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  1. Cujo to Edmonton All But Done?

    Yeah, well, I Don't expect anything to happen immediately, but who knows.
  2. Cujo to Edmonton All But Done?

    A blogger at http://nhltraderumours.com Kevin Gibson, who covers NHL hockey for am 640 toronto the radio station (formerly Mojo Radio), wrote in to the site that the Edmonton Oilers have agreed to a deal with the Phoenix Coyotes to land Curtis Joseph, and that it is all but done. Maybe CuJO will be inspired to play a little better, back in Edmonton?
  3. Jokinen to Ottawa? MTL To Add Offense?

    I made a comment asking NTR to talk about the Havlat situation, and he put this up on the site: Martin Havlat's name continues to come up, and the Senators would be interested in making a Jokinen for Havlat swap. However, Martin Havlat is currently on the IR indefinitely, which means the Senators cannot deal him until he is healthy and back in the line-up. This means the Senators would have to wait to make their move. Ottawa may wait until the deadline, when they would likely have Havlat back into their line-up, and then make the deal. However, with a few other teams who would love to add a players of Jokinen's quality, the Senators may be pressured to work around that to land him. Other teams to mention, once again, are Montreal and Calgary.
  4. Jokinen to Ottawa? MTL To Add Offense?

    IMPORANT TO NOTE that players on the IR cannot be dealt, and currently Martin Havlat is out indefinitely.
  5. Jokinen to Ottawa? MTL To Add Offense?

    Montreal Looking to Improve Offense A source out of Montreal is reporting that the Montreal Canadiens are talking to a number of teams in an attempt to improve their offensive roster. The Canadiens are said to be interested in Florida's Olli Jokinen. The Brad Richards rumours will not go away, and.... (read more: http://nhltraderumours.com) Boy this could get interesting. What do you guys see happening in MTL?
  6. http://nhltraderumours.com is reporting that the Ottawa Senators are attempting to hammer out a deal throughout the Olympic trade freeze to land Olli Jokinen. NTR is reporting that they are currently offering Phillips and picks/prospects.
  7. Lost Season Two Thread

    I think the entire Lost idea has something to do with heaven-hell. Everybody has a dark past. It must mean something.
  8. New Cat Name Suggestions

    Mittens, or Bootsy.
  9. Witt-Nashville?/Who's Going Where?

    it's being said that Nashville would not mortgage future, so they did not make the deal with Washington because they were demanding some good future. We will have to see what he ends up going for. right now I'd put him in one of Nashville or Vancouver.
  10. http://nhltraderumours.com -Information on Brendan Witt and Nashville Predators. Involves the fact that Washington is now looking for a lot as Witt becomes a very hot commodity. Check the site for more. Mostly made this post to ask where you guys think Witt will end up, or any other player possibly on the move for that matter.
  11. Something interesting for you guys all to do: Go to google.com and type in failure. Click I'm feeling lucky.
  12. Rumours and News

    Yeah, he doesn't have that on there actually, my bad.
  13. Rumours and News

    To start things off, the guy at http://nhltraderumours.com was absolutely correct about Cheechoo's length and money, when many other sites were saying it might not happen because they have no contractual details. I believe he said 5 years, 2.5-3 million. That's precisely what it is. Anyways, the latest rumours are in Pittsburgh. He is reporting a firesale out of Pittsburgh. Sergei Gonchar is available, although because of his underacheivement and his hefty salary he will be a tough ticket to sell, LeClair, Lyle Odelein, and he says he is certain both Mark Recchi and Ric Jackman will be moved. Toronto, Minnesota, Vancouver all teams keen on bolstering their blueline. Also, Nabokov and Cheechoo officially re-signed.
  14. More Rumours: Joseph, Witt

    Yeah, after all, he won't be going to the Devils,
  15. More Rumours: Joseph, Witt

    I will once again site the source : http://nhltraderumours.com -Witt will be moved on deadline day to most likely the Vancouver Canucks. The Leafs have a lot of interest, and Witt has said he wouldn't mind going there. Read more details on the site, there is some interesting stuff. -Joseph may be moved on deadline day as the yotes aren't looking playoff-bound. Edmonton is a possibility, maybe Vancouver. Also, something to add, Ryan Miller won't be going to Turino, he is staying home despite being on the taxi squad. There is also something interesting about what Canada can do with their taxi squad on the site, I would check it out, especially if you are Canadian.