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  1. Un bon site "qu
  2. I don't know if the Quebec leagues has forums
  3. Quebec too ! And yess it's a good way to learn french !! P.s. C'est quand m
  4. I know there is a lot of anglophone but.... It's cool to can talk in our language sometime. English is very cool too, i'm learning it at school But, i don't see french people anymore... just 3. I'll wait a little bit for others comments By the way, canadian-french is a perfect french, just a stereotype to say that it's not
  5. Hi ! I have already post a message like that, but... not anwsers anymore. So ! I decide to ask the question again. This forum is very hot ! But May be, a french version would be hot too no ? I can easily do a forum and see what's happen. I need some french people to help, ( create subjects etc.. ) Are you interest by that ?
  6. I agree ! Frank doyle must be the 2nd. And i have a question. Ahonen had leaves rivers rats ? or he will come back ?
  7. beautiful !!!!
  8. Why don't ask to Parise ?
  9. I agree !
  10. I have a question for you, Are the devils have enough money to resign Gionta ? I'm very confuse about all of that. Thanks
  11. Rookie RULZ !!!
  12. No at radio it's still 2-0
  13. Can you test the Devils radio for me please.... I'm sure that is not the good radio I'm listening to... http://www.nhl.com/radio/index.html
  14. GIONTA !!!!!!!!!