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    My wife made my 6 month old a zamboni that fits over his walker.
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    I have a 2.5 week old, that helped keep me up for the entire game. Usually I just DVR these late games.
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    My point is this; You trade healthy-scratch Adam Larsson in an age-20 season, you get back another struggling bluechip prospect that may or may not pan out. You trade 1st pairing, 24 year old Adam Larsson: you get Taylor Hall. I’m not saying Zacha will ever be a 1st line player with absolute certainty. I am saying that trading him while his value is at an all-time low isn’t worth the risk.
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    Didn’t see anyone mention it last night but apparently Dano got a text from Wayne Gretzky recently where 99 talked about how much he likes Nico’s game. NHL Tonight just mentioned it as well. Can’t get much higher praise than that.
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    I adore Ken Daneyko for what he did for this franchise, but his voice is so frustrating I feel like he could ruin narrating a Kate Upton sex video.
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    Dear everyone: Take a deep breath and look at this team. This is a young and exciting team with more offensive firepower than I’ve seen out of a Devils squad in a long time. This is NOT a team that can be without 3 of its 6 best offensive players, take on one of the best teams in hockey on a SEVEN game win streak, and withstand a questionably officiated game. Lets get healthy and see what we can do. Nobody expected us to run away with the NHL, and you were kidding yourself if you looked at the roster going into tonight’s game and thought “eh, piece of cake”. They got out-played, not out-classed.
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    Bratt told the Swedish newspapers that he had save some moves for his girlfriend and that's why he have 4 points in 2 games. (She have been here for a week now)
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    It sucks, but during the course of a long season, sometimes you win games you should lose, and sometimes you lose games you should win. Tonight was the latter for us. I'll take the point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just would have texted back “Mickey Mouse says fvck you!”
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    Hynes is mostly bald but he should stop shaving his head and just let whatever he had left grow in. His skin just doesn't take well to the razor and just seems so red and irritated. He doesn't pull off the bald look well.
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    The New Jersey Devils are 9-2. THE NEW JERSEY DEVILS ARE NINE AND TWO.
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    Man, switched on MIN feed to see the reaction, those guys got depressed real quick. LOVE IT
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    For everyone that asked about Zacha, here's a bit more info from Hynes (& Andrew Gross) from this article: http://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/nhl/devils/fireandice/2017/11/17/devils-brass-have-talked-pavel-zacha-agent-his-ice-time-coach-john-hynes-first-round-pick-ahl/876280001/ “He’s part of the team,” Hynes said. “Every player is different. Everyone goes through different circumstances. We’ve had lots of communication with Pavel. We met with his agent. We met with him. We all feel like we’re giving him the same message of what we need to see better. At this point of his career, he’s been here for a year, sometimes when you get out of the lineup, you’ve got to work to get back in, too. We certainly believe he’s a very good player but he’s got some things he’s got to get better at. “But we feel like we’re trying to do it collectively,” Hynes added. “The general manager, the head coach, the agent, the player, to make sure he clearly understands what needs to be better and then the player has to take it up on himself to put the work in and get himself back in. We feel like we have a very competitive team. Our team has played well. It’s not really a time right now for token games or token shifts. You’ve got to play the guys that have earned the jobs and earned the right to be in the lineup every night.”
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    Congrats to Miles 'Tasmanian Devil' Wood on his first HAT TRICK.
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    Zajac needs to go back with Hall. They were quietly one of the better duos in the NHL last season, getting 54% of the shots and 60% of the goals in 640 mins. Yeah, gaudy point totals might not happen but they'll win the tough minutes, something NJ isn't doing now. Hall-Hischier are getting pummeled at 5v5, 44% of the shots and 43% of the goals in 120 mins. That's lottery bad. Hischier will be a 1C in the league, but this isn't the year. Put him at 2C and let him go ham on middle lines and non-top pairings.
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    Lovejoy out, Severson back in. We can put down our torches.
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    Crap game. Two non-hockey observations: 1) Jimmy Hayes + Purple Hockey Fights Cancer Jersey = Purple Hayes! 2) Bryce Salvador has a much stronger suit game than Johnny Mac did, he should give Johnny his tailor’s number so he could own a suit that fits.
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    At least 3 offensive zone penalties taken by us tonight, those are the ones that there are simply no excuses for. That has to stop.
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    Prout didn’t even do that right...but at least he has to sit 5 minutes, so that’s a plus.
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    Your wife is a badass and so is your 6 month old.
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    No clue where to post this; check out my wife and my Halloween costumes.
