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  1. Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    It was a lot easier for me to get home from CAA, I miss tailgating.
  2. Best and worst moments in the first decade at the Rock

    I was at both. Elation Devastation
  3. 2017-18 Schedule Released - home opener changed to 2pm

    What do the Devils have against weekend day games?
  4. The Devils Uniforms

    Green and Red is awful. So happy that went away.
  5. Poll: Who do you want Shero to select #1

    He also broke his collarbone twice, had a groin injury, a knee injury and the hernia issues. He scares the hell out of me.
  6. Poll: Who do you want Shero to select #1

    I'd pick Nico, Nolan's injury history is way too scary for me.
  7. Nico or Nolan

    Fernando Martinez a few years ago and Travis d'Arnaud right now 2 position players that are/were always hurt.
  8. Nico or Nolan

    I've seen enough top prospects wash out in baseball because of injury issues that I'm more interested in Nico. Nolan seems to be hurt every year, why expect that to change?
  9. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    I get your point but I'm just happy to see them gone. I remember hearing people say they were happy Trump got the nomination because he'd be easy to beat, didn't work out like that. I would have been happy to see them gone in the 1st round.
  10. What realistically do you think the Devils can get for him?
  11. The Devils Uniforms

    I gotta admit I hate the Christmas colors. Their uniforms are good just like they are.
  12. Trump won The Patriots won Would make sense to see the Rangers win the Cup
  13. Elias Announces Retirement

    Anyone who played NHL 98-00 remember how the announcer pronounced Elias? Used to sound like Elios pizza.
  14. GDT: Game 5 - Devils vs Wild - 7PM

    Anyone having a problem with MSG? Not coming through on directv.
  15. It doesn't take 10 years to evaluate a draft.