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  2. From what I can tell from looking at a few different reports is that they are still quite high on him and feel he has a lot of up sides.
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  4. Columbus has a ton of good forward prospects a la Bjorkstrand, PLD and Abramov, but the funny thing is, especially after this draft, we aren't in dire need up front. Id be happy with any of the above three but I wonder if we can get a young top 4 d elsewhere
  5. He definitely plays bigger than his size.
  6. I'd pass on both. Stone has done well with good partners but craters without them. Kulikov is a bit better but what he gives you in shot suppression (not that much) he takes away by killing your offense.
  7. Always respected Kariya. His HOF 'signature moment' was definitely the "Off the floor, on the board!" goal in 2003. Even coming against us, can't help but respect that. Now, had we dropped that series I'm sure it would be one of the most devastating moments in franchise history. Thank God we took care of business. I enjoy looking back being able to appreciate that moment and respect it as a great contribution to the history of the game, all the while not breaking out into a cold sweat knowing we finished the job.
  8. I would love to see Kulikov and Stone here, absolutely. I've always been high on Kulikov. Franson and Alzner, no thank you.
  9. my dislike for the player is based on living in south jersey and seeing him ass up the ice in many of the flyers games. He should stick to stalking porn stars on twitter and instagram. I think it's a huge stretch to use MDZ and hitting in the same sentence. He's sodt always has been always will be. We have enough soft players already we don't need another one who is a fringe NHL player.
  10. For the record Jesper is not as tall as Nico but weighs 180.. so he's stockier
  11. And now the Rockies are struggling with an eight-game losing streak after being swept by the same cruddy Giants we managed to club, the diehards are starting to stir with the Mets eight games back in the loss column (twelve fewer wins so it's really still ten back) Even if the Rockies continue to crap out I really don't see how the Mets can make a sustained run with deGrom, Matz and who the **** knows on the mound the other three days.
  12. I just realized that, and at almost 180 he's not exactly scrawny . Ryan nugent hopkins plays lighter at that height. And he,s an athlete What we need is jesper hitting the weight room and wrist rolls.
  13. Hopefully it will be an easier sell with the likes of Hall and Hischier on the team now. If Cory can return to form I think they're only a couple pieces away from being competitive.
  14. Agreed. We've done ok in that respect. I suspect we'll land someone nice this year.
  15. Clowe and Ryder were both players with multiple suitors. Saying the Devils don't land too free agents is completely false. How successful those free agents are, though, is a completely different question.
  16. Ironically, he kind of was.
  17. Something about Granderson. He always comes back with a vengeance. You always figure he'll be the odd man out in the outfield rotation but here he is again, on a home run tear with his average in the .230's and an obp of .330. Not bad considering where he was at one point.
  18. Clowe too. He was supposed to be Clarkson's replacement. [emoji37] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Cammalleri was one of the better forwards available when we signed him. Ilya Kovalchuk was the single most highly touted UFA forward ever when we signed him. Volchenkov was the best defenseman available when we signed him. Rolston was the best forward available when we signed him. you need a better memory.
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  21. Agreed. Shattenkirk hasn't been on a team as mediocre as the Devils. I wouldn't expect him to be repeating his numbers immediately. That being said, it would be cool if we signed something big on July 1st. I can't remember the last time we made a big time signing during summer free agency and obviously I'm not talking about Schneider or Hall since those were trades.
  22. I agree that the Devils need puck moving D and have tons of cap space to sign him, but Shattenkirk isn't likely to put up those numbers with the Devils as the teams he was on last season are both appreciably better than the lineup we will ice in 2017-18. He's a good defenseman, and is just what we need. However, no matter who he signs with, people are going to expect him to be a #1 D who puts up big numbers based upon the term and value of his contract - and they likely will be disappointed as a result.
  23. Exactly. And for a little perspective, his 56 points would have been good for 1st on the Devils in scoring last season...
  24. I feel like you and I have this discussion a lot, and I can tell you like him and see value in him, and I on the other hand see almost none lol. To each his own, I'm not saying he's the worst player in the world, but when you use the word potential, especially saying he has plenty, I beg to differ. I think the guy has peaked, and it's not a high peak either. Maybe, maybe his situational awareness is good, but even that is not really enough to overcome these God awful numbers: 3-11-14 (granted in 26 GP) 3-4-7 in 21 GP 4-8-12 in 49 GP (bleh) 6-6-12 in 33 GP (bleh) 8-11-19 in 65 GP So underwhelming. I think on his best day or with better linemates he's a 15-20 goal scorer max, and that's probably a fluke. He's not gonna crack our top 6 so we won't get to see what he could potentially do with more icetime and better teammates, and I'll agree that he's a serviceable bottom 6 guy, but I still believe there's better to be had out there, or even in our current lineup (gimme Blandisi, Quennville, hell, maybe even Cammo over him) Yeah, I'm not denying his value, but the way I see it, and the way our team needs to get better and improve, is through the draft, like we did with Nico, and through free agency, like we did with a guy like Palmieri. We've basically seen this same thing with Hall. Great player, sure, but we gave up a pretty great player to get him. So in essence, why trade a guy like Henrique who is a serviceable 2nd liner for us, for the unknown? We need to keep all of the good players we have, at least the young ones anyway. We know what Henrique brings, and that's important to what we have going at the moment. In my opinion it's not worth the risk trying to 1-up another team and bring back a greater asset than what you're giving up if we tried to move him.
  25. Yes. And for a team without a cap issue that has been carrying Savard's $6m just for fun, you can afford to open the wallet for a guy like that.
  26. Yeah. Unless they get a bullsh!t Montreal-like dump of Staal (ala Gomez), I would consider the Rangers an underdog for Shattenkirk. McD/DeAngelo, Smith/Skjei seems like a pretty solid lock for the top two pairings from what my friends are saying, and the Rangers seemed to make an effort at eliminating large contracts this offseason, not handing them out.
  27. Barring a trade I feel like the Smith deal probably takes the Rangers out of the Shattenkirk sweepstakes.
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