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  1. Food around the Rock

    Hobby's has great food, and reasonably priced. It's about a block and half from the arena, across Broad St. Never need a reservation there and they have a special game-day menu. You could also try Hell's Kitchen on Lafayette, on the other side of the tracks, but that gets pretty crowded. http://www.hobbysdeli.com/ http://hellskitchenlounge.com/index1.html
  2. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    Ticket deals are probably moot at this point. Club seats already sub-$90 on SH for tomorrow, $12 upstairs. Plenty of seats all over the place on TM for both games. So for those wanting to go to these games, I'd just watch the secondary markets the day of the games. Tickets will be cheap.
  3. All Jersey Talk

    I'm not sure what the guy's doing. His website is all jacked up and all those jersey's are "sold out." But if you email him, he'll tell you they're in stock for the stated price of $99 (+$50 for customization). Then he puts these on ebay for up to $50 more. He's kinda all over the place. I've seen a few of his repro's in person at the arena, and they're not bad. Judging from the inside label, the jerseys themselves look to be made by Pedersons, who used to make the North Stars on ice jersey's I think. I've been on the lookout for an Xmas White for a while, but the "real deal" can be had on ebay for about the same price if you're patient.
  4. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    A better deal for tonight $75 clubs https://oss.ticketmaster.com/html/group_corp_start.htmI?l=EN&team=devils&owner=11229245&group=682&err=&event=&customerID= code: devils
  5. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    $125 clubs for 4/12 https://oss.ticketmaster.com/html/group_corp_start.htmI?l=EN&team=devils&owner=11229245&group=681&err=&event=&customerID= code:health Even with the food, that's a lot of scratch to spend to watch this mess unfold, but whatever.
  6. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    1/2 price lowers for 4/12 Yellow: $56 Maroon: $61 Red: $65 https://oss.ticketmaster.com/html/group_corp_start.htmI?l=EN&team=devils&owner=11229286&group=680&err=&event=&customerID= code: devarmy
  7. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    $75 clubs for Monday. https://oss.ticketmaster.com/html/group_corp_start.htmI?l=EN&team=devils&owner=11229260&group=675&err=&event=&customerID= password: devils
  8. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    Anybody know the code for the Rewards Program group link (group=650)? The usual codes arent working. I'm curious what that deal is.
  9. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    I'll second the legitimacy of these offers. I have season tickets upstairs, but take advantage of the deals for the occassional upgrade or club deal. The other benefit is the fees are only like $2 a ticket, as opposed to the usual fees TM hammers you with.
  10. Devils Enjoying Surge in Attendance (NYT article)

    If you're talking about the lot at 299 Mulberry (next to that court building or whatever it is), you can prepay online for $11.99 at www.parkwhiz.com. That's what I do and that's where I park.
  11. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    If you go in the Lafayette St. entrance, there's a table at the top of the stairs for "Group Sales Redemption" or something like that. I think that's where you go. If I wasn't already sitting downstairs with a group of 4 with children vouchers, I may have bought a single. Still some available right behind the bench.
  12. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    Not much, but apparently this deal comes with a free adult t-shirt, too.
  13. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    3/23 added to this.
  14. Game Deals -The 2013 Tix Deals thread--

    I wouldn't count on any deals, judging from the demand for tickets this game has had. Then again, I wouldn't have expected $75 club deals for Devils-Flyers either and that happened, so who knows...