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  1. Anyone in NJ need a couch sitter?

    Hostelling International - NYC and you can get a bed for $38/night. Gets rave reviews on trip advisor.
  2. Anyone in NJ need a couch sitter?

    Have you considered going the hostel route?
  3. Computer help

    So I decided to go the uninstall Firefox and reinstall route. Seems to be ok for the mo. Thanks for your assistance though folks.
  4. Computer help

    Hmmm, I also do not seem to be able to create a log file from HiJack This. Once I have done the scan I can save the log file, a dialogue opens asking where to save it. When it tries to open the log file it notepad, I get an error saying it cannot find the log file and do I want to create a new one. If I click yes or no, I just get a blank Notepad.
  5. Computer help

    I ran a Malwarebytes' Anti-malware FULL scan and everything came up clean.
  6. Computer help

    Thanks guys I will try your suggestions. OK when I run HiJack This is says it does not have write access to the hosts file and (I am running Vista) says I should select run as administrator. When I right click on the Hijack this Icon and try to run as administrator, this option is greyed out, yet this is MY computer and I am the administrator. Does Hijack This need access to the hosts file?
  7. Computer help

    OK I think I need some help with my computer. For a while when I got to google search, sometimes (not always) when I click the link to a result I get redirected to the google homepage. I did a little searching about it and I may have some spyware or something (not sure the proper term). I have run a Spybot Search and destroy and cleaned that up. Now I can do a HiJack This log but have no idea what to do with the log once I have it. Can anyone here help me?
  8. Random Thoughts & Stuff

    Happy B'day Rowdy! Obviously I may be a little early with that, not 100% sure....Facebook and NJDevs are both on Aussie time.
  9. Official Keepers II

    I will attempt to remember to update this thread when I have some free time at the weekend.
  10. Random Thoughts & Stuff

    I'd only just got used to it referring to the 90s.
  11. Random Thoughts & Stuff

    Sammy (Images are hosted on imageshack, so not full resolution) From hotel room: Some planes: The In-N-Out Burger (incredibly busy): More planes:
  12. TV Show

    Wilfred is actually Australian. Haven't seen the US version but the original is as odd as all hell. I've caught it on a few occasions and I and confused and mesmerised by it. My "must watch" list is fairly short, a bit obscure and mainly downloaded: Deadliest Catch Time Team South Park Doctor Who Being Human (orig UK version) Peep Show EDIT: I forgot Mad Men, how could I forget that! Oh and Flying Wild Alaska and Ice Pilots.
  13. Random Thoughts & Stuff

    Aaah, finally finished school after 25 years. Finally back home after sitting on an A380 for about 20 hours (3 hours on the tarmac at LAX). And Sammy, if you haven't made it to LAX, you should go. Spent most of the 4 days there at the end of runway 24, which happens to be conveniently located next to an "in n out burger", which seemed VERY popular. Have some really good plane porn.
  14. Random Thoughts & Stuff

    Thanks. And PK, yeah, no probs on that front, he has loads of holiday save as I've been working non-stop for about the last 9 months.