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  1. Yea, I saw 10 new posts and got excited something happened. It must be the true dead zone of the offseason now.
  2. Caps just signed DSP.
  3. From a shero's comments to the press, sounds like no teams have expressed viable interest yet.
  4. AKA Fast, Attacking, supportive.
  6. @TomGulittiNHL 2m2 minutes ago In late June/early July of past three years, Devils/Shero have traded for Palmieri (2015), Hall (2016) and Johansson (2017).
  7. Hot damn!
  8. Do you think management will keep the recent first round talent in the minors if they know the year is a lost cause? It could make for a long season with nothing to watch for.
  9. Did anyone else see that shattenkirk has guaranteed pay in the 2020 lockout? That it's even on the minds of players is bothersome.
  10. Keep this on topic please.
  11. Man, madden and gio used to be killer on the short hands.
  12. Yea like tri said let's get back to the topic.
  13. Matteau and gelinas both didn't get QO's
  14. Wow what was chainey thinking? Lol.
  15. Chainey had a couple of nice write ups floating around, played with nico too.