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  1. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    This is the biggest takeaway from it for me as well. Kid has a ton of confidence.
  2. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    And so the dismantling begins - Brian O'Neill has already signed with Jokerit of the KHL. Didn't want him back, as his return would cost a 7th round pick, but he was a real good player for Albany.
  3. League sets expansion draft rules

    Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts from the date of (or just before) whenever I made that post.
  4. Interesting observation. Not comparing them at all but one thing I noticed Severson doing a lot in the AHL games I saw was breaking the puck out himself or at least just blowing by the opposing forwards and then looking for a play up ice.
  5. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    Great season for Albany, probably would've gone longer if they hadn't caught a tough break with matchups. Was fun following them this spring.
  6. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    And there's going to be a Game 7, as anyone would've expected. I don't love Albany's chances - they played okay today, but with the 5 players they've lost since the beginning of the series they're clearly a weaker team. Wedgewood was fantastic today - he may have to duplicate that to win.
  7. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    Those 10 goals at BC don't look too promising - good news is that there's some time for him to figure this stuff out.
  8. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    Blandisi has great skills but he makes some frustrating plays. In OT there was a point where he had a race to a puck high in the offensive zone and he should've known one of his D was trapped - NHL players often notice this and they will just whack the puck forward while their guys exit the zone. Blandisi tried to win the puck clean, lost it, and it led to Toronto's best OT chance.
  9. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    Brad Boyes was a really good player even without his peak season. I'm skeptical Lappin can score much at the NHL level. But he impressed me today for sure.
  10. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    Lappin's got 20 shots in his last two games, including the OT winner for Albany tonight. I'm impressed by his speed - reminds me of Tyler Kennedy, actually.
  11. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    I watched the first period - from reading about the game, seems the lines were already jumbled because of O'Brien's injury. Pelley was centering O'Neill which seemed odd to me but that's why. Helgeson was with Mozik, I think Kelly was with Scarlett, which would put Severson with Gragnani. I think that's right but I'm not sure.
  12. The Offseason Plan™

    Both of these things can be true. The Devils finished with 84 points - 9 more points and they'd have 93 points, which is what the Red Wings got into the playoffs with. 9 fewer points and they'd have 75 points, good enough for 4th worst in the league. Next year is going to be another high-bottom year most likely assuming the Canucks keep the Sedins - I see Vancouver and Arizona as being pretty bad but no one else strikes me as 'that team will be awful'. So yeah, I could see NJ catching some bad breaks and finishing with 75 points and being one of the worst teams. But there's no reason why they can't continue to catch good breaks and finish with 90 or so points.
  13. The Offseason Plan™

    I think the Devils got lucky last season in many respects. Some very critical players barely missed time. The areas where the Devils had the most organizational depth (LW) were what saw injuries. So sure, Cammalleri went down and that hurt, but Boucher filled in and was an NHL player. Imagine if Kyle Palmieri had missed 40 games instead of Camm. The Devils 3rd RW for most of the year was Tyler Kennedy or Jordin Tootoo. Imagine what happens if Henrique or Zajac is out for a while. Greene and Larsson didn't miss a game, imagine what takes their place if one of them goes down. So yeah, the Devils are getting some depth filling in their system this season, but it's not quite there yet. Meanwhile no one on the team pushes play forward yet. Zajac did or does, but finally the lead weights of Boucher and Palmieri dragged him down by the end of the year. I don't expect that to change next year. I don't expect them to be better than last at ES scoring. We'll see - maybe Blandisi helps, he's got the most potential of anyone for next year. But there's too many anchors and not enough motors. In addition, I think we could see a lot of improvement out of Buffalo, Edmonton, Toronto, and Winnipeg this year. Not all of them will improve, obviously, but the bottom of the league could be clearing out nicely for the Devils.
  14. The Offseason Plan™

    Just next year, though. After that they will have loads of cap room and a lot of awareness of where a lot of their players stand - they'll be able to confidently sign some free agents and maybe make a big trade if things can come together for that.
  15. The Offseason Plan™

    We're getting a good player, and the teams ahead of us are getting a better player. When you're behind almost every team in the league in talent outside of the net/assets, that's not good. No. This rebuild just doesn't work without him, and the incentive for tanking isn't as high as it was before they changed the draft lottery.