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  1. Fact.
  2. Great way to look at it, who gives a sh!t what they do. We have our own issues.
  3. Agreed. Butt hurt over nothing worth being butt hurt over but in this case the shoe is on the other foot. Who cares? We have enough to worry about. For those demanding an investigation immediately hopefully aren't holding your breath. Let's move on and figure out wth we're going to do for defensemen that actually can play at a middle to high level. I would prefer an immediate investigation regarding all the holes there.
  4. I think for the foreseeable future Steven's answers of 'No" when it comes to coaching because he wants to be with his family means no.
  5. Messier was a total drag on the Rags his second go round, but he did play a huge roll in getting them the cup, fvck he was a big part of sending us packing that year during their run. I guess I just don't really care about what guys act like off the ice as much as I do on the ice. Through the company I work for we had the opportunity to attend some of the bigger off ice charity functions they do like the Garden of Dreams/Casino night whatever and he was one of the most outgoing fan/kid friendly guy there. As we all know NHL'ers are generally some of the nicest guys in sports. I'm sure he's a cocky guy as well but he's kind of earned it, the guy was a leader and a big contributor to many cups. Yes of course being surrounded by great players in Edmonton helped, I wouldn't say the same thing about the Rags though. A guy I work with went to school with with Darren Blake who started out as a travel coordinator for the Rags originally on an internship at MSG. The day they traded for Gretzky they sent Darren to pick him up at the airport. For the last 15-20+ years he's been 99's partner on some of Gretzky's smaller business interests but his primary role is being Wayne and Janet's glorified gopher. He lives in one of there guest houses out in LA on the same property as WG. When you ask Darren is Wayne really as nice of a guy as he always comes across the answer is most of the time but he can be a real jerk to people at times too. I think when you reach that level there's definitely a sense of entitlement, some guys handle it better than others.
  6. THIS! Dead on here, this guys sucks we never wanted his sorry ass, kid blows etc.... Thanks for the laugh mfitz804 you nailed it perfectly.
  7. I would bet every last dollar that Travers would have zero interest in playing here. Especially if he reaches the open market. Which I doubt happens but that's beside the point.
  8. Not a chance in hell CH makes that trade even at gunpoint. I don't think they make the first deal either.
  9. Great move, nice to see a significant signing which should actually help.
  10. Nothing new to see here when we talk for months about wanting the guy, most willing to throw the bank at him he suddenly is a terrible player when he goes elsewhere. I'm not super high on the guy either but he would of been a huge add to this roster still loaded with holes and hope to be's
  11. I'm with you, what I meant was more about choosing to play at the garden too. We can pick it a part all day long but I think in most players minds the choice is pretty obvious. Whatever though nothing we can do to change it.
  12. Agreed and it speaks volumes if the guy left 20M on the table it's just another sign that for most top free agents there's very little interest in coming here. I work in the city and hate every second of it the only thing it has going for it is its not Newark. There's no comparison in these guys eyes. The Rangers aren't making anything close to a serious run any time soon so even less incentive for him to go there. But like Vescey (sp) he was detained to sign there. Let's see if Sheri can make any kind of meaningful improvement as the next few days play out.
  13. Guy was soft when he was with the Rangers for a guy his size, that hasn't changed. He can fill a role in the bottom six maybe the bottom 3. It's not the worst signing but it's hardly one to get excited about.
  14. my dislike for the player is based on living in south jersey and seeing him ass up the ice in many of the flyers games. He should stick to stalking porn stars on twitter and instagram. I think it's a huge stretch to use MDZ and hitting in the same sentence. He's sodt always has been always will be. We have enough soft players already we don't need another one who is a fringe NHL player.
  15. He couldn't even stay in the lineup with the flyers he was so dreadful. Hopefully the odds of Shero even looking in his direction is 0.0 I'm sure he's a better DJ than a NHL hockey player, maybe he can be brought in to run the pre/post and in between periods music selection. One of many: http://broadstreetbuzz.com/2017/01/24/philadelphia-flyers-must-end-michael-del-zotto-experiment/