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  1. Join Fha Today!

    Why not get in the "Zone" by joining the FHA on the Zone? Why play around with second best when you can have the original? Why fool around with inexperience when you can have multi-level talent here with us 24/7. No networks with 7 users, come to the network where we have 30 countries represented and over 40 leagues of all kinds and more joining every day. No more missing in action commishes or commishes that are inept and not quite up to par. We have the best of the best here. Top of the line!!! You think you have what it takes, then come on by and show us. We have a large user base and there is always someone to chat with and pass the time with. We already have hockey leagues of all kinds along with our very own baseball and basketball all excellently run and many in action for many seasons already. The IRCZone offers a safe and secure environment where you and yours will be protected. The FHA offers round the clock assistance and expertise for all your problems or concerns. We are offering a Web Design Service for FHA leagues and tech help for all of your technical problems. We can make web space available on our host for FHA leagues and we also have brand new up-to-date current rosters for Pro and Jr leagues. We are taking this opportunity to let the fhlsim world know that we are in the process of diversifying. We now can make available to you, other sim leagues besides hockey. The FHA and MBSportsnet are offering all modes of car racing, including Formula1 and Nascar, soccer, football, baseball and basketball with wrestling soon to come. We are making this announcement to thank Mr. KingKoz for bringing to us the wonderful world of MBSportsNet under the leadership of Mr. Michael Bedard. MB Sports Net is 5 years of tackles, touchdowns, goals, fights, drafts, field goals, sacks, hacks, dirt, mud, ice, asphalt, true turf, burning rubber, cross checks, dunks, slams, spins, wins, hits, underdogs, overachievers, losers, winners, doubles, triples, homeruns, live chats, nachos in the 4th row, great catches, great saves, miracles, disasters, and champions. All together, we have the agony and the ecstasy of sports here. So add this to our already action packed network, and what's stopping you. We have experienced help to get you to where the action is and to assist you to mirc if you are not familiar with it already. We have crews on all of the clients and providers to help you with the trip. We are taking names for teams now. So don't deny yourself the fun. So whether you are a General Manager of a team, or a commish with a league or looking to begin a league, this is the place to be. Join the adventure into other sim worlds. Come and expand your horizons and branch out to other interests. Come to the FHA and meet new people and chat it up in the community channel. Join in the fun of the live broadcasting and the other activities we have available. Don't let the world of FHA pass you by. Give us a try!!! Zoe Commish of FHA and Echl http://fhazone.com/ http://members.aol.com/alig4321/FHAOpenings.html http://fhazone.com/rooms.htm
  2. Fha Looking For Gm's

    Hey guys, I'm writing on behalf of the Fantasy Hockey Association. We currently have about 25 fantasy hockey leagues and are taking applications for more. We are also looking for Gm's to join some of our many leagues. Here is a link to the site http://www.sportsjunkies.org/FHA/. There are links on the site most of our leagues. Hope to see some of you there soon! Thanks, Chris
  3. Hey guys! The New Wave Hockey League is looking for a few good GM's. We just had another round of firings and there are some teams open. It is a mIRC based league. Sim is done using FHLsim. The NWHL is part of the fast growing FHA. The site is www.geocities.com/new_wave_hockey/ If you are interested contact myself at boggart44@yahoo.com or the commish at jay_greenway@hotmail.com The available teams are: Anaheim, Calgary, Dallas, Florida, Montreal, and Phoenix. Thanks, Chris NWHL President
  4. Nwhl Is Looking For Gm's

    The New Wave Hockey League is looking for some dedicated GM's to take over for some of it's teams. The 1st season is almost over(cup finals start tonight). After that, there will be some firings. Right now the Leafs are definatly open with more teams opening soon. This is a mIRC based league, so if you don't want to use mIRC don't apply. The site is can be viewed at: www.geocities.com/new_wave_hockey/ You can email the commish Jay at jay_greenway@hotmail.com or you can email me (co-commish) at boggart44@yahoo.com. Thanks, Chris, NWHL Co-Commish
  5. Erat

    Maybe we could package Neiuwendyk and something off to Nashville for Erat and Legwand..............................maybe not.
  6. Erat

    Word is that Nashville might be looking to move this guy. I don't know much about him though. I know that he is young and he works out with Patty Elias in the offseason. Could he help our team at all? I'm not saying that we need help, but if he could be had for cheap, why not? Nashville is said to be looking for veteran leadership. An offer on another board was Stevenson and Bicek for Erat......seems fair to me, but again, I don't know too much about the guy.
  7. Whose Jersey Do You Wear?

    I got an Arnott(Away) and a Stevens(Home). Eventually I hope to get a Berglund!
  8. Help Save Our Hockey

    I'm number 1516 to sign! I hope this helps!