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    Dirty Brad Marchand at #3 though lol. This list's credibility just got slewfoot.
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    I guess this guarantees Nico plays with Hall. I didnt want to put Nico into the buzzsaw too early but I can't stomach the thought of watching Henrique ruin Hall's offense because he is poor at reading the play. This all but guarantees McLeod will start the season in NJ and if Zajac comes back before the 40ish (someone help me out with the exact number please) games, NJ can sent him back to juniors and possibly the WJC, without burning a UFA year. Anyway, not much to say other than this sucks royally for our 17-18 chances, not that they were high to begin with. Zajac is such a damn good player and I think we all take for granted his 40-50 points with elite defense. It's been pretty impressive how he's been able to fit in with all of NJ's top wingers from Parise to Jagr to Hall. Speaks volumes about how smart of a player he is. If NJ can bag a top dman like Dahlin, McIssac, Hughes, Ryan Merkley or even another franchise forward like Svechnikov, this really may be a blessing in disguise.
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    I don't see him as a future star, but I think you can bank on him being an NHLer, he certainly accomplished way more than Jimmy Vesey and even though Vesey isn't a star, he is an NHL level player. With how shallow we are on defense, I wouldn't sneeze at a free 22 year old NHL level prospect.
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    I'm in the same camp. Could be something, could be nothing. Wouldn't mind giving him a shot.
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    Don't get your hopes up. Don't get your hopes up. Don't get your hopes up. Don't get your hopes up. Don't ge
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    Saw this over the weekend. Looks like he is going into the real estate business. I will never forget watching that really long fight he had against Janssen back in I believe either 09-10 or 10-11 season.
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    The best comment on the article: 'How are you not gonna love Phil Kessel? He looks like he won the ‘91 and ‘92 Cups with the Pens and got a courtesy one day visit with it this year.' [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Short article praising Taylor Hall: https://www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2017/08/14/taylor-hall-continues-criminally-underrated/#disqus_thread
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    Ah, but what if Tankersly is the next Richard Sherman.
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    Vegas oddsmakers factor in other things, like "how many people will bet on xx" as a way of changing their odds. The Devils have a relatively small fanbase -- much less represented in Las Vegas than the Vegas team themselves. Devils fans know their team is better than dead-last, but I bet if you took a group of 10 casual hockey fans, 8 of them would say we're the worst team in the league. That's how sports gambling works. This isn't some jaded rangers fan sitting in a Vegas resort saying "huehuehue the debils are last"
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    ....well it's July.....training camps about to start and all the football talk starts to stir up again.....it means I gotta start posting again right? So what better time to start up a thread to see who's coming back?? Probably the usual cast of characters for the most entertaining psuedo-live draft on the planet!!! The general plan here is to have this period between now and August to allow for rule and scoring changes, suggestions and votes and all that.....and start the draft on August 21 (don't blame me, Gen Con runs late this year and I'm not dealing with this during my ONE week of vacation all year round).....17 days.....17 rounds....let's GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
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    Kerfoot is already being seduced by the bright lights (brah). Growing up in Vancouver in the early 2000's how can you not be smitten with Ronald Petrovicky, Richard Lintner, and the cardiac Rangers? Time to fulfill that lifelong dream. Because clearly this Rangers team is on the upswing. Butcher is undersized, a good fast skater but not a powerful one. Could get tossed around in the defensive zone if he doesn't put on like 15 lbs of muscle. Peter Harrold comes to mind.
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    New Jersey Devils‏ Verified account @NJDevils Save the date! #NJDevils single game tickets will be available to the general public on August 25. http://atnhl.com/2fomuaW
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    Something to read. Didn't see this posted: http://thehockeywriters.com/will-butcher-new-jersey-devils/
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    From NHL.com, don't expect to hear much for about a week: "Will's going to be on a number of conference calls Wednesday, and if there's an opportunity that's compelling, we'll pursue it," Bartlett told the Review-Journal. "I think with talking to the teams and visiting a couple of the cities, it will take about a week to get it done."
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    Considering we need defensive prospects.... Why not?
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    Didn't see this posted anywhere, though it's a few days old - PL3 has retired.
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    I don't wish him well. Career AHL'er hopefully
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    Reminds me a little of Wendel Clark, in that Clark looked about 10-15 years older than he was, from the time he was in his mid-20s or so.
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    Yep, the hype hasn't been too visible, but maybe it's because he's only 5'10, or that he's not the coveted "right-shooting" D. Not sure. Either way, it's clear NJ needs to be at the discussion table.
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    Adam Boqvist, Jesper's brother, is having a tremendous Ivan Hlinka tournament. 8 points in 5 games so far. He is an undersized right handed defensmen that stickhandles like a small offensive winger. NJ is lucky to have such a defense heavy draft this season.
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    That sucks. Multiple Cup appearances as a GM, and 600+ wins as a HC. Sad that just like Pat Burns he didn't get into the HoF while he was alive.
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    You need to have better players on ST's cause of the way NFL rosters are structured - 45 active players and 24 starters (inc. P/K) plus other de facto starters like nickelbacks, third down backs, third WR's, with the inherent lack of depth there aren't too many spots you can afford to carry 'specialists' who only play ST's and don't contribute anywhere else.
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    Confirmed today that's what happened. Feel worse for the player than the team. Stinks when it happens before you get a chance to play, but he'll get his chance next year. Still, things might not be so horrible. Bills traded Watkins, who would always kill us even if he could barely walk, and it kind of seems they're doing something of a mini-tank. Cutler apparently has been impressive thus far. So maybe he won't be that much of a downgrade from Tannehill, if at all. In Gase we trust, I guess. But back to the MacMillan injury, I wonder if counter-intuitively, stuff like that might lead to an 18 game season and 2 game preseason. Sort of like saying, if you're going to get injured, might as well get injured in a game that counts, and when you've had an opportunity to play against real competition.
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    Listen, you guys probably know by now that I'm as pro-tank as anyone. There's no sense being a perennial bubble team and drafting 10-15, blah blah blah. There are some solid pieces available in the draft next year. I hope the Devils take a similar approach to last season - treat it at the start as if this is a playoff team. If it becomes apparent around Christmas that this team isn't gonna even be close.. well, do what needs to be done. To answer the thread question directly: No, I don't think this team makes the playoffs. Not yet. Devils should bide their time a bit and let the Metro cool off. Caps and Rags are on their way down, Flyers and Devils will take their spots.
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    Praying for a speedy recovery for Eddie O. https://www.nhl.com/blackhawks/news/medical-update-on-eddie-olczyk/c-290621840 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Miami did what it had to do in signing Cutler, and while he has underachieved in his NFL career I feel he gets too much grief. The guy isn't a bad QB...he never was. Nor is he a team cancer. He's bit older now and coming off arm surgery but it's early enough in the process, and his familiarity with Gase should mean it won't be a messy transition where he's only got like 50% of the playbook at week one. Miami moved with urgency on this. They absolutely had to.
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    NJ needs a fluke development on defense. Something like Chainey putting up a PPG on defense out of nowhere. Jeremy Davies may fit the bill with a strong year.