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  1. There is no reason to talk about wins and losses as a percentage in the NHL because of how the standings are determined, like you said.
  2. Did I say anything about 'NHL .500' in my post? Read it again, or maybe go read that debate again to familiarize yourself with what it was about. The Devils are at .500 in terms of points percentage. They have 60 points in 60 games, which is .500. 'NHL .500' to me is the point at which the average team is at and because of the NHL's idiot math that is not .500, it's .561 so far this year.
  3. The Devils are at .500 and are tied with Carolina for 7th worst in the NHL. This makes expressing the standings easy and I think I will adopt it as a general form - these standings are in games above or below .500. A team that is + has to lose X games in regulation to be at .500, a team that is minus has to win X games to be at .500. 19. Calgary +4 20. Tampa Bay +3 21. Los Angeles +3 22. Buffalo +2 23. New Jersey 0 24. Carolina 0 25. Winnipeg -1 26. Vancouver -2 27. Detroit -2 28. Dallas -4 29. Phoenix -9 30. Colorado -23
  4. Cammalleri played with Josefson and Noesen tonight and they looked fine.
  5. We did on Friday, by the way
  6. Thought the Devils played really well from the 10 minute mark on - they had the puck for more of the game and were making the Senators work in their own zone. How this didn't result in any power plays for the Devils I'll never know. But this was the best game I've seen out of Blandisi since last season - he was creating things all night. I want to see more of him at center. Wood also had a really good game. I thought Noesen was quite good. Basically I thought this was the best the Devils looked win or lose in some time. Unfortunate that Zacha never returned, hopefully that's a precuation.
  7. It's not a rule. It's something that makes sense. If you're on a back-to-back, you're playing your backup to rest your starter. You shouldn't change that just because of how the game shook out.
  8. I don't. Schneider absolutely could have played. The question is, does playing him make sense after such a huge workload? Is Kinkaid really worse than Schneider coming into the game cold? I don't know the answers to these questions, but if you can't play your backup goaltender on a back-to-back, you may as well not have him at all.
  9. You don't yank your backup goalie. His whole reason for being on the team is playing when the starter can't.
  10. Okay, good, I'm sure you've read a ton about how goalies do on back to backs, but keep telling me I'm wrong.
  11. There's no way I would start my starter in a back to back after he had just made 40 saves the night before. If he had a 17 shot armchair shutout, sure. But a game where he was busy all night? No.
  12. Just announced on Twitter. The Devils will save money - Loov's making $70K, Kalinin 10 time that - and have some more LHD depth.
  13. Yesterday wasn't great for NJ - I mean, yeah, they lost, which they had to do, but Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Dallas also lost. Winnipeg picked up a point for losing in OT, but only Buffalo picked up 2 points. The Devils are slipping out of the bottom 5 with the recent wins.
  14. Yeah, this was terrible. A few glimmers of decency here and there but mostly slop. They seemed to have a plan to beat the Senators' trap that didn't work - either they weren't executing or it was a bad plan.
  15. Yeah, Devils just outplayed Colorado - Colorado didn't get a ton of chances and they scored on the best ones they did get. Getting 40 shots in a game where the Devils never trailed is pretty darn good. But Colorado is just really bad - they had zero answer for Taylor Hall all game long.