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  1. Sec 2, row 19 seats 18-19 $34.00 ea will be posted on ticket exchange until 6 pm game day go get em!!
  2. Just another corporate money grab. Goes along with the paperless Season tickets, giveaways for only the first 9,000, game day posters for sale etc. they should overhaul the product on the ice first and then watch the merchandise fly off the shelves when the winning ways happen. I am seriously not going to renew my season tix.
  3. Power play big problem. Last years it was the shoot outs. I had no hopes for playoffs BUT I want to see some competitive games. It is not s very good product being put out there. I would rather watch the young guys get their experience in. At least they would be hungry and enthused. Case in point Woods. He is entertaining.
  4. Anybody try this? 30% off from now until dec31? the code they sent me does not work. I've spent an hour trying this. I am trying from my phone. If you can't use the phone they should tell you. Nothing indicates mobile can't be used. This has happened on multiple offers. I think they trying to get too sophisticated technologically. I have expressed this to my rep. I am a STH and get lots of emails about " world class " experience st the Rock. I am not sure what world is being referenced.
  5. Sec 2, row 19 seats 18-19 $29.00 ea will be posted on ticket exchange until 6 pm game day go get em!!
  6. Sec 2, row 19 seats 18-19 $34 ea will be posted on ticket exchange until 6pm go get em!!
  8. Sec 2, row 19 seats 18-19 $34 ea will be posted on ticket exchange until 5pm go get em!!
  9. Well I finally got my tickets but it took an intervention by A game day experience person to get them.He walked through everything I was doing and verified that it was correct and I still couldn't get in with the code they sent me. Somehow he was able to do a work around. I told him he should mention it to his management about how frustrating an experience this is for so many people.
  10. Tried that and still got message that said typo
  11. well I got my code and after several tries followed the link to the ticket master site. when I entered the code I got a message that said " whoa…looks like a typo…try again" well I have tried everything including case sensitivity and I keep getting that same message. I have tried from my Mac desktop and my PC desktop.Why do they make things so darn difficult? Anyone else have this problem?
  12. Pros I was able to take my two young grandsons and ages 6&4 and my daughter in law because my experience rep was nice enough to get two extra tickets from another STH who was not going. Nice experience. Skating on ice was fun for the family.boys just learning to skate so they were thrilled. My daughter in law was thrilled and said she wants to come to more games to get to know the new players We were able to get Zajac,JJ, Severson and Greenie at the table. they were very gracious especially Greenie was having a good time. We got Gomez, Cammy as they were on the concourse leaving event. My 4 yr old saw Gomez and said loudly to me " who's that?" And Gomer playfully said " I 'M Mark Messier!" And he signed my hat. Funny dude.He is in the moment not somewhere distant. Cons We waited on overflow line for Elias for an hour and got to within 10 people with about 5 min left and the security guard turned us around .My grandsons were crushed because they know him and he is our favorite. We did get some up close photos of the table but that was it. The guard told us to go to a table with a shorter line. Of course that was impossible at this point. Overall it was what I expected in terms of confusion, chaos etc. but still a positive experience for the young ones.
  13. You are correct. I just got a call from my rep telling me that and she was nice enough to send the tix to my via email. She made it right.
  14. My rep said they were there but now they are not.
  15. Thanks 2ELIAS6 for the suggestion but it's easier to let all of the money exchange be handled by the service. You'll know which ones are mine by the seat location I have listed above. Again thanks and lets get some home wins now!