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  1. Spectors Trade Rumors 02/17/06

  2. Spectors Trade Rumors 02/17/06

    Id' take Keith for a playoff run but thats it. The guy who I would much rather see in a Devils uniform is Owen Nolan. He would fit in nicely. The bigger issue is getting a talented big center in the draft. We need a center and a defenseman in the early rounds.
  3. Fixing The NHL

    How about this, The goalie can ONLY play the puck behind his net and he can not come out to trap the puck when his defenseman have brain farts. Creates more offense by allowing attackers to take a breakaway shot that the goalie must react to instead of smother 20 feet beyond his crease.... I think the rivalries are not what they used to be. I think that goalie pads could still be shrunken a smidge more. And the game needs better marketing. Those "My NHL" commercials are lame! Alot of the players in hockey are foreign so their is a language barrier but most hockey players talk like they are robots.
  4. Why doesn't Norway produce NHL players?

    Maybe they figure they are so far behind the eight ball at this point, why bother? Anyone know why the Chinese or Japanese dont produce any hockey players? I have always said that hockey is hard to put out there cause unlike basketball or baseball you need a specific place to play it. But China and Japan both contain alot of cold climates so whats the deal?
  5. Scott Stevens Autographs

    For anyone interested Steiner Sports is going to be selling signed Stevens memorobilia soon. They can be quite expensive depending on what your buying but they are the most reputable place to get autographs.
  6. What next with the Devils

    Your right but I am all about the Czechs now! Ever notice just how many great players come out of their?
  7. WANTED: Stevens banner, poster from retirement

    I have a 20' Scott Stevens banner I made for retirement night....but I'm keeping that.
  8. Brodeurs Turin Olympic mask

    I don't think he wants to look at the Nagano one ever again.
  9. Kaberle deal a typical Leaf mi$take

    YEAR GMS G A PTS +/- PIM SOG SPCT PPP SHP TOT DEF 2006 57 6 39 45 -2 36 110 5.5 33 0 33 51 Maybe he is overpaid but then what is "overpaid" for hitting a black rubber disc into a net? These are his stats for this season. Which are comparable to Rafalski. Now what would he be able to do if the Laffs didn't suck so bad? Thats all I meant.
  10. Kaberle deal a typical Leaf mi$take

    Sorry but this made no sense. Kaberle is a terrific defenseman and the Devils would be blessed to have him on their squad. The Laffs would be an even sorrier team without him. What they SHOULD do is trade away Sundin and drop Tie Domi and Quinn already. The writing is on the wall.
  11. What next with the Devils

    Elias and Gomez will both be long term. Gionta is obviously trailblazing right now but he will not put up number like this next season. Sorry but he is in the John Madden, Martin St. Louis type of year where the little guy breaks out of nowhere and then cools off considerably the following season. I think its kind of telling how all the Devil's Russian players (Sarge excluded) sucked this season. Kozlov, Mogilny, and Mahlokov. Lesson learned don't draft any Russians. Stick with the kids from Minnesota!
  12. Pics from the Ceremony

    I only really got choked up when he said "Finally get the NJ Devils the respect they desreved." When the banner was being raised I had goosebumps. Scotty is such a great guy and it's so awesome that besides the obvious history surrounding the SC banners we now have legends in our rafters. It's important to create tradition and heritage for an organization to remain successful for years to come. Congratulations Scott. Section 206 Arena Here's a banner I made for the event. Banner
  13. New Sweet Lou

    I didn't know Lou had the muscles that are required in order to display a smile. I just always thought he had them removed so he couldn't be tricked into smiling by accident. "Oh Johnny! Are those hockey players with laserbeams attached to their heads???!!"

    Whats the deal with Owen Nolan this year? I hear he is finally back to form from his knee surgery. The Sharks have been in talks but if we could get Owen for a playoff rental I would take him. Kozlov should be told to stand in front of the goalie and not move. Thats it. Don't try and skate through the nuetral zone, don't skate with the puck at all. Just stand in front and bang on rebounds. Also, I know this sounds mad but if Mogilny could get his act together in Albany, then he might be a good option in the playoffs for certian situations. We are paying him an aweful lot of money to play in the minors. Almo needs the team shrink!
  15. Anyone know a good jersey personalizing shop in NJ?

    I get individual letters put on by Bauer's Sport Shop in Dumont, NJ.