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  1. 10,000 Days working for Lou Lamariello

    Like someone else said he didn't even know who was going to be on the board at 29 cause that decision had to be made before the draft. The worst part of not giving up 29 might be having to go from 10 to 30 in 2014. Even if Quenneville took a leap last year I still don't see him as anything more than prime Travis Zajac at best.
  2. Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

    They had Elias bobbleheads the last time they promoed them when they hawked the crap out of their team bobblehead sets (Elias, Parise, Langs, Marty).
  3. Another Chump Move by Kovalchuk

    I'm not arguing whether Lou should have been fired or not...but losing Kovalchuk certainly did not help matters the last two years. And Lou lost his job because of the last two years. That was my point. You and others think he wanted Kovalchuk out of here because of the cap nonsense but losing Kovalchuk did not help him put a winning product on the ice, and that cost him his job. Attributing Kovalchuk leaving to Lou and the organization wanting him to leave is just another way for the Kovy-fanboys to excuse the fact he's just a money-hungry flake.
  4. Another Chump Move by Kovalchuk

    You guys are making it out to be that they bought the team solely because Kovalchuk was off the books. Or that they don't have to pay anyone else to replace Kovalchuk. They don't save $75 million, they save $75 milllion minus players they have to pay over the life of the contract to replace him (Jagr, for example, or Cammaleri followed by other FA signings down the road). And Lou could give two hoots about making the team more palatable for new ownership to buy, he lost his job at the hands of those same owners because the team stunk the last two years.
  5. Another Chump Move by Kovalchuk

    And you think the sale took less than a month to happen? It was already in the works, they didn't decide to buy the team cause they didn't have to pay the Kovalchuk contract. The owners bought the team to get the Prudential Center rights as much as anything else, which JVB wasn't willing to sell until the end.
  6. Your Thoughts About: Ownership

    Down?! Well you're an anomaly, my prices went up from $22 to $30 in like three years. That said it's a little hard for people to seperate ownership from the people they hire. I doubt ownership gets involved on a macro level with ticket prices and the whole resale nonsense. Blaming them for things Weber and O'Neill do are like blaming them for things Lou did in hockey ops.
  7. Another Chump Move by Kovalchuk

    Why would he sign with the Leafs, because of Lou? He stabbed Lou in the back more or less, and don't give me that nonsense about how it was a mutual decision for him to walk away, there's no way Lou wanted his leading scorer to go to Russia for no compensation with new ownership coming in. Lou lost his job cause of the last two years.
  8. Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

    He isn't eligible to play in the NHL this season if they miss the 8/15 deadline that's the difference.
  9. Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

    I actually like giving Gelinas 44 cause of the instant comp to Souray lol Tootoo as 22...come on, that's a no-brainer. And Cammy just didn't look right in 23, I've been so used to seeing him as 13. Sal's number hasn't been lifted off his back then lol
  10. NHL and MLB Advanced Media form digital partnership

    I hope they actually add more programming, it seems like they rerun the same two or three shows during the season, then rerun playoff games from the previous season in the offseason with zero original content after July 1.
  11. Cammalleri to Wear #13

    Does any of that stuff really influence on-field stuff or the locker room? It's odd how stuck up people are on no facial hair when the freaking playoffs are full of mountain men looks. Yeah it'd be nice to keep it as a playoff thing just cause growing beards wouldn't have as much charm if you already had a beard but still, it's not a requirement for having a successful organization.
  12. Cammalleri to Wear #13

    McMullen was literally three owners ago...how long are they supposed to keep his tradition/superstition, the next 100 years? If 13's good enough for Pavel Datsyuk why should anyone really care?
  13. Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

    It's just like how they met with Stevens, offered Lou a cushy job and considered Marty before dropping the axe - the politeness before the change. Or maybe Sal just wants to change his number too, since it's all the rage today. Heck, he didn't even wear 24 in St. Louis...but his number there isn't available either (27). Maybe it'd be better after a couple years. I wouldn't want him around our fans while they're still suck on how much he stunk the last two years.
  14. Zubrus to be bought out.

    Essentially it sounds like he wants what Lou was trying to do the last few years, somehow rebuild and contend at the same time. Only as we saw mixing the two at the same time rarely works. The good thing Lou did do was not go all-in on ridiculously long contracts or trading high picks, so it's been easy for Shero to clean the slate. He's probably not going to be able to fill it out in one offseason but the offseason isn't over yet either, sometimes trades do happen in September when teams are up against the cap like the Islanders with Leddy and Boychuk last year.
  15. Zubrus to be bought out.

    Fans have good reason to be scared of rebuilds, you're not always guaranteed to come out of one. Some people act like it's easy to just stink for a couple years and then voila, you're good again but it doesn't work by rote especially with a management team that aside from Shero is relatively inexperienced. Plus as easy as rebuilding for two or three years sounds on paper, two or three years is a long time in actual real life (particularly for STH's that go to games), it's not as painless as simming along a couple hours on NHL15. That said, I understand it was time to move the rebuild along. Lou was trying to slowly rebuild and contend at the same time but the results got worse over the last three years, I get it was time and I get it will take actual time...but I can't exactly blame fans for not being willing to embrace rebuilding. Especially if you're a Devil-Yankee-Giant fan that gets immensely spoiled with winning or at least having a chance to win every year. Marginally better sure but how many difference makers were there really out there? Kessel? At most he'd make us a borderline playoff team at a high cost but he'd be on the wrong side of 30 and clogging up our cap by the time the kids are ready to mature, and we wouldn't be able to put anyone around Kessel with all we'd have to give up for him. They didn't exactly have the assets to acquire Saad. I wouldn't even call Frolik a difference maker but the Devils were in on him cause he addressed a need. Plus at some point you have to figure out what the kids are going to be, you can't keep using Gionta over Josefson forever, or Salvador over Larsson.