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    you know that quote from Marilyn Monroe... "I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” Well there's a whole lot of fans here that won't deserve the good times they'll have in a few years when our team is successful. I already said this before but we were NOT supposed to be great this year, we KNEW our dcorp wasn't great. We KNEW we likely wouldnt make the playoffs.. and now were in playoffs position which we should be fvcking thankful that we had so many great fun games from this group and its legit looking up for us. But nope, instead of realizing that we overachieved a bit and be happy about it so many posters are already entitled and killing every players and the coaches after a loss as if it's not normal that we suck. I get that were all mad and frustrated and that criticism is fair but jesus christ calm down. Our own GM is not even trying to make the playoffs he's trying to build a good team that will have an impact in the playoffs in a few years, the position we're in right now we're ahead of schedule and people are still not happy. Ask yourself exactly how entitled you are for fun lol
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    Great period We finally are the team that scores in the final minute of a period play 20 more minutes like that
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    Zacha in for Stafford tonight. 2C. Zajac dropped to 3rd line
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    Phew, good thing Hayes and Stafford are still in the lineup and not dead weight like Zacha.
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    This team has beat the Jackets, Leafs, Lightning, Blackhawks, etc... They can play with anyone. What a difference from last year.
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    Seriously? Zacha assisted on one of the two goals (on a pass that was something better than your standard NHL pass), got 3 shots off, and was creating chances last night. Zajac was simply bad the previous game, and deserved to be put on the third line. It's not only the lack of offense, he has been slow and made lazy plays. Zacha is not going to fix every part of his game in one night, but he took a step forward last night, and did more good than bad.
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    That's more like Travis. Greene was basically Oprah out there, handing out pucks to everyone. You get a puck and you get a puck, every Blue Jacket player gets a puck!
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    this was a terribly frustrating game to be at because the devils as a whole did not have a bad game against a really good columbus team. what you heard in the post game was one guy own it and the other not. cory said it was on him and he's 50% right. he has to be better on at least 4 of those 5 goals. the guy who didn't own it - the captain of the fvcking team. he was utter dog sh!t tonight (which unfortunately is becoming the norm). its not even the obvious mistakes: goal 1 - ridiculous pinch and is weak on the puck leads to attack the other way (yes Santini flubbed it and there's plenty of blame there too but what do you know, Santini is on the bad end after Greene fvcks up - where have i heard that before). goal 2 - greene with an obvious turnover pass and then a complete lack of gap control (gee - where have we seen that before). goal 4 - in penalty box. why? because of an absolutely useless icing he made the shift before. d zone faceoff - devils get it out but eventually lose it back into zone - greene weak on puck trips a guy. goal 5 - screens his own goaltender and doesn't commit to block a shot. this doesn't even discuss his 4 icings, 3 fvcking wet noodle point wristers that were easily blocked or missed wide by a fvcking mile and led to clears and ozone killers and general grenade handling of the puck. and as i've stated before - there is nothing short of injury that will get him out of the lineup because of the C. this will haunt the devils all year. as for the next two years, i'm hoping that the C actually gets removed and he moves down to legit 3rd pairing. ____ other notes about the game: cory was bad - he knows it and so does everyone else. he needs to make at least 4 of those 5 saves. he was great on tuesday and has generally been pretty solid this year. would've preferred a clunker be an out of division game but whatever. this game was a hynes lobotomy game. hayes/stafford continuing to remain in the lineup after they were sh!t in AZ and had nothing to do with the win in Columbus and zacha still doesn't draw in. and then he doubles down and goes with hayes AND boyle on the same PP? are you fvcking insane? putting boyle in the shooter's hole? where is the logic there - you saw on the 4 min PP that he had no legs and didn't move to make himself even open there. if you're going to insist on 11 being on the PP, then he's there in front and that's it. i get that he was sitting zajac for the idiotic turnover on the PK to start the 3rd but you have to know that's not going to work (truth be told, zajac wasn't on earlier PP's so hynes isn't using him there). And maybe it's time to wake up and realize that damon severson doesn't belong on the PP. what a wasted opportunity.
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    Greene would probably look something like this...
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    At this point, Hynes may as well scratch Greene tomorrow and play Zacha on defense. He probably can't do worse than Greene has been tonight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Still... if you're playing Mario Kart... even if you're just on your first lap... and you get a banana or a shell... you want to slow down the person right behind you as much as possible. Not the 4th behind you.
