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  1. Draft Party

    One of the sales agents for the Devils called my father reguarding our season plan, and my dad asked him and he said that they were doing a draft party again this year. Didn't mention anything about the free food or tickets though.
  2. giota w/ rangers?!?

    That photo is also from a gallery that has a photo of Cam Janssen listed as Grant Marshall, and a photo of Patrik Elias listed as Scotty Gomez among many other miscaptions. People mess up sometimes. The guy was probably looking at the rosters saw number 14 and wrote the name next to it forgetting to check what team the listing was for.
  3. GAME THREAD: Rangers @ Devils 7.30 pm ET

    I watched the game and I have to say... I think Janssen is quickly becoming one of my favorite players in the league. For as little ice time as he usually gets, he definitely made his presence known.
  4. Malkin Suspended for Semi-Final

    They also have a stocked taxi squad.
  5. Malkin Suspended for Semi-Final

    Well that's good news for the Finns.
  6. Does anyone know...

    All right. I guess red it is! Thanks for the info Don.
  7. Does anyone know...

    One I can personalize.. although I wouldn't shun a game worn one LOL
  8. Does anyone know...

    Where I could find a Patrik Elias Czech Olympic jersey in white? I've search around both online and offline looking for one but they only seem to sell the red version. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.
  9. If Czech Republic wins a medal...

    Yes. I believe all players named to the team receive one.
  10. 2/16 Mens Hockey Thread

    Announced on NBCOlympics.com: Hasek is returning home. Vokoun is now the Czech's number one goalie for the games.