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  1. GDT: New Jersey @ Montreal 4-18-06 7:30pm FSNY2/RDS

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ILL BE IN CALI AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! thats why there is ESPN wish i could go with my friend
  2. GDT: New Jersey @ Montreal 4-18-06 7:30pm FSNY2/RDS

    ATLANTIC YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT COMEBACK
  3. GDT: New Jersey @ Montreal 4-18-06 7:30pm FSNY2/RDS

  4. Hi there, my name is Jason - and I'm a Devils fan

    Welcome, nice pic of Marty!
  5. GDT: Flyers vs. Devils 4/16/06

    Gotta Love it!
  6. New York Giants fans?

    Steve, best reply ever. LMAO
  7. Tighter jerseys on ice

    no RBK for life! UIncle works for them so i get discounts on Devils stuff, need Reebok to stay with the NHL.
  8. OGT:Flyers @ Devils

    Esche can only do so much his team is collapsing
  9. OGT:Flyers @ Devils

    Lets go PK unit
  10. OGT:Flyers @ Devils

    yeah sorry bout that.
  11. OGT:Flyers @ Devils

  12. OGT:Flyers @ Devils

    Gio needs that goal he deserves it. PARISE!!!!
  13. OGT:Flyers @ Devils

    Goal GIO 46 YEAH 2-0
  14. OGT:Flyers @ Devils

    Some nice hits the energy of this game is great!