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    Yeah, not sure why mfitz is directly comparing a teenager who's played in 6 NHL games to a soon-to-be 26-year-old who's played in 459. You don't grade those guys on the same scale. If I'm going to criticize Hall for not converting enough of his chances, it's only fair to point out that he should definitely have more assists than he does in a Devil uniform...he's created some nice scoring opportunities for others, who didn't put them home. Tri is right that Hall can absolutely be a tremendous passer. It's really funny...imagine if someone had told you, just before the season started: "Hey, guess what, the Devils are going to jump out to a 5-1-0 start!" "Really? Awesome! So I guess Hischier is going to keep scoring goals like he did in preseason. Or someone else...maybe Hall, or Palms, or Henrique, will be unconscious to start the season, and score 5 or 6 goals out of the gate. Maybe two guys will do that." "Nope. Hischier will be still be looking for his first goal, and Hall will only have scored once. Palms will miss a game and pot two. Henrique will also score a couple." "So only five goals combined from those four through six games? Man, they must be winning tight, low-scoring defensive battles. Or Cory must be stopping 95% of the shots coming his way." "No and no. The Devils will average over 4 GPG. Cory will be at .917. The defense will be a bit scary to watch at times and these games will actually be more of the high-scoring variety. If anything, without Cory and KK, they'd probably give up a good chunk more goals than they already have." "SO HOW THEY HELL ARE THEY DOING THIS?!" "Thirteen different players will score at least one goal. Four of them will notch three each. Guess who they are." "Johansson? Zacha? Ummmmmmm...did Zajac somehow come back way early from his torn pec?" "Nope...the three-goal club is Bratt, Gibbons, Stafford (in only three games!), and Wood." "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?" "And oh yeah, that Hobey Baker award winner who'd never played a minute in the NHL? He's going to have nine assists!" (Head explodes, Scanners-style)
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    Best - “They score! Henrique! It’s over!” Worst - Loss to Carolina in Game 7 in 08-09 season
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    If only my daughter didn't have her dance class this Friday... Me: "Screw dance, let's go see the Devils!" Her: "But I like to dance!" Me: "BUT I LIKE TO HOCKEY! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/mikemorrealeNHL/status/919421049749626881?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2Ftwitter.min.html%23919421049749626881 Mike Morreale @mikemorrealeNHL Keith Kinkaid: "It's easy to get up for this game because I grew up not liking [the Rangers]."
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    I just got done finishing the game, I had something else to do last night and went in full shutdown mode with the phone so it was never spoiled for me, just an awesome win especially after that horrible first period. Butcher has just been ridiculously good, they better start selling some player t shirts for him at the arena, this kid seems legit. Kinkaid was on point tonight and he definitely earned himself a game next week in one of the back to backs. Tuesday can't get here quick enough, this has been so much fun so far. Also, fvck the Rangers!
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    Yeah it was... I'd rather give my $$ to the Devils than pay MSG $125 but I appreciate them going! Devils Insiders‏ @DevilsInsiders I know you heard us tonight. Nothing better than cheering this team on to a win in the Worlds Most Famous Train Station.
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    If you can afford it get yourself to the game on Friday and let's try to recreate the atmosphere from the home opener. The team is 3-0 with 16 goals scored! If that doesn't excite you then you need to check yourself to see if you still have a pulse.
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    This place was sh!tting on Hynes all last season, and one thing I want to say in his favor is that he is not a 'play the vets all the time' guy. Who gets put out on the ice to close out the game Saturday? Hischier. Who plays on the PK in the final 2 minutes tonight? Bratt. Who led the team in ice time tonight? Santini. Tonight wasn't perfect and there were a lot of issues in the defensive zone, but Tampa is a fantastic team and the Devils managed to drag 2 points out of the game. Yeah, Tampa had their backup goalie in and yeah they played last night, but the Devils looked like they could compete with them. Hischier had perhaps his best game so far - he was involved and making plays. Bratt only played 11 minutes but they were noticeable minutes. I thought Zacha had a better game tonight than he's had in the past 2. Mueller had his best game so far, I thought - something to build on, anyway.
