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  1. Wow, holy crap there is no way they can let that off.
  2. the NHL site sucks 504 Gateway Time-out
  3. Yay (ouch).
  4. You idiots!
  5. Lose lose lose
  6. Stolarz played for jackson, NJ in high school too
  7. Weak back check there Zacha.
  8. Sounded like one of their other goalies was ill too, stolarz was on a bus to an AHL game before getting a call.
  9. Word on twitter is the Devils might be sending the better rookies back to AHL because they are struggling for a playoff spot. Lets go Devils!
  10. Very true, Danton is about bat sh!t crazy as you can get.
  11. I would have to say many of the Bobby Holik interviews he gave over the years. I remember one interview where the team got food poisoning during a playoff series and he began explaining that horses can't vomit somehow.
  12. Even Dano has admitted he screams too much and blessed the production crew for trying. I like jmac the player but his analytics are weak and I usually tune him out. I think Deb isn't bad when she isn't forced to be the main personality, which happens when she is interacting with Johnny. The maven is cringe worthy and I hope Msg retires him soon.
  13. I admire their enthusiasm to have so much rage when they are just playing out the string now.
  14. I really like that mock up too
  15. Longest pre GDT this season