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  1. ha no nerve at all I actually smiled when you said if he doesn't end up with the Rangers he could end up here... I would say there's a better chance he ends up in a place like Boston. Signing big time free agents hasn't been our thing more often than not. Maybe this is the time we step in sh!t.
  2. Isn't working the cap the whole idea? If we did it that would be genius, when another team does it it's bad. Talk about an inferiority complex, clearly if he picks the rags he's a fvcktard over us he's a fvcktard. Time to get out from under the shadow and accept for whatever reason some guys want the bigger stage especially when we aren't any good. Personally I don't think he ends up there in the end, maybe as a rental.....maybe.
  3. I usually totally agree with you and the last thing I am is a self loathing Devils fan. If you feel great comfortable living in the past that's great. I don't spend any time looking up at the rafters rather I care about that's on the ice that night/season. If you're talking about the here and now they're a better option for for any free agent and we can't compete without drastically overpaying. If you're denying the advantage of being in NYC rather than being close enough to in in Newark I think that's not being realistic. They may not win another thing (for that case we might not either). Their roster today is in much better shape, I mean hell I can come up with more than half our forwards I would expose and a handful of defensemen I wouldn't sweat putting out there. In their case they're gonna sweat it out up front and possibly lose Klein who would be a better defensemen than a good number of ours. It is what it is but I spend little time looking back to the good old days and prefer to focus on the here and now and it isn't pretty nor has it been the last coupe of years and it's probably gonna be a while before it is again.
  4. Gotta totally disagree with you here. Sure they don't have the history of winning as many cups but they've certainly been a much more competitive team than we have for how many years now. Frankly who care about how many banners are hanging when none of them are recent? Our recent history is far less desirable, in fact we've been mediocre at best. We don't have nearly the same number of quality players on the roster that they do. Even they're up and coming guys are better, there's not really any turds on the roster. A few underperforming based on they're contract but for every one of those there's a young guy doing pretty well. There's plenty of reasons why he would want to go there especially if he enjoys the city life which working on Wall Street is something I hate with a passion but some people love it. We need to get over it we'll always be the step child in situations like this. Sure we'll get a FA once in a while but not sure we would ever win one going up against them without drastically over paying. Take out the history of winning cups and there's not much to lean on here now. The fact that we potentially could get significantly. better if another rounds of moves actually pan out well that's hardly a given. We have more questions that answers and that's with probably over estimating the value of some on our roster. Will we become a contender again as some point, I sure hope so but for now we're a also ran. And a much as the tendency is to call MSG. A sh!t hole, yay we may have a prettier arena that most nights has plenty of good seats available with not atmosphere for the most part. Love them or hate them when the Rangers are having a good season the place is night and day better. Sucks but we've fallen so far behind at this point not just on a given night but over the long haul of the past what 4 plus seasons now. Yes it's possible to turn it around, will they that's yet to be seen and certainly not a given.
  5. Par for the course. #SMH - entertaining so that's about the most you can ask for. Almost like they won a home game. Always unfortunate on that front.
  6. Bad teams always seem to have more than their share of bad luck. Good teams on average don't have that problem. When you have a as much junk in the lineup as we do there's always bad luck to blame. Part for the course.
  7. Still a league fan too, there's a pretty fair amount of good games to watch across the league. I enjoy watching the teams that fly up and down the ice as well as the more physical teams (granted there aren't that many any more). I'm starting to lean towards watching an out of town game that I find exciting rather than some of the less exciting games we tend to play on some nights.
  8. Could possibly be another snoozefest with these two offensively challenged teams especially with the Sens injuries. Hopefully not the case but on paper....... tough sell too ticket wise, Sens on a tuesday night in for the second time in a week or two. Not sure they could give enough tickets away to fill the place for this one. Just looking to be semi-entertained at this point.
  9. On a year of ups and downs, I nice two points tonight against the Islanders who had been roliing for the most part. Getting two while getting out played is a bonus but not fools gold. My personal highlight of the game was Cammy working the nachos, well deserved and hopefully it happens more ofter, I see no trade value in him so might as well wake his underperforming ass up if possible.
  10. you've certainly earned your badge of honor. Bigger man than me I would have no desire to see most of these games in person.
  11. This. +1
  12. great stuff and good to know the coach no longer sucks and needs to go along with his system.
  13. amen and lock the door.
  14. hey looky here..
  15. when the team doesn't suck balls then maybe it's worth blaming the officials Until then it's kinda weak. jeez I had turned away for the second goal, but by the way wtf would you throw the puck into the crease like others have pointed out. Embarrassing play.