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    RECAP WTF is going on with Brian Gibbons? Having a defenseman who can actually put up points is very refreshing. Tampa is crazy good. It's only a matter of time for Nico. Santini was very impressive tonight imo. The crowd was only a little bit more than 13,000 but it sounded incredibly loud. POSSESSION ES CF: 51 to 52 ES FF: 41 to 43 ES SF: 28 to 25 ES SCF: 26 to 26 ES HDCF: 10 to 9 All CF: 65 to 73 All FF: 51 to 60 All SF: 34 to 37 All SCF: 33 to 37 All HDCF: 14 to 9
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    Lou knew why no one was allowed to have the number 13, Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Had an interesting experience with this game - I DVR'd it because I wasn't going to be able to watch it last night, kept away from Twitter etc., only to have Google's stupid notifications tell me the score. So I had some idea that the Devils won, but just wasn't sure how they did, and I sat down to watch the game with that in mind. In the first period the team was terrible and so I figured this was a game Kinkaid stole, which he kind of did, but it ended up not to be a 40 shot affair - the Devils offense was pretty putrid but got some kind bounces and managed a win. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done here - the power play is too easy to defend against, even when the Devils were able to enter the zone easily, the Rangers were able to pressure them and force them into bad decisions. The penalty kill allows zone entries way too easily and I'm not sure why. I feel like teams have also watched the first couple games the Devils played and have been able to slow them down since. At points last night looked too much like last year. That said, the Devils played a pretty good third period even though their offense was non-existent, they managed to shut down the Rangers pretty well.
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    Just found out I'll be attending Tuesday, and sitting 12 rows off the ice courtesy of a friend who has a ticket hook-up. [emoji3][emoji482][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Reunion partyyyyy. i would cry if DIG ever came back. I would also cry if SatansDevils ever came back; but for a completely different reason.
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    I guess the 'SC' in your handle stands for Scoring Chances Nah, welcome back, would be good to see some more prodigal offspring return with how exciting the team is now. It's been a bad stretch here.
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    Cory's back... tell a friend..
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    Even better about the Rangers stumbling out of the gate is that their early schedule is extremely favorable to them: 24 of their first 37 GP are at home. Obviously they're not far into this stretch and can still recover, but not an ideal spot to dig yourself into any kind of hole. The evening-out period will be a bear for them from 12/29 on: they'll get just 17 home games out of their 45 remaining games to end their season, and no prolonged homestands.
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    Nico took the game over after the Lightning went up 4-3. He was flat out awesome. Keep doing what he's and the goals and points will come. I'm not worried about him at all.
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    The rookies impressed me tonight once again. Hischier with a great feed on Stafford's second, Bratt with solid work on the PK, and Santini was real solid on the back end. Nice game overall by the guys. Excited about this team!
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    Devils beating Tampa in the shootout early in the year in 2017. The Devils were showing their first signs of life in years, and came from behind to beat Tampa, who were a top team in the league at the time. Hischier set up a late power play goal to tie the game, and the Devils killed off penalties at the end of regulation and overtime before Palmieri got the winner in the shootout. The Devils improved to 5-1-0, better than anyone's wildest expectations going into that season.
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    Can we talk about Will Butcher's defensive play on Tampa's shorthanded 2-on-1 that let us tie the game right after??????????????? WHAT?????????? This kid is the real deal.
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    What a GUTSY win boys. How can you not fvcking love this team?
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    Stole that extra point, well done guys.
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    Bratt impresses the sh!t out of me.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had to miss this one, but I was following the score and catching the highlights as they were available. There's no better sight than seeing Devils fans celebrating at that God damn dump.
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    Good thing he ain't shooting on Kinkaid or he most certainly would not.
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    Love Hynes putting Nico out at the end. That's gonna make him feel good
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    Gibbons and Coleman have seriously earned their rosters spots thus far.
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    My stream is behind - Rico! Lotta cheering, dare I say WE'VE INVADED THE GARDEN?
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    A good old pistol whipping tonight would be just what the doctor ordered. Pending the results of the Miami Hurricanes game and the Yankees game, I am either going to be happy wasted or sad wasted when the game comes on. Either way, fvck the rangers.
