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  1. We'll show em, we'll show em one day
  2. Thanks everyone, JL I saw that big day, was a nice chunk for NJDevs thanks!
  3. Great observations thanks Zubie. I hope Santini can really step up, we need a D man with his nastiness on the roster.
  4. Interesting...
  5. @ChrisRyan_NJ Is live tweeting a little of the practice so far. He said zacha has a hip pointer and isn't skating.
  6. Great news, now we hope he keeps up the pace
  7. We said that about Larsson once too, Hope merril recovers to a good minutes guy.
  8. The more I am thinking about this the more I am smiling. We needed a bonafide #1 line player and we got it. I can't wait to see our reconstituted scoring next season. The off-season is still young too, Shero is working magic again.
  9. Jeez all the big news this after just made the off season a dead zone
  10. I will miss rooting for Larsson but like everyone has said, got to upgrade our abysmal offense somehow. Straight up for Hall is amazing
  11. I agree I kept walking away and sometimes it felt like I missed nothing at all.
  12. Reasonable Nhl potential?
  13. On Bastian He is a good skater for such a large player. Some have compared him to a James Van Riemsdyk. He should be considered a legitimate NHL prospect. (Tyler Parchem, EP 2016 - See more at:
  14. Has that ever happened before literally drafting two line mates? Bastian to nj
  15. So much for debrincat