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  1. It's not that Boucher isn't fast - he's slow. He struggles on the backcheck because of his lack of speed. He struggles to make defenders move because of his lack of speed. He scored some big goals last year but the Devils really got crushed with him on the ice last year. The Devils are running 4 offensive lines now. Boucher wasn't effective in part because he isn't very good.
  2. That's according to Nashville, not Vesey.
  3. They like Quenneville more. He's putting up similar numbers to Boucher in his rookie AHL season and he has a better all around game. As for Josefson, he plays center and the Devils are horrendously weak at center. If Zacha misses any time at all, Josefson will have to get in there.
  4. Toronto had waiver priority over Nashville. They have a bunch of guys on the fringe like Boucher and don't need another one.
  5. It's not quite an Urbom situation because I do think Boucher can be a successful player, at least by boxcars (goals/assists). But I'd just notice him so often on the backcheck going 100% and still falling behind his man.
  6. Well, I hope he gets to see a loss from the press box. I doubt they're going to play him right away.
  7. Kerfoot was invited to a Devils practice when they were in Boston and said he wanted to sign here.
  8. No, he's legit slow. I think 731 is even wrong to call him merely a below average skater - he's a smaller guy who is actually slow, which is a real rarity in the NHL. Add to that the oft-deceptive illusion that big players are slow and small players are fast based on how their skating strides are and I think Boucher is one of the slowest straight-line skaters in the league - he just does not get from point A to point B quickly. Still can be a useful player, I think, but he needs someone else to do the skating for him, and the Devils don't have that.
  9. I can't find the operative clause in the CBA that says you can do this but I think the Devils did it last year and I was confused then too. I think Boucher is an underdog to be claimed but I don't really think the Devils care either way. I hope the best for Boucher, I think he can be a useful player somewhere, but that place is not here.
  10. Right, but what I'm saying is, the Devils have 23 on their roster now plus Taylor Hall wants to come back tomorrow. The only players they can send down without waivers are Wood, Quenneville, Lappin and Zacha. Even if Hall doesn't play tomorrow, he will almost certainly play on Saturday, so who is coming off the roster at that point? If they wanted to add Hall and keep the 4 waiver-ineligible guys up without putting someone else on IR, they would've had to put someone on waivers today.
  11. It really doesn't, though. They should be married to neither guy, and I don't even think Vegas takes either one of them regardless.
  12. They could stick Auvitu on to IR for that if they wanted to. Or come up with a fake injury for Boucher. I'm really not sure what's going on with this roster - I don't see why they'd call Quenneville up for one game.
  13. Thinking more on this game - Wood ended up drawing a penalty shot, another penalty, scored a goal, had another breakaway he didn't score on, had a rush he didn't score on - the box score claims he played 14:00 but it seemed like he was out there every other shift in the third. Zajac played 23 minutes and Cammalleri played 22 minutes. I know Hall will be back soon but this sort of thing cannot continue. Palmieri had 4 shots and I thought he was pretty involved in the game. Moore and Lovejoy just drag the team down so much - hopefully Auvitu can draw back in there next game. Merrill's no picnic either though he did make some nice plays tonight. Cory's fine - he got beat by a phenomenal sniper hitting an incredible shot on the 3rd goal and had no chance on the other two. Not sure what more he could do there.
  14. Wood was called up before Bennett was injured.
  15. No Bennett tonight, suffered a leg laceration in practice yesterday and didn't make the trip. I suspect he's out all week.