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  1. That escalated quickly.
  2. 2 years removed from good comments, maybe some scenery change can revitalize him.
  3. Too bad they are on record saying its for poor play and not OMG pending trade!?
  4. 57 games played, 25 left. Current points 58, max possible 108 points. Assuming average 96 points to get in to post season. Current max possible losses to get in (108-96=12 points). So I guess 6 or 7 Losses remaining out of 25 games. Although, the bottom feeders might keep the last dance ticket lower for us, even 90 points to get in would mean only 9 more losses at the max. All comes down to the Isles and Panthers who are winning more than losing lately. So yea, this week could be the curtain call.
  5. Someone on twitter did the math, I think the Devils can only lose 5-6 more games to even have a chance to getting into the post season. LGD make it entertaining
  6. Wonder if shero shopped him with no bites and decided to just waive him for the roster spot if they need it.
  7. Hope there is no lingering affects on Bastians knee from this.
  8. A bunch of you got errors on Saturday trying to get into the Chat room. The chat is remotely hosted and they were having server issues. The chat should be functioning again, if not let me know. Thanks. On an aside, apparently the chat software is being discontinued, I will have to look for alternatives...again.
  9. If there ever was a name meant to stay in Nashville... Nice job Shero!
  10. Sounds like blandisi is playing tonight
  11. Listen to a podcast, better use of the time too
  12. Yea the optimum / Comcast thing is BS. and the permissions on the app are invasive as hell
  13. Appleby didn't look too hot in that recap vid
  14. That was an excellent centering pass.
  15. You knew that was coming when they were being so lazy trying to get it out of zone