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  1. Still a league fan too, there's a pretty fair amount of good games to watch across the league. I enjoy watching the teams that fly up and down the ice as well as the more physical teams (granted there aren't that many any more). I'm starting to lean towards watching an out of town game that I find exciting rather than some of the less exciting games we tend to play on some nights.
  2. Could possibly be another snoozefest with these two offensively challenged teams especially with the Sens injuries. Hopefully not the case but on paper....... tough sell too ticket wise, Sens on a tuesday night in for the second time in a week or two. Not sure they could give enough tickets away to fill the place for this one. Just looking to be semi-entertained at this point.
  3. On a year of ups and downs, I nice two points tonight against the Islanders who had been roliing for the most part. Getting two while getting out played is a bonus but not fools gold. My personal highlight of the game was Cammy working the nachos, well deserved and hopefully it happens more ofter, I see no trade value in him so might as well wake his underperforming ass up if possible.
  4. you've certainly earned your badge of honor. Bigger man than me I would have no desire to see most of these games in person.
  5. This. +1
  6. great stuff and good to know the coach no longer sucks and needs to go along with his system.
  7. amen and lock the door.
  8. hey looky here..
  9. when the team doesn't suck balls then maybe it's worth blaming the officials Until then it's kinda weak. jeez I had turned away for the second goal, but by the way wtf would you throw the puck into the crease like others have pointed out. Embarrassing play.
  10. serious question was Quincy ever any good? He's been in the league for a long time correct? I don't get it.
  11. agreed it's that whole living in a glass house thing.
  12. yep right call, unfortunately. This one so far is like a root canal.
  13. Lovejuice getting his ass handed to him early tonight,
  14. Bravo, great collection.
  15. Man really - he's absolutely a part of the problem. You could say that about every player, sh!t blame it on the next guy, way too many of the "better" players are underperforming and it adds up top a steaming turd. Of course "better' is all relevant. They shouldn't be this bad this often, but yet night after night they get outshot. You can't fix the lack of hockey smarts in the case of last nights ill advised change. Just a really tough combination to win with at this point. I don't think they are as bad as we make them out to be but damn they aren't any good either. Another tough year.