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  1. Just another example of this ownership making the team a corporate, sterile, business venture. They are slowly recreating this team. They do not understand the culture of the fans but rather make it a one size fits all organization. More franchising of America. Do you mean to tell me they could not find a person for that job that has ties to being a real NJ fan? they insist on this "one jersey" team campaign and it is not gonna work. South Jersey is really East Philadelphia when it comes to media influence and sports teams. They should try to embrace the fact that the team is essentially a North/ central NJ team! they just want to be as PC as possible with everything right now I feel like the only real NJ Devil in the broadcasting/communications group that really knows and feels what it is to be a Devils fan is Mr Devil himself ...Dano They will probably phase him out too
  2. I loved the energy that guy brought to the team. He had a rough start and the way he left sucked... but man o man the in between was awesome. Haven't had that kind of swagger since.
  3. Or the sound of the puck shot in overtime by Kopitar hitting the back of the bottom rail of the goal after getting by Marty to win game 1. I never saw it because the guy in front of me jumped up...but Iheard it. Just the same...better memories about a competitive team than now... peace
  4. Any fan of hockey is a friend of mine. Any fan of the Devils is a friend of mine. Welcome to the board. Altough I am not of Celtic origins, my wife is...and we will be celebrating St Patrick's Day with great fervor. Food, drink, music and laughter. No green beer ( kind of silly) though. As a family, we look forward to this day every year and gratefully the NJ Devils usually commemorate the day as well with a promotion, throwback jersey night for the last several years versus a divisional opponent. This year it will be the Flyers...and for anyone who has been a Devils fan, the atmosphere will be electric at the Rock I hope our boys will put up a good match on the ice because sure as heck there will be several matches in the stands. The mongrel hoarde Flyers fans love to come to the Rock and get rowdy, win or lose... but worse when they win. If you ever get to the States come during hockey season and try to get to Devils game. The Rock is a fun place. lets go Devils!
  5. Wow. Give this guy a break! First poster and you are not making him feel welcomed at all. Don't take out your frustrations on him or her. Peace
  6. It's his System. Right?
  7. Hynnes is not an NHL coach. Developmental league only. We keep hearing about getting people to play his system. What system? We need a coach who has some decent creds in the NHL. Who is out there to show the youngsters how to play? BTW DSP is Bernier part two but with no passion. Oh yeah... this team has no passion. A couple of guys sure... not the team or coaches or management. Peace
  8. Of course wining goal is screened by Lovejoy. Bad news
  9. Quinvilles?
  10. Bennett? i don't think so.
  11. Word
  12. Perfectly expressed. We know we are rebuilding etc and we know you can't win them all but for crying out loud show some life. This team is tough to watch. So reserved, saying the right things in interviews. Get pissed off once in a while. Goes for coaches too. Muster up some energy. Win or loose show the passion! That's the minimum us fans expect. Peace
  13. We are in accord on that. There is enough hate in this world. Peace my friend
  14. Feel better after the online chat? You feeling positive and optimistic? BTW my reference to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" had absolutely NOTHING to do with pride night. I was merely trying to satirize the futility. Peace
  15. I guess they are not fun....