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  1. Hi folks! Was thinking of taking a trip down to MCI/Verizon Center and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on decent hotels with good rates and in an OK area of Washington. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry to say chance of this happening is zero. When has Lou ever made a trade that was "rumored" before-hand?
  3. Blurb in the Post today about Devs being in the final year of an agreement with Albany and the fact that they are not playing a pre-season game there this year, but are in Trenton. Could the Titans soon be the home of our "future-Devils"? I'd like to see it. Could broaden the appeal of the Devils across the Central/southern part of the state.
  4. What the hell happened to this? They promo-ed it on their Monday night coverage, but MetroStars soccer update is on? Now they say normal JSF @ 11:27 with Nets post game, etc. What the "F"?
  5. Tivo and Elias? What about Bicek! WOW! Great pics. Great celebration. Nothing like being there!
  6. Not sure if this is old news, but just heard on the FAN. It's a sad, sad, day. LL better get crackin' and get Selanne or Satan here, quick!