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    4.16M per season is just not a lot of money in today's NHL. Defenders who signed as UFA age who are making that: Dmitri Kulikov, Brendan Smith, Alexei Emelin, Kris Russell, Jonathan Ericsson, Jason Demers And then you've got Brodin and Larsson and Klefbom as guys who signed similar RFA deals at Damon's age. The risk isn't signing this deal, it's not signing a deal like this and waiting for Damon to 'prove himself' before signing him to a much larger deal. In 4 years when the Devils should be good again if things go well, they'll be very glad to have Severson at this number or whatever they traded Severson's valuable contract for.
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    The Great: – Kyle Palmieri. Guy was flying all night and off the top of my head I can think of 5 scoring chances he created just by using his speed and driving to the front of the net. Feel like at the start of last season he was pressing too much but I think now he understands how he has to play to score, think he's in for a big year. 30 goals again? I think so The Good: – The whole 1st Line. Already mentioned Palmieri but Hallsy and Johansson both has good jump in the skates tonight also. Hallsy looks like he just wants to regular season to start already, thought it took Johansson a little bit to get settled in last night but when he did you saw the skill he has. Looks like a great halfwall player on the PP. – The whole 3rd Line. Bratt-Blandisi-Noesen all had great games last night, particularly Blender I thought had good jump all night and you can see he was competing hard on the puck. Kid does not want to go back to the AHL, he's gunning for a full-time spot this year. – Mirco Mueller. Was a fan of the trade at the time and he showed last night why I've been high on him, steady and reliable in his own end and I honestly can't think of any times last night when he was caught flat footed in his own zone or had a bad turnover on the breakout. Also the bomb for the goal was nice. – Nico. Fvcking NICO. He played with Hallsy and Palms in the 3rd and I thought he looked excellent there, every time he's on the ice you can clearly see those Datsyuk comparables, he's so smart and it just constantly seems like the Devils are driving play when he's out there, and that goal was HNNNNGGGH. – Scott Wedgewood. Kinkaid was solid as well, but I was really impressed with Wedge last night. Thought he had more difficult saves to make than Kinky and he just looked confident despite missing so much time this year. Kinda wish Kinky wasn't here, because we might lose Wedge on waivers. The Bad: – Jimmy Hayes. Just...no. Guy looked like a slug out there with our team speed. If he gets a contract, it needs to be as a 13th or 14th forward, he can't play regularly. – Yaroslav Dyblenko. Thought he had a rough game, and I wasn't impressed with him at the prospect tournament either. I think it shows that he's never played in North America because it seems like he often loses his angles and positioning in his own zone, he'll take some time in the AHL to adjust for sure.
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    You got it rough dude. Did your limo driver fail to restock the Grey Poupon in the glove compartment too?
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    Needed to post this one lmfao: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am SO ready. After letting work and other stuff get in the way of actually getting out to games for many years, my daughter has become really interested, and we made it to 5 games last season. Typically the tickets were purchased within a day or two of the game. This year, I've already got tickets to two games, one being a gift from a company I referred some work to, who informed me that the tickets were too inexpensive and they'll be sending us to a second game. Even when the team is bad, throwing on the jersey and spending a couple hours having something in common with your ten year old (it's not the only thing, we're extremely similar and relate on many levels) is very, very good. I'm happy to be going into another season and hanging out with her some more. Let's Go Devils!
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    I thought Stevens already retired his number?
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    Between us and the Kings? Calling it now. Butcher to the Devils on a 17 year 102 million dollar contract.
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    Zacha is the best player on the ice. Expecting a strong season from him
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    same. i never understood the crazy outcry. still the best jerseys in hockey
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    Full disclosure, I think I own at least 12 Devils practice jerseys, so they kind of are my thing. One of them anyway.
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    We close this thread down on Thursday baby!!! Monday we start game threads!! And I have to be in Nashville next week ,damn.
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    Should have painted teardrops to honor the fans still butthurt over the new jersey 2+ months after the unveiling.
