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  2. yes, for a guy who has never started. At that price it should be a sign and trade. If they didn't talk to him, or atleast through back channels, it would be a stupid deal.
  3. Terry rolling the dice and it comes up sevens, finally a late-inning win!
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  5. Haha Familia Can't believe Terry actually pulled him, not that he didn't deserve it (and I actually agree with yanking him) but it's really rare to see any closer get pulled before blowing a save, especially when the rest of this pen's garbage too.
  6. I think it's stupid to use the retro design with the current colors, honestly.
  7. I don't get the Pens hate, and these last couple seasons I've been quick to hate plenty of teams. Lots of likable players, a deep team that plays a responsible style of hockey, their fans aren't the worst. I think it took Crosby a long time to shake the sense of entitlement he had for so long and grow up, but he's developed into a real leader. I don't hate the Caps, either.
  8. The Jets are really annoying me tonight. The only thing Maccagnan can do right at the draft is take the no-brainer that falls into his lap in the first round. Are they ever going to address the offensive line? EVER? At least he sort of rebounded by taking the Alabama WR, trading down and missing out on a couple of o-linemen did annoy me at the time. And the second safety was odd to put it mildly though I would have been okay with a corner cause the secondary has been god awful for a while.
  9. So? Let him go back, and we're in the same position we're in right now. Shero certainly isn't going to be held hostage by the agent of a KHL player. He does it Jersey's way or he can waste the rest of his career over there. It's a no lose situation for the Devils.
  10. Overtime, again...
  11. There's no such thing as a small market team in the NFL, at least in the sense that there are teams that can't afford to spend money on talent. I saw something on twitter that the guy was only on five teams' boards. To quote a Seinfeld episode, that's bad, even by rat hat standards.
  12. The problem is having too many of those guys on one team are ultimately toxic, and chaotic - exhibit A the 2016 playoffs
  13. It's an actual strategy they employ. Draft/sign talented but troubled players and hope more often than not they work out...because when they do you have an enormous steal and bargain on your hands. And when they don't, just pray they don't kill somebody It's a way that they, in a small and generally undesirae market, can build a talented and competitive team on the cheap.
  14. Surprised there's not more chatter about the game tonight... Tied going into the 3rd period (1-1). First team to get 3 wins takes the series so we need a Win tonight to stay alive... GO ALBANY DEVILS!!!
  15. From - seems like a lot to give up for the chance to sign Darling, no? The Carolina Hurricanes acquired goalie Scott Darling from the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday in a trade for a third-round pick in the 2017 NHL Draft. Darling can become an unrestricted free agent July 1.
  16. It has to be a troll move, or they fancy themselves the 70's Raiders.
  17. What is it with the Bengals and criminals? (Joe Mixon). And they don't even really need a running back that bad. Maybe they really, really love criminals.
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  19. I'm sure it's done a lot but how would you ever get found out/called on it? Unless you specifically said team X made you an offer and they publicly deny it maybe.
  20. 1994. I was 9 and impressionable. I never heard of hockey before and just moved to a new town and my "best friend" (see: the kid I traded lunch snacks with and would ocassionally play video games with after school) was a Devils fan so by default I decided I was a Devils fan too. Only problem was I had no clue what hockey was. So...I begged my mom for a Devils hat and jersey, would run to get the Record every morning and read the sports highlights to see how the Devils did, and then *finally* for my birthday got tickets to see a Devils game live. Funny part was, I still never really watched a game on TV until that point. Once the puck dropped though, I was HOOKED. Completely hooked. I was devastated when they came up short in '94 but then we all know what happened the next That summer I again begged my mom to take me to see my favorite Devil, Claude Lemieux, at the Menlo Park mall. I was gutted when the line was so badly wrapped around the mall that we never got a chance to meet him. Alas, I have so many wonderful memories with this team and I am truly blessed that I got to grow up in an era where the team was so successful. These last few years have been hard but nothing will ever keep me away from this team and this sport. The Devils truly were my whole childhood and adolescence. Heck...I still have that hat my mom got me back in '94.
  21. Is there an unwritten rule against lying about the interest other teams have in your draft pick? I've heard different things, but it sounds like Lynch pretty much lied to Chicago about being in talks with other teams, or at least really exaggerated it.
  22. .....and ON TOP OF THAT not tell your head coach this plan until hours before the draft.....John Fox has been around enough to at least deserve better than that .....given Trubinsky might take two years to learn an NFL offense.....but geesh.....
  23. In my head it doesn't work, but I'd like to see it. The retro layout with black as someone put together is sharp as fvck.
  24. It'll be nice if Kovy get Shipachev to come here, he's fantastic setup guy
  25. Old uniforms please
  26. Best line I heard on this pick the Jets made was listening to Joe Beningo this morning. Guy calls in and says not much wrong about the Jets pick. Beningo says: "it's the Jets, what possibly could go wrong??"
  27. I actually wonder if we could... I suck at Photoshop so I cant attempt, but what if we put like the green around the logo, keep the black but use the retro jersey layout?
  28. First of all, I think you're really underestimating how good Kovalchuk's team is compared to the rest of the league. They are head and shoulders the best team in the KHL. Consider that SKA scored 52 goals more than the next closest team last season! Kovalchuk's season is less impressive when you consider Shipachev had 2 less points in 10 less games and Kovy's ppg was only .06 better than Gusev and Dadanov. Let's not act like he was easily the best player on his team. It's probably even less impressive when you factor in he got favorable linemates and ice time (like a crap ton of PP time). Though , I'm speculating on the last part. Using a one year sample size is not ideal when comparing players. Over their last 3 KHL seasons, Radulov put up a 1.28 ppg, compared to Kovy's 1.11 ppg. The contrast is even more stark when you consider Kovalchuk has generally played with much better players than Radulov. When you factor in past KHL production, the teams they played on, age and the fact that Kovy seems to be having a knee procedure this summer, it's insane to think he'll do better than Radulov since Radulov has been the far superior player recently.
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