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    I don't kid myself...the Devils won't go 82-0-0 this season (maybe just 81-0-1). There will be slumps and growing pains. We have no idea how the kids will perform as the season wears on...if they will hit a wall as they try to grind through the 82-game marathon that is the NHL season. We still don't know about these young defensemen. But this team has given us reasons for genuine hope, and not just blind optimism...and doing it in an exciting and entertaining fashion that we never could've fathomed could happen as quickly as it has. Though it's not fair to look at this exactly this way, somehow Shero has brought in three Top 6 forwards for Adam Larsson and two second round and two third round picks...never mind how creative he got to even nab some of those picks to begin with (taking on Marc Savard's cap hit, etc)...but we never could've dreamed that he would've been able to find three players like that so quickly, without having to give up too much (sure, losing Larsson stung, but like we've all said many times, that's a trade you have to make every time...you have to take that chance). And how he ever got a third-rounder (which wound up being top of the round no less) for Eric Friggin' Gelinas... Also gotta love that he holds players accountable and doesn't dole out endless chances (for a direct contrast, take a look at the zilch that is the Mets GM...and that guy inherited a hell of a lot more to work with than Shero did). No letting DPS hang around for another year based on a fluke garbage-time run. Deciding that he'd seen enough of Josefson and letting him move on. Getting rid of Gelinas. And I get the impression that if Killjoy doesn't show much very soon, even with a lack of depth on D, he might not last too much longer around here. I was more than willing to strap in and be patient, given the mess that Shero inherited (some people unfairly lumped the beginning of his tenure here in with the end of Lou's)...I've heard many GMs promise they're going to do this and that, only to see them come up woefully short, but this guy has managed to completely change the feel and identity of what felt like a going-nowhere stuck-in-reverse team in the course of three offseasons...I'm just amazed by what he's been able to do in what feels like such a short period of time. And on top of that, now getting the huge break in getting to pick Hischier...things felt so bleak here in June of 2015...I can't believe what I'm seeing out there now. I don't know who could've come in here under the same circumstances and accomplished as much.
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    Yeah, you can win ugly and lose pretty and get away with either, but when you're losing ugly seemingly most games, that's when a team becomes an impossible sell. Last year's team was acid on the eyeballs at times. I know I already started a Ray Shero appreciation thread, but I'm still amazed at how quickly he changed this team's style of play and identity. Just one look at that roster he inherited just over two years ago... Oh sure, NOW you come back. It's all good...welcome back. I still watched, but I readily admit, I didn't truly WATCH...I'd flip around the channels a little, mess around on the computer with the game on in the background, etc. Now I'm GLUED from start to finish. It had been so long since I felt that way about the Devils, I had actually forgotten what that felt like.
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    Henrique is playing with fire and intensity that I don't recall ever seeing from him before. He must've had a wake up call at some point this offseason because the snarl and confidence has been noticeable. The 3v5 goal is Henrique getting pissed off about the non call on his breakaway and driving to the net like a freight train. Later in the game, I loved seeing him punish Martin for the hit on Bratt. Good job defending the young guys.
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    Apologies for poor English. where were you when Leaf hype dies? i was home watching yankee play baseball when brother call. “Leaf is kill” ”no”
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    I don’t even recognize this team. I think it took 40 games to score this many goals last year.
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    HOW ABOUT THAT SUCK A fvckING nose REFS Edit: lol @DevilMinder I love the autocorrect to "nose"
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    Literally me watching the TV: 1) holy fvck what a keep by Bratt at the point. Kid's special, no doubt. 2) holy fvck look at him back the D off with his eyes. Great play. 3) HOLY fvck LOOK AT THAT ONE TOUCH PASS
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    USA choking away the WC last night still pains me, Strong showing tonight from the Devs and hopefully I can forget that game for awhile!
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    The best way to appreciate Shero is of course to point out one thing that wasn't really his fault. Shero has done an amazing job and I hope Shattenkirk has a weird jock itch he can't seem to get rid of. Not bad. Just annoying.
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    The lights going out in that game against Tampa (2010? 2011?) and having to finish the game like two days later... Pretty weird stuff. As far as adding to the best moments- 3/17/09- 552 for Marty, and Patty became the franchise's all-time leading scorer on the same night. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I hope he never comes back to post here but he's like a cockaroch that just won't go away and will show up again when/if the Rangers are doing well. I've been sick of him for years and his nonsense that was allowed to be posted here. fvck him.
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    The guys on the Toronto feed won't stfu about how nice it is the Devils don't trap anymore. They haven't played the trap in YEARS. Why does this need to be broughtup so much? Is it still weird seeing the players wear helmets too?