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    The old man told me that one day a crazy wild eyed scientist or a kid might show up asking about it, and if that happened...
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    mrw I saw "SterioDesign" Welcome back!
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    Five out of eight points on an extremely tough road trip. I don’t know about y’all but I feel even better than I did after the western Canada trip. This team is going to fvcking fight their way into the playoffs. They just are.
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    John Moore and OT goals. Name a better combination, I’ll wait.
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    Ffs the Jets are just straight kyrptonite to the Devils in recent years. Getting a little tired of Gibbons being the entire offense. Can’t continue like this if they want to stay competitive. Guys like Henrique really need to start contributing. That said, happy for Butcher finally getting his first goal.
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    Since it's his first game of the year, one more update on Mikey McLeod: Ian Pulz‏ @HockeyPulz My goodness is Mike McLeod fast. Easily carving through the neutral zone, causing havoc on the forecheck and setting up lots of plays. #NJDevils And Michael McLeod scores a goal in his first game back in Mississauga! #NJDevils
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    Thought this was a good sign: Todd Cordell Retweeted Aly Munro‏ @AlyMunro34m34 minutes ago More JR says Mike McLeod didn’t want to leave practice yesterday, was out there two straight hours requesting more drills. The captain is centering bro Ryan & rookie Washkurak tonight. _____ ETA: Ian Pulz‏ @HockeyPulz7m7 minutes ago More If anybody is wondering how McLeod is doing so far, he's been a beast,,,speedy with great puck protection...a pain on the forecheck. This is prime Mike McLeod #NJDevils
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    Wasn't sure where to put this so I'm giving it it's own topic. Shero spoke with The Sporting News and was quite candid (for a GM). Full article: https://sports.yahoo.com/11-10-sn-exclusive-devils-184105734.html Snippets: “I know we’ve got a ways to go, not just to get to Game 82 but over the course of the next two or three years. But this is really the start (of our build) I envisioned when I came here two years ago,” Shero told Sporting News in a recent interview. “This is turning. Both on and off the ice, this is turning. I feel it, I know it, I’ve been through this before. Whether you start 9-2 or .500, you do know and you believe it’s turning. It’s good for the players to have some success for how they’ve played and prepared in training camp.” _____ During the offseason, the general manger took Hall to dinner. Over the course of four hours, he helped Hall work through it, playing the part of psychologist. Most of all, he made sure to underscore the point that Hall is a winner, that he has won before, two straight Memorial Cups with the Windsor Spitfires and two straight gold medals at the world championships. “I was real honest with him. He’s an important player for us and his legacy is important to me I told him,” Shero recalled. “It really is. If he was in Edmonton last year, they would have made the playoffs and done what they did with him. If Adam Larsson was with us, we would have done what we did last season with him." _____ Shero recalled another sixth-round pick who worked out well when he served as an assistant with the Senators. In 1994, the Senators selected Daniel Alfredsson 133rd overall. A little over a year later, Alfredsson put up 61 points in 82 games in his rookie season. The next year, the Senators were in the playoffs. “It doesn’t happen often, but when it does you are so thrilled," Shero said. "That’s what you need to take a big step forward because it’s found money."
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    Thought this might be the best 60 minute game they played all season, at least that I've seen. Cory stole one point but Andersen might've stolen two. Coleman's been a nice surprise this season but he takes a ton of penalties. Lovejoy wasn't horrible tonight. Boyle looked lost when he first drew in but tonight he looked quite good along the offensive boards. Reminded me of Zubrus, in a good way. Zajac will need a few games to get his stick skills back to where they should be but he is still really good defensively.
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    Palmieri was fine. If we want to start bitching about a forward, then let's talk about Henrique... he's not making mistakes at least so he's not noticeable but that's the thing... he's been invisible. Regardless, feel like that was easily one of their better, more complete efforts of the season. You'd like to score more goals (obviously) but that's kinda the way the game went... each team played incredibly structured and didn't allow many good looks. We had ample opportunities to end it in OT and were by far the better team for 45 mins of this one with the first 20 being even I'd say... just ended on a fluky ass goal and Andersen stole this one. What can you do? Hard not to like the way the team is playing, feeling more and more like they are definitely for real and we can make the playoffs. Not really seeing anyone saying it here but on reddit and other places I keep seeing people acting like they played like trash... don't agree with that one bit. Thought they played an excellent road game and to be honest deserved to win but sometimes you lose when you deserve to win, sometimes you win when you don't want to. Another point in the bank.