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    Loving Cory's helmet for this year
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    The owners have occasionally been guilty of misreading this fanbase (and if not them, then the ones who are advising them), but overall I think they've been plenty solid, and most importantly, they TRY. Unfortunately some fans insist on somehow making this current downturn in on-ice performance about the owners, which I don't get at all...this valley was inevitable no matter who owns the team. Yeah, there's a rather large swath of Devils fans that I'll never relate to. It's funny, when I think of Flyer fans, I think violence. When I think of Ranger fans, I think stupid. When I think of Devils fans, I think ENTITLED. Yankee fans tend to be THE most entitled fans that I encounter, and I get that to an extent, because that franchise has such a long history of winning, and pretty much never shies away from using their considerable resources to try to field a top-notch product. But there's definitely a lot of entitled Devils fans who act like they're owed a perennially successful product, and can't be happy with anything ownership does. They can be maddening to deal with.
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    Butcher will wear #8 for the Devils
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    Puckdaddy article on how Hynes was a big part of the lure of coming to NJ: https://sports.yahoo.com/devils-coach-sold-will-butcher-picking-new-jersey-210004887.html “The guy knows the game. He has a passion for the game. I’d like to say I have a passion for the game, too,” said Butcher. In the end, it was Hynes, his system and the franchise’s approach to player development that lured him to the Devils. “They cater to their guys and help get them ready for the NHL game. Certain things, from taking repetitions to going out one day and taking puck touches,” he said. “It was very appealing for me to talk about that stuff: To take a younger guy like me, 22, just coming into the NHL, and they’re going to put me in places to succeed rather than just throw me into the fire of the NHL.”
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    Once again, for all of the bizarre hatred Shero gets, this team has now added since he took over: Pavel Zacha, Michael McLeod, Nico Hischier, Will Butcher, multiple promising 2nd round draft picks, in addition to: Taylor Hall, Kyle Palmieri, Marcus Johansson, and Mirco Mueller. In that span, he's "lost" Adam Larsson, John Merrill, and a million dime-a-dozen borderline NHLers. That's a damn fine GM we got here, boys.
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    Winning the lottery, now winning this - everything's looking up! Maybe.
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    Ian Pulz has been tweeting about the U-20 4 Nations games. Here's some of the updates, from most recent to Aug 23: Yegor Zaitsev scores the go-ahead goal for Team Russia while short-handed to win 2-1 #NJDevils Yegor Zaitsev also on RUS's 4th def. pairing, played 2nd pairing for them yesterday U20 4Nations today, Mikhail Maltsev top-line C for RUS, Fabian Zetterlund top-line RW for SWE & Aarne Talvitie topline RW for FIN #NJDevils Also fun to note that for the U20 Four Nations Tournament, Yegor Zaitsev has the "C" for Russia and Mikhail Maltsev has an "A" #NJDevils In the U20 match between RUS vs. SWE, Mikhail Maltsev scored a goal (1st line C) & Fabian Zetterlund had 2 assists (2nd line LW) #NJDevils Aarne Talvitie centering the 2nd line for the Finnish U20 National Team #NJDevils Ian Pulz‏ @HockeyPulz Aug 23 Yegor Rykov registered 14:24 minutes on ice today and registered an assist for SKA in their 7-1 victory #NJDevils
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    First Rags game of the year. Anyone know if NHL.tv is broadcasting? Heroes: Miles Wood - Adam Henrique - Blake Speers Brian Gibbons - Pavel Zacha - Drew Stafford Blake Pietila - Michael McLeod - Jimmy Hayes Ben Thomson - Austin Cangelosi - Nick Lappin Andy Greene - Ben Lovejoy Yaroslav Dyblenko - Tim Erixon Viktor Loov - Damon Severson Cory SchneiderMackenzie Blackwood Villains:
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    Not trying to be the fun police but that celly from Chytil after his goal is pretty funny. Dude responded like they just won the ECF. Congrats on the preseason win lol.
