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  1. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    If anyone else is capable of helping me out with my Jersey...I had a certificate of authenticity with all the players listed on there...but it got destroyed during Sandy. (I grabbed the Jersey to get it out of the house, but forgot the Cert.) I'm trying to redo something as best I can...but some are too tricky for me. All were from the 1999-2000 season.
  2. 2013 Miami Dolphins Thread

    So with Grimes now a Dolphin where are they going to go with #12 pick? Lane Johnson, possibly?
  3. 2013 Miami Dolphins Thread

    Guess it doesn't matter now. The phins signed Keller to a 1 year deal. And as a dolphins fan...there is no position more important than QB.
  4. 2013 Miami Dolphins Thread

    So now the Fins are looking at long? Did they just want to let the Rams waste all their time and money on the physical and then sign him at the last minute? And correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't getting Pitta mean giving Balt. a 2nd round pick plus giving him a new contract? and hoping Balt. doesn't match?
  5. 2013 Miami Dolphins Thread

    I think Allan is a REACH at 12. Gives me Ginn flashbacks all over again...and Patterson won't be there (although if he somehow is then that would be unreal). I've been hearing Gibson's name popping up too...but it looks like there are a lot more teams interested in him. I'm honestly more worried about our D than our O if we land Wallance. Our secondary needs a lot of help.
  6. 2013 Miami Dolphins Thread

    While, I completely refuse to believe it until it's 100% confirmed...let's say, for argument's sake, it's true. Who else are the Phins adding? Or is this it? Cause really, while just having Wallace on the field will help our offense...we need more help than 1 WR.
  7. RUMOR: Devils interested in Dany Heatley?

    I'd love to start a twitter rumour that's completely BS but has a legitimacy to it...and then see how long before "Insiders" are reporting it.
  8. Rangers Embrace Female Fans

    Man...I wish I could read it. It sounds so epically chauvinistic...only the Rags could think it was a good idea.
  9. 2013 NJDevs Fantasy Hockey

    I'll play. I wont be good...but Ill play
  10. Shopping at amazon ?

    in case any one is interested Amazon has a bunch of Devils gear at 25% off or more. Reebok or Adidas. I tried to set these links to automatically be the referral links.
  11. 2012 Miami Dolphins Thread

    I don't quite understand the Tannehill hate. Bess is not a good WR at all. It seems like he's consistently running the wrong routes and he's always running backwards. Hartline is good...but he's also the only one trying 99% of the time...and he has a hard time getting open. Tanny has to make obscenely difficult throws sometimes...and he does. It's also a lot harder to score in the Red Zone...that's why they call it the Red Zone. It's a shorter field and not many options. And when you really only have 2 receivers who can do anything, an entire defense can cover them...and our o-line has an incredibly difficult time opening holes so the running game is hardly a threat. Also...I will throw up if they resign long for a 10mil a year or franchise him for 15. That's insanity. We need a WR, we need a CB and we need a TE. It's gonna take a lot to fill the holes...and I'm more than happy to let Long walk to fill other needs.
  12. 2012 Miami Dolphins Thread

    I don't understand what exactly happened to this team. We looked SOOO much better at the beginning of the year. I know we were 3-3 but we were hanging in there and lost a couple games solely because of missed field goals. But now...this looks like a different team. Tanny looks like a rookie. Our defense is regressing horribly and our secondary has decided to just completely give up. And the O-Line is atrocious. It looks like they're not even trying sometimes. It's just sad. I wasn't expecting playoffs, but I wanted to compete at least. Going backwards is more annoying than sucking from day 1.
  13. 2012 Miami Dolphins Thread

    I'm kinda a glad it happened in a way. It at least brought my expectations for the season back down to reality. I'll admit I got caught up with the hype this season and began expecting a lot from this team. While I think this is still an ok team, I can see the gaping holes now and that it really is a work in progress.
  14. Your Favorite Piece In Your Devils Memorabilia?

    I have a jersey autographed by the 2000 Stanley Cup team. I collected all the autographs in person so I even have Pederson and Morrison before they got traded. Thankfully that survived Sandy. I ended up losing 2 Brodeur McFarlane figures and an autographed Crash Line pic among other collectibles. But I managed to save the Jersey at least
  15. Hurricane Sandy

    Our home in Sayreville is still standing...but it's not liveable in right now. We live a block from the Raritan River and the storm surge turned our street into a river. I've never seen anything like it. I went outside and there was 5 feet of water on our street. We panicked and took 30 minutes to get our cars to safety and when we got home, the water was coming in everywhere. Then the toilet backflowed and the apartment got covered in over a foot of blackwater/raw sewage. We're still waiting for the decontamination people to have time to show up. We haven't been able to go back since Monday night. We're staying with a neighbor, but we haven't had power since Monday and I just heard we're looking at another 4-5 days in the dark.