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    Man Santini really opened my eyes to night, he was a fvcking heat seeking missle
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    As promised, posting a sorta live update from Vegas: Pregame presentation. As corny as the Medevil Times skit is, I honestly think the rest is better than ours. Concessions. Surprisingly lacking in variety. IRCC ours was kinda weak too when it opened, but again surprisingly outside of the stadium norms, not too many other options. And the concourse is tight (like narrow). Escalators to the top seats feel like you’re going to the upper deck of the old Giants Stadium. Atmosphere. A sh!t ton of Jets fans here tonight. The entire arena sang both anthems. Not as well as when our fans backed up the singer, but still impressive. Knights fans yell “Night” at that part of the anthem. It’s really been a fun time here so far. Even pregame the streets near TMobile we’re PACKED with fans. Even after puck drop it was still packed (friend of mine was stuck outside after it started getting his tickets squared away. Place has been rocking all night too. Really fun atmosphere. No clue what the goal song actually is but the end up chanting Go Knights Go during the middle of it. Whole crowd again is into it. Fans seem very knowledgeable about hockey too. And freaking passionate. I’ll try to get some good pictures to post when I get back home in a few days.
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    Another rough game possession wise.. our attempts to get the puck out were slow and soft... oilers had puck support everywhere..puck movement was hesitant and late. Once they set up in our end they just 4 cornered us and played keep away.. horrible in our end.. and if our centers don't get back it's bad news as the trailers get point blank shots.. Hynes has some work to do
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    This game was the hockey equivalent of a wet fart. You tried to control it, it didn’t work out. Change your underwear and try again next time.
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    I don’t know why Hynes just doesn’t play Noesen. I get that just in case a D gets hurt but Prout blows. Nice Hall!
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    Dear anyone hating on Mueller that missed this game: watch the last 6 minutes of this game. He made multiple game-saving plays.
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    It resulted in Coleman crashing into Markstrom on a SH partial break but that little pass by Bratt to spring Coleman was subtly brilliant
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    What a great PP shift by Bratt. Hayes was not ready for that pass, he would have had the whole net.
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    Bratt on the other hand continues to look like a world class player
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    And yet here they are bowing down before the great NJ Devils logo! Vegas Golden Knights‏ Verified account @GoldenKnights The Knights Of The Round Circle meet in the eastern time zone for the first time.
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    We had to beat Arizona and the refs tonight, but we did it! I'll take it and run lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I put this elsewhere earlier (as part of a general update) but since this is pinned, I will add it here too: Cory practiced today and is good to back up Kinkaid on Friday. Kinkaid will get the start though. Per Amanda Stein, Cory's wife is about to give birth (to baby #2) so they'll probably keep Wedge around for a bit...
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    Still no Feisty so, in case anyone is interested, I'm going to put up links to last week's Prospects update (from AATJ): https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2017/10/17/16486620/new-jersey-devils-prospect-update-10-17-17 And this week's update: https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2017/10/24/16528040/new-jersey-devils-prospect-update-10-24-17 ETA: Ian's update adds a few interesting tidbits, if anyone feels like reading this one too: https://www.reddit.com/r/devils/comments/78gq86/devils_prospects_update_1024/ Snippet: -Nikita Popugaev is struggling...was demoted to the 4th line this week for Prince George. It's a strange situation...as he still hasn't found his game since being traded from Moose Jaw. I don't know what to say without saying like an absolute homer...he has the pure skill and the physical stature to be a dominant player in the WHL, possibly even the NHL, however at the risk of beating a dead horse...he really needs to get his defensive game together. -Update on Jesper Boqvist: there's an article that says he's not back on the ice yet, but doing lots of lower-body drills (the injury was a broken wrist just FYI), and is also seeing experts once a week for his wrist. He doesn't want to set a deadline for his return, but everything is going well with the recovery process...training twice a day with a physical trainer doing sled pulls and whatnot. He says he wants to improve on his explosiveness, speed, and power. -This is just speculation, but Aarne Talvitie didn't play a game this week for Espoo Blues U20. There isn't an injury, but rather there's an upcoming U20 tournament in Russia from November 8th-10th. The only roster that's been released has been Sweden's: Fabian Zetterlund was named to that team. The teams in the tournament are Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Czech Republic. My guess would be that Talvitie is on that Finnish team. -A note about defensive pairings: Jeremy Davies reclaimed the top-pairing LD spot for Northeastern and Matthew Hellickson saw himself upgraded to the 2nd pairing LD spot for Notre Dame. -Fun fact, the average age of the Binghamton Devils roster is 23.4 years old. That's the youngest average age of a New Jersey Devils AHL affiliate team since the 1992-1993 Utica Devils.