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  2. Three games yesterday, Florida lost, Philly lost, and Boston lost.
  3. I'm not so sure its a slow decline. He's not really doing anything at all for weeks and weeks...
  4. They have to protect Nash, Girardi, Staal, Lundqvist due to their contracts and how their NMC/NTC's are worded. All 4 were on the list of "must-protects" that was released by the league in November. Otherwise, I would agree with your forwards. The one I remove now, is Stepan. He has a NMC that kicks in July 1st for 3 years. That might be enough to scare off Vegas along with the money. Holden they have to leave exposed, same for Klein. If the Rangers insist on protecting Stepan, then I would hope they offer a draft pick for them not to select whichever forward from your list is left unprotected. I see a lot of posts around the internet from fans about who they are going to lose and it is way too early for anyone to know. Obviously, nobody knows who will be left exposed. Secondly, nobody knows what Vegas's strategy will be. They have to take on a minimum amount of salary through the expansion draft, so they are not just going to take the cheapest salary from each team, but not necessarily going to select the best player. I could see them taking on 1 or 2 Rick Nash types. Guys with huge salaries, but only signed for 1 year. Doesn't commit them to the player long-term and if the player is having a decent season next year, it is a nice chip to have at the trade deadline to move as a rental.
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  6. Is Spears eligible to play in the A next year? I guess we'll have Bastian, McCleod, there. Anyone else. Love to see Rykov but come to NA but I believe he recently signed with K for a couple years.
  7. I agree he's not going anywhere. He's clearly in decline (albeit slow). No teams are chompin at the bit for his services.
  8. To put it simply: I think when it comes to in-season shenanigans, though I do think that these players need to be held accountable for their own actions, you can get on the coach if too many players seem to be doing whatever they please, to the detriment of the team. What happened to Revis could've happened to a lot of people, under the wrong circumstances, and really should be seen as an isolated incident. I'm not saying that Revis was necessarily right here, but part of the reason this whole thing is being blown up is because he had a rotten year, which makes it all the easier for many to try to make it sound like that Revis is now on a dangerous path. I don't buy that...I think Revis is simply a player in sharp decline (nothing can be done when Father Time decides to take your skills away), who got caught in an unfortunate situation...some will say "Well he should've know better", but it's not like he has any history of this at all. For all we know, Revis could've been going out plenty through the years, with no incidents at all...then this ONE particular time, something happened (and we still don't know all of the details as to exactly what). And in the heat of the moment, I doubt the identity of the Jets' head coach ever crossed Revis' mind. And though Rex had both his strong and weak points, I don't ever think that Rex was this Parcellish/Belichickish "Oh sh!t we better not fvck up because this is a man to fear and respect" kind of guy. If anything, as time went on, Rex probably became a little too much of a player's coach. As much as his players seemed to love playing for him, they definitely didn't reward him with consistent efforts. One other point: some coaches do find a way to rein in constant "problem children" (though like you suggest, some just can't ever get out of their own way). BB has done it with questionable players before (though even he could only do it temporarily with Randy Moss). Parcells reached Curtis Martin in a way no other human being ever did...Martin credits Parcells for basically everything that he is today.
  9. Looking to buy a Cory Schneider Holy Name medical center bobblehead that was given away last year. If you have one and are looking to sell, please let me know. I'm looking to buy 2 of them.
  10. Yeah that was a drop the mic and walk off kind of statement, well done.
  11. The Devil you know. . . I'll leave the thread now.
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  13. I don't see the 'Bowles effect' having anything to do with Revis. That's an off-field offseason problem, grown men have to police themselves at that point. And if Revis is convicted of even some of the stuff he's being charged with, state and federal law's going to be more of an issue than Rex or Bowles. Revis should be worried about going to jail more than about a coach yelling at him in that situation. I also don't attribute Sheldon to Bowles since he was flunking weed tests earlier in his career to the point where he got a four-game suspension before Bowles had coached a game, and first got in trouble with the law basically before he met Bowles. Mo got his big money and started jaking it, is that on Bowles? I wouldn't absolve Bowles entirely on Mo cause everyone quit on him the second half of the season but in Mo's case the fact is he was playing for the big money still when Rex was here. It's a little easier to get guys to play for you then. You never know which guys are going to **** you over after signing their big contract until after they sign it.
