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  2. I didn't really mean they were overpaid, I added the caveat "for what we are getting". I.e. paying Lovejoy $2,500,000 to lay a giant turd at center ice every night is not a very good use of $2,500,000. I don't think any of them are overpaid if you compare to what other guys are getting. I'm just annoyed that our defense is so awful night in and night out.
  3. I'm not that high on him. I saw him play in person when the Steelheads were in Kitchener last year and my impression coming out of one game was that he didn't have the hands to keep up with his speed. I kinda hoped we didn't pick him when the draft rolled around to be honest. Since being picked as a Devil, I've watched him a bit more online and during the WJCs. He's got the speed and play making ability that I think you would have to say his ceiling is top 6 but IMO he'll be a good 3rd liner.
  4. I think GB finds a way in Atlanta because Rodgers is just on another level right now; I think the Pats beat Pittsburgh by two TD's. Pats-Pack rematch of Super Bowl XXXI and we get a Brady/Rodgers Battle Royale. Sadly, I think the Pats win it all, again (I REALLY, REALLY hope I'm wrong). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Glennon, Cousins, Taylor, McCarron, RGIII, Romo, McCown, Cutler, Kaepernick, Hoyer, Garoppolo.. the Jets have their pick of the litter. Cimini breaks it down. Next season, for the Jets.. BEGINS NOW!
  6. Lots of speed. Good playmaker. Not much of a finisher, unfortunately.
  7. He was drafted a year ago in the top 15. Saying his ceiling is "3rd line" is fvcking stupid.
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  9. Someone on TSN offered up a good comparison for him that I liked a lot, and it was a "bigger version of Tyler Johnson." Similar skill sets and both Mike and Tyler have that blazing speed, could see McLeod fitting in nicely as a 2nd line center down the road, I think 3rd line is selling his offensive potential a bit too short.
  10. since he has been drafted, what does everyone think of him since then? how has he been with mississauga and in the world juniors? the hf board has been saying at best he is a 3rd line player
  11. Unless the team is tanking for someone of a McDavid or Matthews caliber, it makes no sense to trade Schneider. There are never that many teams that are looking to trade for a number 1 goalie at any given time, and you're not going to get near the value you gave up to get him. Maybe you get a late first and/or a mid-level prospect for him. That won't be the difference between the Devils going from point A to point B.
  12. henrique has to go, maybe he has some value idk but hes too slow and lazy and no offensive skill. i think he a bit of a locker room cancer but thats just speculation and he got herpes
  13. i didnt even think a guy with the puck could go offsides on himself but hall has done it have to be dragging the puck behind you and its so close its ridiculous; i cant. how is it that the leafs are in 3rd over the sens with the same points and games played and two less regulation wins? but yeah that goal differential stat is telling. devs just need mojo or chem or flow; its not there for them and i want to blame henrique but thats another topic.
  14. You and I seem to normally agree on a lot of things, but how can you look at that list and say anyone is overpaid, except for maybe Greene? You have ONE defenseman outside of your very best guy who's making more than two million. That's insane. Moore might be a little high priced given the fact that he's been hurt a little this year, but I still think he makes fewer mistakes than the others and is fairly reliable, and he does contribute offensively here and there, so at 1.75 I won't say he's overpaid. All the others... they're making what has to be at or near league-minimum. $600k for Severson? I get that it's still probably his entry level contract I'm assuming, but still, that's a bargain at the moment considering he's our number two defenseman. Auvitu, Helgeson, Santini, all on similar contracts, but all sub 1M, so nothing about those are overpaid. The only real question then is probably Quincey, but again...I don't think you can say 1.25M is overpaid, even if the guy is playing like dogsh!t. That kind of price tag is nothing in today's NHL. Granted defensemen don't get paid the way forwards do, but still... 1.25M is chump change.
  15. what stinks is this was ALL because of one ridiculously egregious call Was Hall offsides? Yup. Was it egregious? Nope. It's the kind of thing that if the challenge rule didn't exist, nobody would have even thought to go look at it. And if they did, they'd be more concerned about Coleman than Hall himself. If you have possession entering the zone, then it really shouldn't matter. Receiving a pass, fine. But Hall was carrying himself and brought himself an inch over before the puck with possession. I'm not going to go too crazy - it's the right call. It's just stupid because it didn't effect the play.
