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  1. Could not agree more. How many on the bandwagon have seen him play more than 4-5 games since he left here, if that.
  2. get whatever pick you can for the guy and send him elsewhere. Not all Devils fans are obsessed with a guy who bailed out on the team once already after signing an absurd contract.
  3. Yeah I'm with you Vladvlfan here it's a case of picking who is worse than the other rather than hey I don't want to lose either. Almost like we're going to end up being "stuck" with one of them if not both. A sign of the times for a struggling organization.
  4. you nailed it.
  5. totally agree, but somewhere there's probably a stat that says he's not all that bad. After all these years personally I couldn't care less about that stat. He should be thankful he collected a NHL paycheck the last few years.
  6. Yep. Binghamton, my bad. Once they burn that market to the ground Rochester maybe an option. I highly doubt KK gets picked up as well. I think the odds favor them letting Wedgewood walk but either way I don't see him as being a number one or the answer to any teams goaltending issues at the NHL level.
  7. When he's healthy 13-14, 36 games 14-15, 36 games 15-16, 22 games 16-17, 10 games glad to know he had the best GAA and 2nd best SV& in a whooping 22 games played. less than 1/3rd of a season Was he equally as good in his 10 games this year?
  8. man if it comes down to Wedgewood ever dressing for us we're more fakked than we even think. The kid is made of glass and he hasn't proven after all these years to be anything but average (at best) in Albany. I would be surprised if they even resigned him there honestly. If they were to bring him with them to Rochester it's a sign we have nothing much of any value in the goalie position imo.
  9. I'll Start John Moore is an all-star
  10. Held them to a touchdown, maybe they go for two at the very end.
  11. Garbage time from the drop of the puck.
  12. Severson in the running for green jacket here on the back nine. Three strokes back of Tyson Barrie entering tonights action.
  13. I'm mean who cares the kids are gonna make a mistakes - that one was brutal but listening to Daneyko and JM talk about how you have to admire that pass instead of saying the kid will learn NOT to make that pass is beyond ridiculous..
  14. for fuks sake that was a bone head play and both these clowns are talking about how confident he made that asinine pass from behind the next onto his own crease and how you have to like/admire that,