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  1. So wait, he "blacked out" and then snubbed Salvador? Man's obviously a racist. /sarcasm
  2. Nice. Now can Friday just get here already!
  3. Mills with a nice tko there
  4. Sweet, picked up a ticked for Saturday for 30 bucks! Thanks
  5. My cable provider is listing Pens/Stars, guess I'll know in a few minutes what game is on.
  6. I'm in MA and have NHL Network, but guide says Pitt/Dal game is on tonight. Blackout all the way up here? Micro, you out there!?!?!
  7. D looks more solid than the Toronto game so far. Let's get a lead here.
  8. Great thread! I grew up in Boston area and gravitated to the Bruins (Ray Bourque/Cam Neely era) but "divorced" them around '92-93 when it became clear to me that ownership was taking the fans for chumps, did not truly care about winning a cup and in fact only wanted to sell more hot dogs at the rink. It was not an easy decision, but figured to wait until new ownership came along down the road. Aside from feeling vindicated over the next 10 years watching that franchise penny pinch through season after season, being an NHL orphan was no fun. Having no team to root for just led me away from the NHL altogether, filled my time with the college game. A few times I wanted to pick up an NHL team to get back into the pro game but you just don't choose a team to follow arbitrarily like that. In 2005 I met a girl from NJ and moved to the Garden State and it gave me a chance to look at the area teams. Of the four in the vicinity (Philly was on the list since we were in central Jersey at the time), only the Devils fit my tastes. I loved that Devils fans held the Rangers in the same vein that Red Sox fans (like me) had for the Yankees. Any team that could hate NY that much warmed my heart, and the fact that NJ was by leaps and bounds more successful just made it even better. Moving to Jersey City and hearing that the Devils would be in Newark soon was another sign this was meant to be.
  9. Lets go Devils! Win tonight and the road trip is already a success with one more to go.
  10. a little hiccup to start the period, but sh!t did they bounce back from it!
  11. Sloppy play to start the 2nd, now going shorthanded. Ugh.
  12. Thanks for the link, was looking to go to this game when in town and was looking for a good deal!
  13. Are playoff tickets on sale to the public yet, or is it season ticket plan holders only so far?
  14. Ah, his game was never finesse, even at NU, but I'm surprised he's fallen off so quickly.
  15. Indeed it is Rock. Nothing like catching a hockey game in the 1st row balcony at Matthews Arena. I can even wear my NU hockey jersey to a devils game and fit right it Speaking of NU, I lost track of NU alum Dan McGillis and see he is now in Albany. What happened? He was a solid guy for the B's before the lockout and now he is out of the NHL?