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  1. OGT: Devils vs. Canadiens, 7:00pm EDT, FSNY

    Marty always do good vs the Habs.its not surprising me that the habs lost vs the dev , even if they habs should had win that game.They played more intense than the dev ,and the shot score show what the game was.Dev played Defensive when they had the lead 2-0 for the rest of the game.They played the Dump game but yet the habs managed to beat 2 time super Marty. I think each time marty play the habs ,, he come here with thunder eyes. Because the guy know that millions of french canadians watch these match .. And its even more worse at the bell center.Hell even the Habs fans cheer at marty. He his so popular here in montreal.. THousand of Kid Idolize him in montreal Him at the end . Because without the best goaler in he world(which is from quebec) you would had lose that game period Devils Marty Oh and im not here to flame , Devil is my second favorite team because of Marty
  2. NHL more popular then NBA

    basketball Football Hockey The reason why basketball wqill always be popular , itsa because the sport is more accesible and everyone can jump/THrow a Ball/Run while not everyone can skate / Shootapuck and have acces to a hockey ice area. also basketball you can play alone and 1 vs 1 while in hockey its realy more a team based game than a self-centered sport.if you know what i mean.. has for football its quite normal , also more accesible but that the american national sport just like hockey is our national hockey sport here in canada..SInce american its a *warm* Country , Summer sport seem to have more impact in a lot of states( i dont think they play much hockey in florida) .. While hockey is accesible in every province in canada .. since we are a Nordic country and we all know snow THink Russia/R Chek/Finland/Canada .. Every nordic country their sport its hockey .. Also with all the ghetto black d00d violence that american Idolized that does not surprise me. has for the lil teen saying hockey sucks .. he prolly dont know how to skake and shot a puck , so dont take much attention to these FALSE gangsta d00d y0 d00d im jumping and listen to Hot violence gagta rap l333t