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  2. Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    I certainly miss it, living literally 10 minutes away in Little Ferry. Easy peasy to get there at pretty much a moment's notice. Last event also was WWE Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan's only world title PPV defense.
  3. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    The ubermetrics crowd didn't see Vegas coming either. Don't think anyone did. What's kind of amazing is that they were getting some killer goaltending early on...but the guy who's played the most games for them (due to others being hurt) is Maxime Lagace (14 games, 13 starts)...he's put up an .872 save%, and that didn't derail the Knights too badly (they went 6-6-1 in his games, despite his clearly not being good). I don't know if they can keep banking points at this rate (can Subban and Fleury keeping stopping pucks at a high .920s save% combined?), but with the start they've gotten off to, they might not have to do that much more than tread water the rest of the way. A .500 point% from here on out and they finish with 94 points.
  4. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    A lot can happen from now until UFA; it’s all still fresh for him, but he doesn’t hide his NJ love. This was from the LA game (obviously):
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  6. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    Dale Tallon agreed and felt charitable.
  7. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    I have to eat crow big time on them. I thought they were going to be terrible. Other than Neal and MAF I didn’t think they had much to work with.
  8. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    i can't believe Vegas is still 4th in the league.
  9. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    Sounds like his heart is very much still with the Devils. That being said, man is he being overglorified in some circles. He did some nice things (the "Henrique! It's over!" moment, scoring 30 goals one season), and he seems like a great guy on and off the ice, but it wasn't that long ago that people were bitching about his lack of production, when he had one assist in a nine-game stretch. And BTW he's now gone without a point in three straight with Anaheim...not knocking him, but his having been dealt for a need is not some travesty. He deserves a nice opening cheer and then maybe a couple of others. But nothing really more than that.
  10. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    Yeah that’s a bit much. I’ll cheer for the guy when he takes the ice for the first time, but every time he touches the puck? That’s a bit much for me for Adam. Also, our fans don’t cheer that loudly for our current players...
  11. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    Unless it results in a goal...
  12. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    I’ll be there, and will give him a nice cheer at the first opportunity. But dude, I have a life. After that I’ll just enjoy the game as I usually do.
  13. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    Me too. I'm stuck at work tomorrow night so I'll just have to have faith that our fans will treat him right and give him the applause that he deserves.
  14. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    I so wish I could be there to be loud for him. And hope our fans do the same! He deserves it!
  15. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    Every time he touches the puck I want loud, building shattering cheers.
  16. NFL Week 15

    And here's another problem MD...on what seems to be too many scoring plays, you don't what to do as a fan...because you don't know if it's going to count or not. Scoring a TD should be a great moment, full of excitement and emotion...and all of these "nuances as to what constitutes a friggin' CATCH" pauses and reviews is killing a big part of the game. This has got to be addressed.
  17. NFL Week 15

    Right call according to the rules, but that doesn't mean that the rules are perfect or shouldn't be re-examined this offseason...it's just so over-the-top nitpicky. I thought the Steelers made two big mistakes...being too conservative on the previous drive (coaches do this all of the time), and not kicking what should've been a sure FG. Just throw it out of the endzone on that last play. Apparently Big Ben wanted to clock it there, but the sideline told him to try to make a play.
  18. NFL Week 15

    How is Ben forcing it in there too? You have the FG in your pocket if it's not a sure TD throw it away.
  19. NFL Week 15

    ball buster of a day for the Steelers
  20. NFL Week 15

    they once again need to change these ridiculous ruls.. a qb can hold the ball over the goal line and have it knocked out of his hand yet is a TD but a WR can jump into the endzone, but bobble it after having complete control when he hits the ground.. screw this falling the ground stuff.. do you have control with two feet down or not??? vikes or rams will destroy either of these two
  21. NFL Week 15

    lol I literally was turning the game on and off between watching this Billy Martin documentary on MLBN, turned it off when the TE had apparently scored for the Steelers, then was shocked to see the final score was 27-24 Pats...scrape by on the railing again due to someone else's stupidity I guess. Just seeing the replay now, guess the TE got Seferian-Jenkinsed
  22. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    EJ is such a piece of sh!t.
  23. NFL Week 15

    What a joke. That was a fvcking catch and a TD. The Pats benefit from a horrible call from the officials yet again (shocker, right? [emoji849]) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. NFL Week 15

    That was bizarre, but once again a he'll of a play by a CB in the end zone and a mindless decision by a qb
  25. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    He got caught up ice, bad reaction. His second suspension, chippy player.
  26. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    The league agrees with you, EJ gets 2 games
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