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    Salvador yesterday: "The team is too soft." Hynes today, "The team is too soft." The whole board "The team is too soft." The whole world, "The team is too soft." Daneyko, "You know sometimes it's not anything your team is doing wrong, the opposing teams just deserve credit for doing things right."
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    Then most likely no Hischier. Can't really regret that.
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    One guy doesn’t fill 6 holes...unless it’s Ron Jeremy.
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    glad to see Zacha making a good play and butcher getting another point.
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    Beauty of pass by Zacha "Nice play by Andy Greene right there" - Dano, about Will Butcher.
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    I feel the exact opposite. I live equidistant from both and it was always HELL getting home from CAA
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    I’ll be at the world's most famous urinal tonight cheering for the good guys. Lets go Devils!!
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    Anytime you blow a multi-goal lead, spend an entire period pissing down your leg, and have your goalie play like sh!t, people aren't gonna be too thrilled. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Salvador can't talk, but I love him calling out Santini and Greene during the intermission. Called both of their plays that led to goals "soft." Edit: He added that MoJo's play was soft too on the third goal. Really surprised, he did a great job on his intermission analysis.
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    Nico is ready for Star Wars Night: https://mobile.twitter.com/nicohischier/status/938904157414739974?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2Ftwitter.min.html%23938904157414739974 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Captain has weighed in, and he likes what he sees: https://www.nhl.com/news/scott-stevens-impressed-by-devils-success/c-293740582
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    Arguing with someone who thinks Schneider is “average” is like arguing with people who think the earth is flat. They’re idiots, nothing you can say to change their mind.
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    bobilly clearly just doesn't like Schneids, because there's no reason to call him average otherwise, as it makes zero sense. BTW here's Schneider's save% vs the league save% since he's been here (and not one team that he's played for here could be considered strong defensively): 2013-14: Cory .921, League .914 2014-15: Cory .925, League .915 2015-16: Cory .924, League .915 2016-17: Cory .908, League .913 (The guy had one bad year on a dreadful team that collapsed completely down the stretch, but this is probably what bobilly is holding against him...what else could it be?) 2017-18: Cory .923, League .911 Yeah, what a unremarkably average body of work.
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    Great all-around win. Way to go boys. Now let's do the same at the Rock. Congrats to all.
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    Hell of a game by the 1st place New Jersey Devils! Congrats to Cory on win #100.
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    that's actually a brilliant idea to knock off the goalies mask and then score
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    The mere fact that comparisons to Josefson can be made is frightening to me.
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    Ilya Kovalchuk will be 38 years old the next time he can compete in the Olympics. Hahahahahahahahaha
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    Life long Devils fan that lives in Cleveland, me and my 5 year old son will be there tonight, we'll help bring home the win!!!! Let's go Devils!!!!!
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    Yeah the cost would be too high. Just sign the other, differently spelled Carlson if he gets to July 1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    fwiw early drawings of the old proposed Hoboken arena had us playing in a fieldhouse type arena
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    LOL Dano, that was Butcher making the play. greene would've turned it over. Great feed by Zacha
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    Posting from my phone up here in the booth while I pretend to listen to Dano talk about sitting next to Lyle Odelein on redeye flights!
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    Best in the league MSG ice playing up to its high caliber standards this evening...
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    1st star of the game, for the first time in a few years, was Bryce Salvador for calling out the sh!t play of Greene and Santini after the second period.
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    Zajac has to clear that. Inexcusable.
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    For foreigners on this thread, these are the two and only two people you meet in NJ.
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    Go easy on the Reverend. He’s been solid this year.
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    Great to see Henrique lighting up with two goals tonight. That's 5 points in his first 4 games with the Ducks. He had six shots on goal as well.
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    Play Schneider the first 2 minutes, problem solved
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    Bratt makes me want to get his jersey more and more as this season progresses. Just love the calm and poise in his game
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    I loved Hayes making the team out of camp, but jesus is he really worth benching Zacha for?
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    "Russia is alleged to have swapped at least 600 dirty urine samples for clean ones from 2010-2015." Wow, they should be banned from the next three Olympics.
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    This is exactly my fear, and I feel like I've seen it happen so often here over the years. Very rarely have we seen a coach here that allows kids to work through mistakes, and in turn it makes them timid. It's a mixed message when you tell a player you want to up the aggressiveness in his game, but then penalize him when he tries to do so by creating a higher risk scoring chance. That's why I hate Hynes' handling of Zacha so much right now, they're sending completely mixed messages to a kid who's only 20 years old.