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  1. Georges Laraque?

    I think Laraque is still recovering from a broken hand. I'd like to see him here, but I severly doubt that would happen. We have Rob Skrlac in the minors, he's capable of being a team's #1 enforcer. I don't see why we can't play him when scrubs like Rasmussan, Marshall(don't get me wrong, I like Grant, but he's getting old, and isn't playing well), & Berglund play. Sean Brown on the other hand, although willing, is a punching bag to top heavyweights.
  2. Jiggy Or Giggy Whatever

    I made mine...
  3. Where Was Jimmy Mac

    The guy played 3 minutes last night, what the hell do you expect? Jimmy is getting old, and is past his prime but is still capable of taking out anyone on any given night, but he's content on just getting by. We have 2 guys on the Rats that can do what Jimbo does but aren't afraid of being nasty. 6' 5" 235 Brett Clouthier and 6' 6" 250 Rob Skrlac. Give them a chance already Lou!
  4. Jets Win Division!

    You mean a great weekend for NJ football? They play in NJ, they live in NJ, they practice in NJ. All hail the NJ Giants and Jets!
  5. Danton's Days As A Devil Appear Over

    Danton for Worrell, or maybe Wiemer. There's a couple tough guys/hitters we can get for cheap. Even a healthy Rick Tocchet would be a pleasant suprise.
  6. Trade

    Yuchskevich ain't that tough. A few years ago while a Flyer Jimmy Mac pounded away on him. The ref had to save him and his knees were buckling while he skated away.
  7. Paul Kariya Might Be Available At The Deadline

    Dumbest topic yet? We're not getting Kariya. Who on offense could we possibly trade to get even a 30 goal scorer? Elias, that's it, and Lou isn't trading him. Colorado is off to a slow start, I heard Blake is expendable and all they want is Madden and a 5th round pick. Detroit wants a little more for Lidstrom... and Federov. They want Brylin and a 3rd round pick. Let's do it! Man I could be a GM today! Calgary isn't that hot, they're shopping Iginla. I'm sure Pandolfo would secure us him. Call up Wahington, we could get Jagr right now for Turner Stevenson. Holy sh!t, with me at GM we'd have a hall of fame team. It's that easy.
  8. Danton For Wiemer

    Look, all I'm saying is that IF we were to trade Danton, we should get someone like Jason Wiemer. 7: I'm sure we all would like to get a big time scorer, but that would never happen trading Danton. Since Burns obviously isn't concerned about our scoring, you know who I'd like to have(beside a big time scorer) is Peter Worrell. That's right, not even I believe I just said that. But man can he throw some punishing checks. If he played 15 minutes a game, he'd easily lead the league in hits(which they no longer count).
  9. Danton For Wiemer

    7: Wiemer can play center, but I forgot how many big physical centers we have you dope. What do you think we'd get for Danton, Todd Bertuzzi? Who exactly could we trade to get a 40 goal scorer? Who would you give up? Don't even bring up with Newy, he's old and it's starting to show. Madden for Sakic straight up? C'mon, you have all the information. The only forward with any real trade value is Elias, and I wouldn't trade him for any one player. Sorry for putting up a logical, realistic trade. I should join the guys who think we'll bring in Forsberg with Pandolfo and a 3rd rounder. P.S. Mogilny is a slug in the playoffs, good riddance. He's nothing more than money hungry eurotrash. Come playoff time, we're no worse off whithout him.
  10. Danton For Wiemer

    I'd do that one. Wiemer is a solid 4th line center good for 15 goals, very physical, and has good size. Plus we wouldn't have to worry about any lockerroom bullsh!t. If not Wiemer, we must get someone like him if we were to trade Danton.
  11. Lemieux Continues To Amaze

    The result has been great? The NHL is sooooo boring now with the 20 combined powerplays a game. 10X more boring than the clutching and grabbing. There is zero flow to the game. The NHL sucks. Buttman sucks.