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  1. Luongo to start Canada’s Olympic opener ...

    And Brodeur got flamed out by the Canes in Rd 1...(Although Cujo suffered the same destiny in Rd 3, but he did played more playoff games though.
  2. I hope Luongo outplays Brodeur...
  3. In fact, I don't worry about the post-Olympic games that much. However, I find the team will be the most interesting to watch when playoffs arrive (without injuries and no more moves made by Lou). ZZ-Pop, Zubie, Kovy, Elias, Rolston and Clarkson are our top 8 without question. McAmmond, Niedermayer, Zharkov, and Pando are the remaining four forwards who are likely to dress up in the playoffs since enforcers can be neglect. We'll see how things unfold.
  4. TG says Martin finally got his cast off.

    We need him HEALTHY.
  5. GDT: Devils @ Hurricanes 7:00 PM EST

    Welcome to "hell".
  6. GDT: Devils @ Hurricanes 7:00 PM EST

    Like the previous GDT: just win, baby. Preview
  7. GDT: Nashville @ New Jersey 7:00 EST

    Right on...but the Devils won though. Sadly, the Pens lost in OT to the Rags...
  8. GDT: Nashville @ New Jersey 7:00 EST

    Just win, baby.
  9. GDT-Flyers @ Devils-Revenge Edition.

  10. The Guillotine

    Rolston because of his contract status as the other two become UFAs after this season.
  11. Official: Lehtonen to move to Big D

    I think Detroit and Washington might be interested in Turco as well.
  12. GDT: Devils @ Flyers

    First, I still believe Brent Sutter is a lousy coach (check the Flames) no matter how good the defense corps look like. Second, Mottau's hockey sense is terrible and we've been tortured by his adventurous play. although Mottau is cheap and a serviceable 6th D-man, but he still makes mistakes that kills the team's confidence and momentum. Lately, Marty sucks because Mottau sucks or vice-versa. so, I think either one of them needs to go because Marty and Mottau never gels well together perhaps their playing styles do not fit into each other (see clemmensen). Since Marty will stay, so Mottau needs to go IMO not because Mottau is downright terrible, the reason is Mike doesn't complement Marty.
  13. Reality Check Time

    This team reminds me the Senators from a couple years ago. 15-2 and got swept in the playoffs....and I can't come up with a solution; hopefully Lou and jacques can figure this out.