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  1. The biggest FU possible was to actually make the save.
  2. Merrill looking like ass on that last 15 seconds.
  3. That's what I was thinking to but didn't follow close enough in the olden days.
  4. So serious question without being a wise ass and because I've never followed as closely as most of you. Did Conte ever bring much if any value when it came to evaluating talent. Up until the last year or two the minor league teams have been dreadful as they burn one market after another into the ground. I think if you combined Lowell, Albany and the Titans when they were around they made the playoffs something like 2 out of 15 seasons at one point so it appears he wasn't even drafting AHL quality players or at least enough of them. It appeared the orgs plan was bank on a very small handful of guys that "may" at some point make it and fill those rosters with some of the cheapest guys you could find that were marginally talented. .
  5. on the other hand if the guy is that bad and his system sucks he's not a guy that's capable of making it better over the next few years unless they find those missing 3-4 world class players as was mentioned a couple days ago. In that case and in that line of thinking they would improve in spite of Hynes. Giving him more marginally talented FA's or even draft picks that aren't ready to produce a the NHL level isn't going move the needle and if it does it will be at a snails pace. How many quality forwards have they grown through the system over the last decade. I'm not sold on Blandisi - hopefully he turns out to be more than I envision. Same with Wood, he can fly , that's great. Way too many holes in this ship for the foreseeable future. Could a big name coach of "better" coauch make a difference, maybe they squeeze a small handful of more wins out. I didn't like the Hynes hire from day one and like some others I think Shero's love for used pens is detrimental. But I don't think much of this trainwreck is on the coach it's on the roster and those that put it together, there's plenty of guilty parties there.
  6. Bravo sir, bravo. Getting a standing O over here.
  7. Can't stop a team like the Coyotes you can only try to contain them.
  8. totally agree. Also agree with others that he doesn't appear to be the kind of guy to light a fire in the room when there needs to be one. Solid player although he hasn't been all that impressive this season imo, He certainly appears to be a great guy but I would prefer a guy that showed more emotion outwardly. An argument could easily be made what's the point with this roster and that would be true, You can't get water from a rock,
  9. Aren't they approaching 160 mins at this point?
  10. "for the most part both teams not going to the playoffs" no way you can pull the wool over Daneyko's eyes.
  11. Hell yeah add this win to the on paper category. We're a playoff team if you go by those points. Actually we suck there too.
  12. Futility. A for effort but they still suck. Clearly morale victory tonight so there's that.
  13. http://blog.timesunion.com/hockey/a-devils-sign-macdonald-to-two-year-ahl-contract/22369/ A-Devils sign MacDonald to two-year AHL contract By Pete Dougherty, Staff writer on March 6, 2017 at 8:29 PM 0 The Albany Devils have signed defenseman Jacob MacDonald to a two-year American Hockey League contract, beginning this season. MacDonald, 24, signed a professional tryout contract Jan. 5 with Albany and has played 19 games, putting up 11 points on four goals and seven assists. Prior to turning pro, MacDonald spent four seasons at Cornell.
  14. It's the futility in that effort that's the problem.
  15. I agree I have no doubt night after night Hynes instructs the entire team to be overly fancy, always make the extra pass and limit their shots on goal to ridiculously low numbers. just wow.