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  1. Please come help support your team

    And just that quickly, it's tied back up. 11:59 is the deadline. Please come and show support for the Devils so those smug Flyers fans who tried to sabotage the whole stupid contest don't win! MaskedFan- don't forget to vote!!
  2. Please come help support your team

    Just under 24 more hours to go! Flyers fans have been coming in like crazy today to vote for the Sharks; your vote is REALLY needed if we want to shut them up! Please Please Please come vote!! http://thenhlarena.com/index.php?showtopic=58866
  3. Please come help support your team

    OK. I just found out the poll is going to be open until 11:59 pm tomorrow. So please- Rock the Vote!!
  4. Please come help support your team

    I'm trying to figure out exactly when it's going to close, and I'll report back. I'd hate for either of us to miss it!
  5. Please come help support your team

    Wait, MF... you haven't voted yet? Neither have I! I'm holding on to it! lol I don't know the exact time. Just that it closes on Tuesday the 7th. Last poll closed just around noon, I think. But I wouldn't wait that long....
  6. Please come help support your team

    Thanks to everyone who came over and voted! The poll ends sometime tomorrow morning. This is giving Sharks fans an advantage because they're on Pacific Coast time and have all night! Please swing through and throw down your vote if you haven't already. The Flyers fans have taken to recruiting members simply to vote against the Devils, which is total BS. It would suck to lose that way. http://thenhlarena.com/index.php?showtopic=58866 Rock the Vote!!!
  7. Where did Kool-Aid originate?

    Huh. I didn't know it could be attributed to Danton.... I just thought it originated from fans. Interesting. Thanks!
  8. Where did Kool-Aid originate?

    Someone asked me about the meaning behind Devils fans and Kool-Aid references, which got me wondering... Where exactly did this originate?
  9. Cool Jersey on Ebay

    I got outbid on Andy Greene's. But that was actually a good thing since i won Stevens' autographed HOF jersey at the Induction. Y'all will be proud to hear that out of the 4 player inductees, his went for the most!
  10. Anyone see the Devs yearbook?

    I didn't even think of it until i was on the way home. But i called the Devils Den and my copy is in the mail.
  11. Looking for an Opening Night Puck

    I see them on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $70! How does a Devils fan rape another Devils fan so blatantly? I can sweeten the deal by offering a program or something from the HOF induction next month....
  12. Would anyone happen to have a puck from Opening Night they'd be willing to sell/trade/sell and trade to me? I missed out on getting one, and my puck collection now looks really sad I have a program i'd be willing to trade, or the program and cash... whatever! Thanks!
  13. Only on E-Bay....

    it says the seller ended it early because it was lost or broken.... or eaten??
  14. Chico's book

    ah ha! that's good to know. don't know why they would cancel my order tho... the book about Marty isn't coming out until October and they didn't cancel that one... oh well. thanks!