. Not yet. Crosby and Malkin are a different story.
  14. John Shannon is pretty well respected. He's not McKenzie or Friedman, but he's certainly not nobody. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I perhaps forgot the word "offensive".
  16. If I'm the Sabres, I toss offer sheets to all of their RFAs after how badly the Oilers fvcked them with that Vanek sheet years back
  17. I will never forget the time my buddy and I were walking through a Target parking lot on one draft day, came up with a Sabres rumor, posted it on my blog and within 45 minutes, NHLline had the exact rumor we made up.
  18. I think someone theoretically COULD pry Draisaitl away with the right offer sheet- it would have to be something absolutely ridiculous, but it COULD happen as long as it's four 1's going back to Edmonton... But McDavid? [emoji23][emoji23]. There ain't an offer that doesn't get matched within five seconds of it being submitted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. "All but done"'from a random source I've never heard of. Wonder if this will be like Devils-great Sheldon Souray. Gotta love
  20. Huh, I didn't think Washington would re-up Oshie. I don't know their exact cap situation but I imagine this means some other moves are on the way?
  21. It's kinda a shame that there's this unspoken rule about RFAs, because teams could really fvck with Edmonton if they forced the Oilers to match ridiculous offer sheets.
  22. You're smarter than this. Brodeur was one of the best at his position ever. Stevens was awesome and Niedermayer was pretty damned special too...and of course, Elias' career was terrific, and in a different system or with better complementary talent, would've likely had even better glamour numbers. I wouldn't rank Kessel's Penguin body of work ahead of what Parise did as a Devil...not yet. Kessel does seem to have a knack for raising his production in the playoffs, and will have a nice career for sure, but he's not that great. Crosby's obviously already is one of the all-time greats, and when Malkin is healthy, he's a special player too...but Malkin misses a lot of games now, and has since his fourth season in the NHL. Devils have had some talented players here...don't sell them short.
  23. Yeah there's no chance on earth Edmonton doesn't match ANY- and I mean ANY- offer sheet for McDavid. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. They match without hesitation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. I think the more interesting question is if someone offers McDavid a max offer sheet. He'd be worth the four first round draft picks.
  26. They match, no question. But it would be worth a try. Then again, I think he loves it in Edmonton.
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