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    I figured I would start this one since I cannot wait for the season to begin. I will not be able to watch this as I have other plans tonight, but I hope we look good tonight. Really pumped to get this season going. I will be going to the games on 9/23 and 9/25 and I hope to catch this Wednesday's game on TV. Devils Roster: Forwards: Baddock Blandisi Bratt Coleman Hall Hayes Hischier Johansson Lappin Noesen Palmieri Quenneville Studenic Defensemen: Butcher Dyblenko Kapla Moore Mueller Prout Severson Goalies: KK Wedgewood Noe
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    50 of those in the regular season and we'll be all set.
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    Deb never tells the interviewee that she is done asking questions. She just rambles on into some other broadcast segment leaving the poor player standing there awkwardly. Other than that I think shes pretty good.
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    Good for Sal, I think he'll do well. Deb is brutal. Her on ice interviews after wins are perhaps the most uncomfortable minutes you can possibly live through. They should have kept Julie for Deb's role.
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    When Erixon went to the Rangers, their fan base and tv commentators treated him like the next coming of Paul Coffey so I'll just assume he's amazing because they never go overboard with expectations of new players
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    Agreed. I usually understand when he says FIRE HYNES but this one I'm not sure about.
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    How many times will marcus Johansson pass it to ovechkin in this first game.
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    In fairness, one doesn't really have much to do with the other. Yeah, of course we'll all be happy with the on-ice quality of the product if they're good, goes without saying...no one here is abandoning the team over bad unis. As bad as I think these are, Buffaslugs and Fishsticks were worse. I can't imagine wearing either one. But clearly a large number of fans are not happy with these new Devil uniforms...I was on record as saying I wasn't against the concept of a redesign by default, so it's not like I anxiously waiting to slam these things...if anything, I was hopeful that a new design would either be on par with or improve on the red-and-blacks. I absolutely gave these a chance. Unfortunately, many of us didn't like what we saw at the initial unveiling. We didn't like what we saw on the mannequin and in player photos. And we've now seen them on players wearing pads with names and numbers on the ice and...well, you get the picture. I wish I felt differently and had a "Well, OK, they're a little better than I thought" kind of moment (I was really hoping that it would happen on during the prospects game...it would make them so much easier to look at), but I really don't like these things and I'm not alone. It's not blind hate or being dissatisfied for the sake of being so, and it's not fair to just dismiss those that aren't liking these as such. The fat sleeve stripes look bad (in a way that's kind of odd because they never looked bad on the Rockies' jerseys). The lack of lower stripes makes the jerseys feel very plain. The bottom stripe that pays tribute to a franchise maybe 1% of Devils fans knew anything about is barely visible on the unis, as it blends into the pants. And those snipped shoulders... If you kinda like 'em, or think they're tolerable, that's fine (no opinion is wrong)...some fans seem to think they're not so bad (though it kind of sucks that "not so bad" seems to be the best that most who aren't dead-set against this redesign can muster). But those of us who remain unhappy about this (as we see new "unveilings", like we just saw with the prospects) are going to vent from time to time...I don't kid myself, we're stuck with these for a while, and now that I've seen what they look like on actual players during game action, there's no more reveals to be seen...they are what they are and we're going to have to live with them for now...I won't really be venting much more, and as grudging acceptance comes into play, there will be less complaining in general. I guess from here on out I'll be quietly hopeful that these will be phased out sooner or later, or improved upon.
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    It would to me, we can win the cup this year and I'll be thrilled but that wouldn't make these jerseys any less of a bad decision. One has nothing to do with the other.
