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  1. I agree about the parking too, I hope there is a better plan than a garage some time down the road. Thanks for posting the slides Brick
  2. Ok Wood, I won't complain about you for a while.
  3. I haven't seen so much diving since the Olympics. I always forget how much of a ref influence there is in the Canadiens games. Wood is wearing out his speed shtick. Zacha looked frustrated at the end of the game, maybe we see some scoring tomorrow from him?
  4. Oh come on, why do the Devils always suffer these majors with multiple goals against.
  5. It's official
  6. Bam! What a shot by Hall
  7. I changed this to unlimited, let me know if it doesnt work
  8. How in the hell did that period happen? Wow.
  9. The devils went downhill when he was waived, Shero knows
  10. Lgd!
  12. Good start, hope they fill it in quick. Lou is probably next
  13. I heard some comments from caps fans around me saying why isn't he the #1
  14. Nah, I live in NJ. Coincidence Giants are in town with nj so I went.