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    Video games, Rap Music (G G G-unit!!! lmao) Soccer, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots, Detroit Red Wings, San Antonio Spurs, Swimming, Tennis, Russia and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.
  1. Defending Brian Gionta

    Have you guys heard anything perhaps a rumor with us sending Schneider to your organization? I know you guys need a puck moving defenseman and was wondering if this was true or not?
  2. Pictures.

    Yah. Hopefully this year for my high school hence I'm "officialy" a senior now.
  3. If Nieds Does Retire

  4. Pictures.

    Hollister Model 'Reppin the French/Zidane Jersey from the 06790
  5. Happy 4th of July all

    Happy 4th of July all!

    I've always watched Zuby along with Ovechkin. I'd rather have the big boy than the newly acquired idiot in Anaheim aka Cheapshot Tuzzi!
  7. If Nieds Does Retire

    I'm thinking it will. I mean the guy brought you guys 3 championships and was an elite defenseman paired with Scotty Stevens. I mean for sure he won't be retired in Anaheim because he spent only two seasons unlike in NJ where he played for what 13 or 14 seasons?
  8. GDT: Devils @ Anaheim, 11/24, 4:00 PM EDT

    Oh yeah "da Niderpronger" line was sucessfull tonight WTG Boyz!
  9. Fun League!!!

    SHL is a player sim league, which basically means you create a player and follow him throughout his career. It is simmed on NHL 06. You will add 300 points to your player, and be able to customize everything from his skates to his stick. You will be drafted by one of the 10 current teams we have on the site. Aside from just watching games there are tons of great TSN shows that talk about the league and what stories have come out of it. We even have a minor league set up, so if you are late to enter the draft then you will earn points to add to you your player. We will keep track of your stats and you will be able to track every aspect of your player. We have over 250 members and we are currently heading strong into the 3rd season. In short, it's a great league and I GUARANTEE that you will love it! Head over now and have a great time! LINK Post here if you are interested or just join!! 1.) Make an account HERE and register. 2.) Then to get started go HERE to let the simmers know who to make. 3.) Once you do that go HERE and make your bio by starting a new thread. Look around for ideas. Don't forget to make your Bio a poll so people can vote on it. Pictures and capital letters help. 4.) Then make your Free Agency known HERE with another new thread. Once that's done sit back and watch the fun begin. Good luck. And it's free too! I'm PortBeach13 on that sife you're wondering... ~Duck Fan
  10. Gomez Seeking Long-term Deal

    I'm hearing speculation that the NJ Devils are in a salary cap situation and could dump Scott Gomez and trade him to the Leafs for tucker, stagan, harrison, and coli. Stay tuned...
  11. Oiler fans celebrate on Whyte Ave.

    Total classy fans! Oil Fan "Hey bob let's go burn that telephone booth" Oil Fan #2 "Sure I'm in for it" Keep it up Edmonton fans!
  12. Oilers-Ducks Game 5

    Oilers suck suck suck Hey let's see if Roli "shake his helmet off" the goalie will put up more antics in the SCF. That guy is a complete p***y
  13. Yo!

    lol thanks for the generous comments
  14. Rangers losing streak

    Ok fine I admit it he sucked throughout the whole game!