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    I'd argue that Severson is the only defenseman that we have on our blue line (not a stretch) that is a positive possession player, which in terms of possession last season he was very good on one of the worst teams in hockey in terms of possessing the puck. I did a little clicking around and put together a list of players who Severson has better, the same, or worse possession numbers than in terms of Shot Generation and Shot Suppression and it's a pretty impressive list. Severson Possession > Than Shea Weber, Aaron Ekblad, Adam Larsson, Brady Skjei, Morgan Rielly, Travis Hamonic, Shayne Gostisbehere, Ryan McDonagh, Sami Vatanen, John Carlson, Rasmus Ristolainen, Ivan Provorov, Justin Schultz, Jonas Brodin, Matt Dumba, Marco Scandella, Ben Hutton, Alex Edler, Cam Fowler, Tyson Barrie, Mark Giordano, Jaccob Slavin, David Savard, Nick Leddy, TJ Brodie Severson Possession = To PK Subban, Alex Pietrangelo, Duncan Keith, Dustin Byfuglien, John Klingberg, Kevin Shattenkirk, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Anton Stralman, Jacob Trouba, Zach Werenski, Dmitry Orlov, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Jared Spurgeon, Seth Jones, Roman Josi (Fantastic ShotGen, terrible ShotSup), Chris Tanev (Average ShotGen, Fanastic ShotSup), Jake Gardiner Severson Possession < Than Drew Doughty, Victor Hedman, Erik Karlsson, Kris Letang, Matt Niskanen, Hampus Lindholm, Brent Burns (way better ShotGen, much worse ShotSup), Justin Faulk (Better ShotGen, worse ShotSup), Dougie Hamilton, Jake Muzzin, Mattias Ekholm Look at the guys Severson is better than and equal to, and the handful of guys he was worse than last season, and I think the indication is that Severson is a very good defenseman, especially for at his age. You don't mess around with a player like that and risk arbitration with him, because he'd kick our asses in arbitration. Seve is an excellent piece for this team moving forward especially considering the style of play this organization is preaching now.
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    Yeah. The white ones looked very plain on the ice. Like practice jerseys, which is what I thought they had on for the first few minutes
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    It looks like a before and after, with left being before, and right being the after. The improved jersey
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    Looked like it couldve been a lot worse. Broken wrist likely means 4-6 weeks, which means he should have no problem with being ready for the WJC
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    Not even close. Merely good player who was able to play for a long time. He's Mr. Coyote though. Gotta think his number gets retired pretty quickly.
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    Was watching a "Best of" game and they reminded me Jacob Josefson was a first round pick (20th). That's a good example. Picked that year after JJ were these guys, who I would rather have. John Moore Marcus Johanssen Kyle Palmieri Uhh, wait. We have all those guys!! I guess Ray agrees with me. Moving on: Ryan O'Reilly Jakob Silfverberg Tomas Tartar Tyson Barrie Cody Eakin Everyone not named Jacob Josefson
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    There's always been stupid fans, only difference now is social media gives them a platform to be seen and heard a lot more.
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    Simple: $ This is why I really hope the Devils do not retire anyone else for a long time after Elias. I know there have been calls for Brylin but he was not an important cog in any of the 3 championships (he was pretty much a passenger in 95) and while a nice and underrated player, is not worthy of the honor of having his number retired. He definitely deserves a Ring of Honor nominee though.
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    No, that was just his soul. Whenever I see that, man, he got absolutely creamed. I really miss hockey being played like that.
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    It looks like utter garbage. There really is no other way to describe it. It's a knockoff jersey that was just washed and dried and left in a pile of unsorted wrinkly clothes on the couch. I can't believe they would wear such vile excrement and pass it off as a jersey. The collar is completely ruined too. It's just this plain red round piping. I never really appreciated the old devils collar enough but it fit with the jersey well and was nice and classy. This is just...odd and unnecessary. I do like the DamNJ shirt though. Want one of those.
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    I expected all day to hear he was going elsewhere, nice surprise! Shero's doing what he can so far.
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    I still hate them. At least during games I'll be able to tune them out but I just hate seeing pictures of them.
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    This was a strange but fun event. We got the $40 tix which apparently was a waste of money because a lot of people with the lower tier tickets were still hitting up the buffets and going into the lounge area. Whatever. ..I still had a blast. I bumped into Dano and got a nice pic with him (he seemed relieved that I wasn't asking for an autograph), and also got a pic with Driver. The lines for the players were a sh&#33;tshow and no one knew what was going on...I guess Blandisi left really early but the staff ensured everyone he'd be back - which never happened. Oops. I got pucks signed by Kinkaid and McLeod. Didn't really have interest in Kapla or Santini honestly. Not for a scorching hot day at least. My only gripe was that they couldn't provide water at a steady pace. We were all dying out there in the heat and a pitcher of water broke down into 4 cups. So..no one got water. And they barely refilled them. I finally gave up and just went to the bar to get water if I needed it.