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  1. too early to decide.
  2. RANGERS = W0RST TEAM EVER x 24832958934589349489673 i loath them with a mega million passion. end of story. no questions asked.
  3. You all are meanies i quit.
  4. i saw Giontas baby yesterday =]
  5. okay well.. i've loved scott gomez since my first devils game, i didn't know much about the devils but everything about hockey. i played hockey, and when i sat down it that stadium, it picked a number to like, and followed him around. i know im a bit of a nutcase. but anyway, how old are you???????
  6. Yes, I am new at this. But I have to say, I've been a Gomez fan all my life. You ask me something about him. I'll know it. Yah, so if you ever want a loyal Gomez fan as a friend, I'm the girl. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't know hockey. Hockey = my life. So yeah. please talk to me.. anytime. Always- gomezgirl23 *