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  1. Thank you Devils thread

    I just keep thinking back to November and December and how frustrated I was back then. This team went further than I ever dreamed they would go. Thanks for keeping your heads up and fighting all the way until the end of the season in MTL.
  2. GDT: Carolina at New Jersey, 7pm EDT - OLN,TSN

    Gametime....LETS GO DEVILS!!! Come out strong and carry it through!
  3. GDT: Carolina at New Jersey, 7pm EDT - OLN,TSN

    LETS GO DEVILS!!!! Bring the series back to Jersey!
  4. Carolina @ Devils Game 3 7PM ET, OLN/TSN, WFAN

    LETS GO DEVILS! One game at a time and they can get back in this thing.
  5. NY Times article on Newark arena

    I think that if they do the pricing structure well in the new arena it will bring in a much younger crowd. The fans between the ages of 17-24, if they can grab tickets for $10-$15. With the amount of colleges in North Jersey, as well as the amount of high schools within reach of NJ Transit, it will be huge. When you sit in the cheap seats at a baseball game, there are entire sections of kids that bought the $10 tickets. The Devils could capitalize on this. I will go to way more games in Newark because I live within walking distance of an NJ Transit station!
  6. Tickets for Monday 4/24

    Just grabbed two tickets on ticketmaster. Looks like they released more seats for tomorrows game this morning. They appeared sold out last night so if anyones looking I would jump on them now.
  7. Tickets for Monday 4/24

    Thanks, yea I just found out that I could go to the game today otherwise I would have gotten some already. Did the Devils release any tickets for the game today this morning, I know they sometimes do that. I am hoping they do it for Monday.
  8. Tickets for Monday 4/24

    Does anyone have 2 tickets for Mondays game? I am willing to pay above face value but not the double on ebay.
  9. Greatest Devils Moments

    2000 should rank higher than 2003 despite having to watch it on TV. Nothing can compare to winning the Cup in OT, plus it was my birthday! Even though they eventually lost...what about 2001 SCF game 4...sykoras goal in the final 3 minutes goes in for the win to tie the series at 2 in the crucial game...the CAA was as loud as I have ever heard it.
  10. GDT: New Jersey @ Montreal 4-18-06 7:30pm FSNY2/RDS

    Great great game. Rangers have to be shaking about facing this team.
  11. Question about TV games

    I live 5 minutes from TCNJ, in West Windsor. At New Years they added FSNY to the standard cable lineup (channel 75) for comcast central jersey cable. I would assume Ewing would get FSNY now as long as its ccomcast central jersey and as long as TCNJ doesnt have a different service.
  12. GAME THREAD: Senators @ Devils 7:30pm

    Great win against a quality team. Really looking forward to the game friday against the Canes.
  13. GAME THREAD: Senators @ Devils 7:30pm

    Good first period. They really came out on fire once the puck dropped. Elias looks fresh.

    The ceremonies start at 7:30 friday right and the game starts at 8?
  15. Game thread: Devils @ Florida 7:30 PM

    Even if he doesn't rest tonight he will have 4 days off until the Sens next Wednesday. I think they should give him a break tonight though.