  14. You're arguing against your own point CR. When you factor in problem child players that have a history, that is when the Head Coach deserves a mulligan. Because those players start trouble no matter where they go, or who coaches them. But when you're talking about players that have ZERO track-record(s) THAT's when red flags start to be raised. You said it yourself: These players never pulled this sh!t under Ryan. Revis was never out with his own entourage @ 2:30am in the morning "knocking guys out" under Ryan. You never heard that Mo Wilkerson was habitually late to practices\meetings. You never heard about any bullsh!t with Sheldon Richardson.. or Enemkpali breaking another players jaw. I don't bring up the hyjinx of Brandon Marshall, because again.. that's not on Bowles. Marshall was a clown WAY before he became a Jet. But other players that have seemingly had clean backgrounds.. that's alarming to me. They respected Rex enough, because he commanded that respect. What changed?
  15. Still a league fan too, there's a pretty fair amount of good games to watch across the league. I enjoy watching the teams that fly up and down the ice as well as the more physical teams (granted there aren't that many any more). I'm starting to lean towards watching an out of town game that I find exciting rather than some of the less exciting games we tend to play on some nights.
  16. Yeah but I DVR them like I said and don't watch live and some I watch the next day. You can watch 3 games in the span of 1 actual live broadcast that way so it's not as crazy as it seems lol I only watch when the puck is in play otherwise I'm fast forwarding. I use a tivo dvr and the fast forwarding on it is so incredibly responsive that it makes it extremely easy to do. If I watch football that's how I watch a game as well. Can legit watch an NFL game in 25 mins lol
  17. I know what you mean, to a degree. When I was younger, I used to know every player on every team, and other things like stats and records. I got some books as gifts that I would read on occasion and learn things about the players, teams, and so forth. I also traded cards with friends which helped emphasize the details about them in my head. I definitely had more free time back then for sure, but I think what it comes down to is that I have a pretty good memory. Even to this day, even though I still enjoy reading some articles now and then and I do frequently check the standings of my favorite sports leagues and teams, I can hear stats in passing on the TV, or see players online and highlights quickly online, and the information just kind of sticks with me, to the point where I can usually recall it in conversation, or whenever. This is coming from someone who up until recently had a live-in girlfriend with 3 kids for the past 10 years, not to mention a typical 9-5 job M-F. I guess I really do just love sports I suppose. Holy crap, you watch every single playoff game??
  18. This is the least amount of hockey I've ever watched. The 2 outdoor games were the only non Devils games I've watched. It's also the first year I've never had a form of center ice. I'm just not interested in watching other teams. I always watch all the games in the playoffs though but if it's not the Devils I DVR them and fast forward during anything that isn't the game and in between stoppages. So only takes me about 65 mins to watch a game.
  19. I can agree with that. The first round of the playoffs is always really fun. Tons of exciting hockey on every single night. Once it starts dwindling down to a game or two every other night, I start checking out, unless a team like the rangers are still in. Then I'll still tune in to watch them hopefully lose.
  20. I got really into MMA at the time of the 2004 lockout so I kind of lost my passion for hockey for a year or so. It came back very fast but only for the Devils. Like CR I used to know every player in the league and would watch whatever game of whatever team I could. Now I only watch Devils games and that's plenty. No time to be a league fan anymore. I don't even really watch any other sports anymore either. Can't imagine watching multiple sports and being able to keep up with every player in the leagues like I did when I was a kid.
  21. Woahhhh I haven't checked this thread in a while, had no clue we had one of the artists here. Great stuff, well done! Minus being bad luck, but here's hoping that changes going forward.
  22. What I find happens to me is that when the Devils are eliminated (and we had some CRUSHING eliminations in 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010 (2004 was annoying too. Robert kidding me?) I just needed to pull away. But when the finals got near again I tried to re-engage and get into it. Though admittedly some finals were just impossible. Ducks-Senators, who cares? Tampa/Calgary also played one of the worst 7 game series I've ever seen quality wise. That was pure rugby. (even though some late series games went into OT) Also back then hockey wasn't as over-saturated (as every sport is today) so it was kind of special to see Campbell Conference games and see Gretzky or Fleury or Coffey or even Selanne in his first dynamic year.
