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  1. GDT: Devils @ Rangers 7:00 Garden

    Lotta trash going on. But Stafford scores!
  2. Andy Greene

    Every one talks about changing management, players. It seems to me that Greene is not really getting his teammates to play a complete game. Isn't that the captain's job?
  3. Buffalo Sabres @ YOUR New Jersey Devils - 7 PM

    My wife and I began discussing the merits of the penalty shot vs the power play, then Greene buried it... and ended that conversation.
  4. GDT - Devils @ Bruins 10/20/16

    OUCH! Bergeron.....
  5. GDT - Devils @ Bruins 10/20/16

    I am really enjoying this game. Both teams are playing well. I just want the Devils to find a way to come out on top.
  6. 2016 Presidential Poll

    Sorry Jimmy, I haven't figured out who to vote for. I hope to by 11/8
  7. 2016 Presidential Poll

    Today's news is all about the "lewd sex tapes". Donald says a lot of stuff, but it is actually always really about Donald, not Mexicans, the TPP, coal miners, or steel workers, or women. It is actually always about HIM, and how HE could solve all these issues, be THE best, THE strongest, THE fiercest, The negotiator, THE sex machine. Is he actually clever enough to know that this is not real? Is he bluffing his way into the White House? I dunno. I can't figure him out.
  8. Injuries already (opening night cuts getting easier)

    This is one scary Jersey Tomato!
  9. Hall adjusting to Jersey

    That directional broadcasting is fine tuned to a couple of miles now, I believe. But cable even beats that. I know a guy who moved to Allentown NJ at the far western end of Monmouth County, but wanted to see NY sports, so he used his mother's address in Brick for billing to get NY channels on DirecTV. Not every workaround involves technology.
  10. Hall adjusting to Jersey

    As far as Central Jersey is concerned, it ain't what it used to be. I grew up in Jamesburg in the 50s and 60s. We lived around the block from my great grandmother, who got her house from her father. So I've sèen a lot of changes. Exit 8A used to be a potato farm. Eastern Monmouth County was still truck farms, not mcmansions. I grew up in the Bruce Springsteen Central Jersey. My mother's uncle worked in the Freehold rug mill. But things change, even as they remain the same. Sure, I went to grammar school in South River which was Polish, there were Italian, Irish, Hungarian, German, and Dutch, and more churches in New Brunswick even then. It wasn't until I moved to Point Pleasant that I learned the difference between Hudson County accents and Essex County's. Then my Uncle Sam assigned me to an Army Reserve unit in Trenton. I discovered the South Jersey accents. Even though the 609 area code was a mile from my home. So, what does all this mean? The rail lines, the Turnpike, and Parkway have reshaped Central Jersey, but it has always been an eclectic mix of ethnicity, farmers and manufacturers. Oddly, it was home for many munitions factories. Construction at Middlesex County College still turns up munitions fron the former occupant, Raritan Arsenal. So, Central Jersey has been a transition from the NYC sphere of influence to the Philadelphia sphere. Just don't tell anyone from Allentown (Monmouth) or New Egypt (Ocean ), They are at the shore. I still get a kick out of driving route 27 from New Brunswick to Woodbridge. You go from still Jewish Highland Park (my father graduated from St Paul's grammar school there), to Korean to Updcalet Metuchen to Indian. Amazing! Funny, when I took the bus from Jamesburg to South River it was marked by smell. In Helmetta was the snuff mill, Spotswood had another factory, Anheuser Busch had a yeast plant in Old Bridge. You didn't need to look out the window, just take a breath. Anyway Central Jersey does exist, not the Central Jersey I grew up in, but I still love it.
  11. Hall adjusting to Jersey

    Pete Cancro, the guy behind Jersey Mikes, is from Point Pleasant Beach. I used to live a block from the original store.
  12. Gomez retires

    Gomez with Mogilny on rw. Beautiful. Thanks Scott!
  13. No more Jersey Boys and #OneJersey

    The RD chant was beyond stupid when the NYR were not even in the building. The Sec 117 crowd in CAA were pretty loose with the call. But any Flyer fans tthat mistakenly bought tix there paid the price. I had seats a couple of rows behind JoeB in Dec 115. The RSFS is, as described above, 7th grade taunting.
  14. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Why do I dislike Pittsburgh? Two reasons. Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby. But they are peaking at the right time. Caps fail again.
  15. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Pens are driving a truck thru NY. And there doesn't seem to be any traffic to slow or stop them.