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  1. League sets expansion draft rules

    It seems clear that that is not the system that will be in place. The league was supposedly opposed to that and nothing in Friedman's reporting suggests that that will be how it will work.
  2. League sets expansion draft rules

    The only way(s) to get out of it would be either A: Clowe agrees to a buyout or B: The Devils work something out with the expansion team where they agree to take on Clowe plus something else and they trade NJ back whoever they took.
  3. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    Yeah it's a shame that this series has to happen now because these are pretty clearly the two top teams in the AHL right now.
  4. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    I can't imagine. How much does Tanner Pearson cost? He's way cheaper than the rest of their guys. I think they'd try to eat money on another deal to get rid of it. With Palmieri it was claimed because he will get too expensive but they also had 2 RWs who were good in Perry and Silfverberg. They had an excess at the position. Not so for the Kings.
  5. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    Zajac is not good offensively. But I don't really care if he is a 2nd line center or a 3rd line center or whatever, the point is that he would not be playing 20 minutes a game on a good team, unless that good team's weakness was at center.
  6. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    I really want to watch also butAHL Live is so bad, I cannot justify it. I'll probably end up in the chat room anyway if I'm around.
  7. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    He's 40, and he can't be playing center anymore. This leaves him on the LW where the Devils have tons of options. Plus with Cammalleri's health already questionable they can't sign two guys who probably can't stay healthy for that position. I don't think he has much to offer on the ice, though I agree that the Devils would lose something off the ice. Again if NJ's LWs were struggling in November I'd want Shero to give him a call.
  8. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    I could see telling Elias 'if we need you in November, we'll call'. I just don't see where he fits on this team next season. You can certainly find a spot for him, but you have to push other people out of the way to do it. And then if he's not good, who knows how long it takes for the coaches to notice.
  9. Finnish Flashes In The Pan

    Ruutu's Devils career is almost certainly over at this point - he Finnishes up with 22 points in a Devils uniform. Good enough for 3rd in franchise history among Finns, but not good enough for.. well, anything else.
  10. Jan Mandat contract negotiation

    If he did sign here, Mandat would seem to be an organizational replacement for Chatham
  11. Devils Closing in on Signing Miles Wood to ELC

    Yes, he's waiver-eligible a year earlier but I really don't care about that - if these guys aren't NHLers by 2018, they're not going to be very good. I also don't think they're arbitration eligible at the end of their deals but I'm on a phone and am not going to dig up the CBA now. One thing I have realized is that this staggers things somewhat - if Zacha starts next year, it means Wood and Santini are RFA in 2018, Zacha and Quenneville in 2019. Having all 4 go RFA the same year isn't ideal.
  12. Devils Closing in on Signing Miles Wood to ELC

    Glad he's in the fold, not delighted about the fact that NJ is burning a year to get him there. This is a case where Lou's old maxim applies - when you have time on your side, you use it - and indeed the Devils don't have any impending salary cap issues and shouldn't do anything that would potentially cause Wood to go elsewhere. Still, it sets a not great precedent.
  13. GDT: Tampa @ Devils

    No, the plan was to losemore than this. This team has no business being20th best.
  14. Again, if Hinkie had been following 'conventional wisdom', he can't possibly beat the rest of the league except by luck.
  15. The whole point of Hinkie's letter is that to win in a zero-growth environment you have to either be massively lucky or thought to be crazy, and you have to have incredible foresight and planning. There's so many zombie franchises in the NBA - teams who go years and years without coming close to contending for anything. The Devils could very well become one of these teams in the NHL, given when they started from.