  23. I used to care a lot more about the "other" teams, and when I was younger, I was definitely much more of a "Let me watch any two teams go at it, I love hockey!" guy...all the hours that me and my friends would kill just playing the EA NHL games (in their infancy)...great memories. Not sure what changed. The only sport that I still feel that way about is football, but most football fans feel that way. But I used to watch a lot of Ranger games (so easy to root for the opponent), and a lot of "good matchup" games, along with damned near every Devils game. I also wasn't married with a kid then either. For me, I've told the story before, but my parents took me and my brother to a Devils-Flyers game in December 1983 (Devils lost 8-2), and from that day on, I was a Devils fan. I latched onto both the sport and the team in one sitting.
  24. I'm a Devils fan before anything else, but I do love the game of hockey in general too. I would think we all do, right? It makes sense to me, because if I didn't like the sport of hockey as a kid I wouldn't be a Devils fan to begin with. I mean, can anyone here, or anywhere, actually say they just decided to be a fan of their favorite team out of pure love for them, without even knowing what they did or who they were? No, at least for me, I grew up first skating on ice/roller at around age 3-4. I can remember being really young and may parents taking me to ice rinks where I first started to learn to skate. Around age 5-6 was when I first started watching the NHL, and lo and behold the Devils were the first team I can recall watching highlights of in the morning from the game the night before. At age 7 I started playing both ice and roller, but eventually and quickly stuck with just roller and have been playing it ever since. But it was at that time I really loved hockey, and the Devils. I played a ton of other sports as a kid and was good at them too - baseball, basketball, etc, but hockey was and is my favorite to this day, even after living in FL for 19 years now. I wouldn't say I am emotionally invested in any of the other teams at all (well, I have a soft spot for the Lightning since I live in the area and I like to support the hometown team), but even if it's two random teams I couldn't care less about, I'll still tune in now and then because I like watching the sport, and enjoy seeing good competition. It's also something fun to do when you go out to a bar on a Friday or Saturday night, rather than do the same old thing like check out girls, play drinking games, and so forth. It's much more fun when there's sports on TV at the local bar to keep you entertained longer. I guess I'm also just such a sports fan in general which is why I can get into the Cup playoffs even if we're not in. I love watching sports year round, particularly football and hockey. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot less fun when my favorite teams aren't in it, and there's definitely a sinking feeling when the last game of the regular season is played in April and the Devils are packing up and not playing anymore. I know that hockey is still on which will be fun to watch, but a part of me is broken and won't be healed until next October when they hit the ice again and compete in a new season. It's the same reason that, for pretty much the rest of the season, even though we're all but out of playoff contention now, I'll still crack open my laptop on a random weeknight when we're playing, connect to the streaming program I use, and listen to/watch this team. We all <3 the Devils.
  25. I'll say this - the first round of the playoffs has been pretty sweet the last few years. Lots of energy, healthy players, rivalries to build upon. But after that, once the defensive grind takes over I'm out. Can't get myself emotionally involved in two teams I don't care about.
  26. And I freely admit that I'm a Devils fan, not an "NHL fan", if that makes any sense. Once the Devils are out of the playoffs, so am I. I can't just watch any two hockey teams go at it with much conviction (I wish I could, in that there's obviously some terrific hockey worth watching). I really miss the anticipation of a playoff appearance, that first round matchup...for so long, spring and April and Devils playoff hockey seems to be synonymous...even though they had some very quick one-and-dones, they were still at least getting in, and usually pretty safely, where you knew for several days or even weeks that they were in. Compared to many fanbases, it's not like we've been suffering for all that long...right now the Devils might be in a valley, but better than being moored in a crater, and I've seen teams trapped in those, seemingly forever in some cases. But I do miss the playoffs. Man do I miss the playoffs.
  27. Agree with pretty much all of what the two of you said in the last couple posts. And it's what makes the off-season seem even longer than usual, because as CR said, we can't give up and wash our hands with them, so we're left in early April hanging on for 5-6 months waiting eagerly to see what the next year brings, and if that year really will be "their year".
  28. I don't think he will be traded either at this time. To get someone back that meets the criteria he probably won't be any good so we will have to get rid of him if not taken by Vegas. Might as well stay with Cammy someone we know. We can buy him out if necessary.
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