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  2. Thats what bothers me, in general. Leave it out of the goal song and let that clown from [insert section number here] who does the Stabley Cap crap do his Hey you suck chant after the goal. Like I said, I don't like you suck, but it gets the arena loud post-goals from the people actually yelling it to the eventual cheer that comes when its over. Sure Nashville took their chants from everywhere else, but who cares, it gets loud as sh!t there. When we get good again, I'd love a percentage of that energy for a regular season home game, cause they pull that.
  3. Sounds like them but to be fair I doubt they are hired more for pushing sales than having correct info. i usually go to that store 1-2 times a year and I chuckle when an associate comes up to me to explain the jerseys but I know they have no clue what they are talking about. I once had an associate who told me he knows for a fact that their store does the customization for all the teams in the league.
  4. it's funny - i was at the NHL store on 6th avenue last night. Was just walking around and I hear some sales guy talking to people about jerseys and he's talking about all the changes and what everyone is going to be doing. He goes "Devils are going all green and red. Panthers are changing their logo again. Dallas is changing their colors. And the Oilers are going to Orange." I go - "you got one of those things right." PS - NHL store all jerseys 40% off if you're so inclined.
  5. As you read Ray's comments about it - clearly this was not his decision. This is the Weber/O'Neil side of things. It's very possible they continue to move towards the "One-Jersey" network. Maybe they were looking for Sherry to do more than just radio and she didn't want to. I would be willing to bet it wasn't so much about her as it was what they want next.
  6. Biggest thing I read in there is it sounds like Kerfoot is pulling a Vesey & Hayes and not signing here. Since that worked out so well for those two, especially Vesey. Goes from a first line spot on the now Western Conference Champions to golfing like us.
  7. Join #TheResistance we will never find a song "You suck" cannot be added into.
  8. same, unless its an accent at most
  9. I work with a Pitt fan who all afternoon yesterday, did nothing but cry about how the officials are biased against the Pens and how it's bullsh!t they don't get any calls. He was 100% serious. I couldn't engage in the conversation because of how horrendously stupid/biased he is. He was calling the Sens series in no longer than 5. I'm about to spend every day over 2 months in close confinement with this guy, the Preds NEEED to win this series, for my sanity alone.
  10. I said this in the postseason thread, I'll repeat similar here: I used to love 'You Suck' when we first did it or in 2012 when we beat the Rags, then I progressively hated it more and more, now, I'm just glad its the one thing our fans actually scream for. Sure, we can do a 'Let's go Devils' two or three times in a row before it dies out but thats the extent of our fan cheering. I have zero problem with the Nashville crowd doing you suck because they actually add more to it, as has been pointed out, and EVERYONE does it. They also change our "Rangers suck" chant at everything to "(Insert actual opponent here) suck" I know when our team starts to turn around, our atmosphere will improve, at least I hope it will, but at others have said, the amount the crowd in Nashville goes all out for their team is impressive for a "non-hockey market." Hell, they get a good percentage of the fans to actually wear either their gold jerseys or actually put on the free t-shirt they give away. We struggled to do even that in 2012. I think our downturn will weed out the casual, bandwagon fans and I hope the resurgence will help those that stay feel the pride so we can build that kind of passion in our fan base again.
  11. Lmfao @ the thread title change [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I listen on the radio all the time. I was working most evenings and would be commuting home in the first or second period most nights this past season. There's a free app to listen to the games if you're not in range. I always liked her, but I'm not up in arms.
  13. That's definitely not true, look how regimented Crosby is after losing the cup the first time doing in one way, then doing it a different way the next 3 times.
  14. Hockey is the most superstitious sport out there, think whatever you want about it. But any reason to sh!t on Pittsburgh, lately.
  15. About as perfect an outing as you'd want from deGrom. 8 complete innings, 9k's. 111 pitches. Don't think I'd put him out there in the 9th at 111 pitches. Why risk an injury
  16. Even up 8-1 in the 7th I'm not ready to rocking chair this game yet. Mets have been getting a lot of breaks with a lot of bad miscues by the Pirates in the field. But to their credit they've taken a lot of good, long AB's and hit the ball well all night. 2 HR's by Neil Walker so far. Couple of hits from Duda as well. Conforto appears to be entering a slump now so it's good to see some others pick up the slack.
  17. Preds win the cup.....A new team to share in the glory
  18. 3-0 Mets as Walker hits it out to right in Pitt (quite the short porch there, it's a tall fence but only 320 down the line)
  19. Yesterday
  20. You won the damn thing, pick it up and take a group photo on the ice with it. I love the group picture at center ice with it from 2012. Then take it back to the locker room and be done with it. These superstitions are nonsense. It's not like every guy is lifting it up and skating around with the damn thing.
  21. No Addison Reed tonight so basically...deGrom has to pitch into the 8th and we have to pray the bats carry us to victory. This team is in such tatters right now, however with deGrom on the mound things always seem less out of control and more stable. Kind of reminds me of Santana late in 2008 trying to drag our carcass over the finish line. In this case it's deGrom trying to prop it up the best he can.
  22. Don't laugh, the 10 people who actually listen to the Devils on the radio are probably pissed.
  23. Superstitions are dumb, taking a photo for the fans real quick especially when they haven't won the Stanley Cup on home ice before isn't a big deal. I love the picture in 2012 that we took, I like that Nashville took one as have other teams. You don't win or lose the Stanley Cup cause you took a picture with the conference trophy.
  24. It's probably a superstition thing. They've won it when they touched the trophy and lost the year they didn't. Maybe they hung around, celebrated and took pictures the first time, and grabbed it and took off the other two years and ended up winning the whole thing. Sure, Crosby hasn't always been the most likable guy, but I'm sure he had his reasons, especially with Kessel reminding him about hanging around. He wasn't just being a selfish ass.
  25. Oh man we're really neighbors, I live a few blocks from northern liberties off spring garden. There are tons of awesome places in our area, it's a luxury. I used to go to Barcade more than I do now, it's been a while since I've gone in there to hang out. The weekends are just packed. I should make a point to try to get there more, they're really nice people in there.
  26. Ebay wise... she has two listings currently... A signed Brodeur CCM retro replica jersey she received from a former Devil for her to benefit the family of her late brother. Proceeds are going to her niece's college fund (as she graduates HS soon) And a signed Taylor Hall bobble head, with proceeds going to West Orange Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return
  27. Someone drafted that high that goes to college will usually tear it up pretty quickly. I can't think of a case where someone did that and stayed in college all four years and became a free agent. So basically if Mittlestadt ends up going to free agency, it most likely means that he's a draft bust.
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