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  2. A poster on HF boards posted a pic from the Prudential Center instagram of a recent concert where you can see the two LED ribbons that went around the arena are now gone and possibly being replaced. The old scoreboard is still there though.
  3. Meh, can't see tix being sold because of a scoreboard. Could be that the Devils simply want to make sure that it's 100% ready to would suck for them to make an announcement, only to have the thing not be finished (or to have issues during testing). They would also not quite be uniform in brightness and general color settings. One of those things that probably looked a lot better in presentations than in real life.
  4. Tebow has actually improved big-time since being promoted to A+ ball...he's slashing .317/.398/.549, after hitting his 4th HR in 25 GP. I can't honestly say if this is a good thing or a bad thing. If he's helping to make money for the franchise, I guess there are worse things. I just worry that the Mets (you can SO see the Mets doing this) will actually start to think of him as a legit major-league prospect...forget the fact that he'll soon be 30 and that he's playing with kids, and that A+ ball is a LOOOOOOOOONG way from the majors...I can see him actually getting major-league ABs come September, which will almost be insulting...yes, the Mets will be just as out of it then as they are now (probably more), but geez, save it for Rosario and Smith-types. I don't need to see Tebow go 2-for-25 with 13 K or something like that. Of course, we're assuming that Rosario will be able to suit up with the big club this season...because if this isn't the icing on a fvcking sh!t-filled cursed cake, then I don't know what is: ------------------------------------------------ Dilson Herrera on the DL for the second time this season. Slashing an underwhelming .264/.312/.397 with AAA Louisville (though he's been better since 5/28...he entered that day with a .222/.277/.333 slash). Not much to this point, between the very meh overall offensive numbers and the DL stints, this has been a pretty lost year for him. He's already entering his age 24 season in 2018...time is still on his side for now, but his seemingly fast track to the majors has really hit a serious detour.
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  6. I agree. I think 7's Favorites are still not that bad.
  7. Had to watch Wayne's World before I went to bed last night. Thanks lol.
  8. At this point, the Mets might as well keep Montero in the rotation for the rest of the season...especially with Crap Wheeler's innings limit coming up...and as Wheeler's 1.59 WHIP suggests, his 86.1 IP to date this season have hardly been of the easy variety. He's also been pretty lousy over the balance of his last six starts. Not that I can get excited about anything Montero does anymore...but like we've noted, as least he's been doing SOMETHING lately...amazing what happens when the bar is set as low as it can go. Gotta give the Mets some credit I guess, in that they're doing everything that they can to prove to Sandy that they absolutely positively no-way-in-hell have a magical run in them. Hell, just look at the month-by-month records: April: 10-14 May: 13-15 June: 14-14 July: 8-9 This team hasn't even managed a winning month. And let's face it, because it's obvious now...Cespedes is a lazy stiff...a fat cat who got his money and is now going to be an insufferable a$$hole because of it. The Mets give you $110 million (HUGE money for them), and you friggin' bring up wanting to finish your career with the A's?! fvck you! I usually don't make that big of a deal out of player quotes, but goddamn, that is complete horsesh! virtue of what amounts to a mega-deal here, the Mets are paying him quite the penny to be the man here, something of a leader...and instead, now it's become obvious how a guy with Cespedes' talent manages to play for four teams in his in his first four MLB seasons. Only the Mets are stuck with him now...maybe if he's here in Year 4 of his contract, it pays off, because he'll be playing for another deal. As much as I was afraid that this might happen with him, for some reason I didn't think that it would...but it has. And it sucks.
  9. No fear of change here (and not liking the new jerseys does not equate to fearing change). Hell, much as I prefer the old ones, I still think some tweaks to the new one could make it more tolerable. But as is, hell no. Still looks like a mix of a bad knockoff and a pajama top to me.
  10. To the tune of Dire Straits' "Money for nothin'"... I should've skate on pond ice... I should've shoot that puck...
  11. I should have been a hockey player...
  12. I'll just leave this here...
  13. Change for the better would have been fine. I think most people like the red & blacks way more than the Xmas unis. I know I do. I'm sure I'll get used to the new one eventually, but that doesn't mean I plan on buying one them any time soon. I'd rather just get a Nico player t-shirt.
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  15. He's probably still asking for a multi-year deal, which teams are smart to balk at.
  16. I don't think it's an "improvement" over the old design, but I do like it. If they had rolled these out as a special event/Winter Classic type jersey, that would have been cool. It already has a throwback kind of feel to it, if they did that design with a lace at the neck it would be even more old school looking, perfect for a Winter Classic where that's the look they go for. But I still prefer the old style, which ironically, looks less old school to me.
  17. When you're not looking at that stupid rendered model of the uniform, the new jerseys really are not bad, IMO. I'm a fan.
  18. Well his pitch count was still under 100...but shame we couldn't get Montero out on a good note as he lets of a HR to Chapman to put the A's ahead 3-2 in the 7th.
  19. Like him blocking shots from McDavid!
  20. If the Devils are a bottom 5 team still three years from now, there's a LOT bigger issues than Taylor Hall possibly leaving.
  21. If you say so...
  22. I just bought replicas imgood
  23. look inside the collar - they say "made in indonesia" in lime green. only "true" authentics that the players wear are actually made in Canada.
  24. I think even Passive knows that anything that happens in the next week or so is too little too late...they've been hovering in this 5-to-8 games under .500 territory forever. And of course, Sandy could've made moves to fortify this team quite some time ago (like other teams have), but of course, he didn't, so this team'a weaknesses are always waiting to rear their ugly heads. Some are starting to make a big deal out of Reyes, which I find beyond comical...since when did the first three months of any given season not matter?!
  25. Indos?
  26. lol and they come back from the 5-0 hole with Wlimer hitting a walkoff. Trying to fool Sandy into not selling
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