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  1. Why do I dislike Pittsburgh? Two reasons. Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby. But they are peaking at the right time. Caps fail again.
  2. Pens are driving a truck thru NY. And there doesn't seem to be any traffic to slow or stop them.
  3. Was listening to Pens radio broadcast team on SiriusXM. They saw the same thing.
  4. My guess is there are two factors in jersey changes. First, obviously is $$$. The second is how it looks on television. Black is a big visual impact. What annoys me is all the other teams wearing red/black.Can't the league control this?
  5. The Rangers were broadcasting games on FREE TV for over forty years. That is a huge start in cultivating fans. If you live in Toms River, you must surely see a ton of Flyers bumper stickers as well. I do in Brick. Yeah, they are misguided, pray for them.
  6. This has turned into an entertaining topic, if not necessarily enlightening one. I watched Rangers games for over twenty years with my wife because she was a rangers fan ( she grew up in Bergen County and actually started as a Habs fan-Rocket Richard esp) , and The Devils were only available on cable. After actually watching the Devils play in the 94 playoffs, I could not possibly root for another team. My jersey roots go back to 1765. We got cable in 1997. I got a weekend tickets package in 1999. Enough said. The Devils organization really appealed to me. Scott Stevens was the boss. Unfortunately, my wife and I have a strained relationship now.
  7. The fact that the writer apparently cannot distinguish between net worth (what is left over after spending) and income (what comes in) leaves me wondering what else he does not understand.
  8. I live in Northern Brick and cannot get FIOS. They only wired the southern end of town with fiber-optic. We've had DirectV for 10+ years. Never heared of them refusing to get on a roof. Maybe it;s the merger with ATT. Bunch of wussies.
  9. We were taking my son and DIL to EWR for their return trip to Seattle. My son suggested VIVO on Ferry at Jackson. 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. The tapas selection was pretty good. Prices were very reasonable. It looks like they attract a big dance crowd at night.
  10. The Devils have to play 60 minutes. No breakdowns like they did against NYR awnd Pit.
  11. Game 6 was brutal, I was there too. It foretold the outcome of game 7. Everyone knew the team just did not have a win in their minds, hearts, or spirits. It was really bad. All that being said, the team outscored opponents 295-195. I'm too lazy to look it up, but how many other teams have that kind of margin?
  12. I keep watching. I don't know why.
  13. Maybe PDB should give the scorers more toi. Zubi has 10 mins, JJ and Ruutu have 5 or less. Should he sit Zajac for the stupid too many men penalty? Let's see what this team is made of after all the brain farts in the second period.
  14. Nice setup by Jagr.
  15. Thanks for the work, DM!