  16. I think Ray Shero have to add Jordan Eberle, as a Taylor's right hand. They played together for a more than one-two seasons. They arn't big friends, but very good buddies. At least they have chemistry. And understand each other on the ice very well. If Hallsy is one of NHL's best left wingers, Ebs is a one of the best right wingers Edmonton don't need nobody, but McJesus. He's their Messiah, cutie, sonny and honey. Others is just a members of the crowd scene. Bolivar cannot carry double. Sooner or later Jordan Eberle will repeat Taylor's and Nail's destiny. They'll kick him out of team. It's only a matter of time. And Shero must find a way to see Ebs on the ice of Pru Center. We need such cool, ambitious, experienced and young right winger
  17. Anyway, since I guess this thread is supposed to be about the AFC and NFC Championship games: Feels more and more like it's Aaron Rodgers' year. He'll find a way to will his team to a win in Atlanta. I think Pittsburgh will score some points and make the Pats' D look as vulnerable as it usually is...I think the Steelers score at least 24 points, probably more. It's really more can the Steelers' D stop Brady & Co? There will be a lot of scary moments for the Patriots in this game (I can see Big Ben leading a game-winning drive that just comes up a little bit short), but I think they'll ultimately do enough to get to the Super Bowl. Can't say I will be that surprised if the Steelers win though.
  18. Yeah there was no need to stream the entire post-game locker room. A lesser player might be cut for something like this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Tomlin's comments themselves aren't the problem at all...he didn't say or do anything wrong, as far as I'm concerned, and the Pats probably couldn't care less about his comments...none of this stuff is going to make any difference come game-time. It's what Brown did that was just such a d!ck move.
  20. I agree, but it's not really a big deal. The media will make this into a waaaaay bigger deal than it is. The Pats ARE a$$holes, and I'm sure Tomlin isn't the first coach or player to refer to them as such. I'm also sure Bill Belichick revels in being an a$$hole, so he should take it as a compliment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Bump this thread - what about Cam Fowler? Seems to have a ton of upside and might be on his way out because of the Duck's cap situation. And I know it's not exactly trading from a position of strength anymore, but if Colorado sends Duchene our way for Severson I do it in a heart beat and worry about the defense afterwards.
  22. It's just too hard to say right now...all depends on draft picks/position, if the young D can improve and stick...and just like no one really saw Larsson-for-Hall coming, Shero might have another surprise deal or two up his sleeve. Also curious to see if Shero starts exploring free agency and higher-tier free agents...the Devils do have money to spend (though to be fair I have no idea who the appealing UFAs-to-be are). One thing I think we can safely say though is Shero is never going to try to buy his way out of this with 2 or 3 splashy free agent signings. I think if there's a relatively young upper-tier guy out there who Shero might have to overpay but seems like a good fit, he'd make an attempt to sign him.
  23. Can't disagree Actually I was pointing out we have a long way to go to be a playoff team not 2 years but probably 3 or 4 more years based on the players they have today, if they try through the draft. Do you agree?
  24. If I'm Tomlin, I'm beyond furious with Antonio Brown; hell, everyone in the franchise should be furious with Antonio Brown. That had no business leaving the lockerroom.
  25. Build around Hall???? Oh good, the Kevin Lowe blueprint. At least we won't have to worry about shelling out money for the playoffs for a long time.
  26. "When you get to this point in the journey.. not alot needs to be said. Let's say very little moving forward. Let's start our preparations now. We just spotted these assh*les [Patriots] a day and a half. They played yesterday. Our game got moved to tonight. We're going to touch down at 4 o'clock in the fvcking morning. So be it! We'll be ready for their ass. Keep a low profile, and let's get ready to ball like this up there again in a few days, and be right back at it. That's our story." --Mike Tomlin
  27. Something you have to keep in mind: lumping the end of Lou's era into the beginning of Shero's is unfair, as far as the current run of futility goes. Lou kept Band-Aiding his team (and the owners allowed him to) and he didn't seem like he was ever going to tear it down. Shero is clearly not going that route (obviously a very good thing), but when you think about it, how long has Shero had to do any rebuilding? Just like the Devils didn't get here overnight, they're not going to get out of this overnight either. What's unfortunate is that the young defensemen who we were hoping would pan out have so far turned in mixed results, and one of them (Gelinas) is already history. Hope it's different with Santini. I think people sometimes forget how little Shero's inherited.
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