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  1. Kovalchuk has had one great season in the KHL - this past one. Otherwise he has been a point-a-game player since returning to the KHL, which is quite good; he's probably been the top scorer over the last 4 years, but hardly the stuff of elite NHLers. Remember, the KHL is not a whole lot better than the AHL and in some ways it might be worse in this case because Kovalchuk is on the best team by far and he never has to play against his own team. Don't compare him to someone like Pavel Datsyuk, who was both a fantastic offensive player as well as elite defensively. Kovalchuk is a cipher outside of the goals and assists he scores.
  2. While this certainly exists, I can't imagine it's a widely-held belief among Devils fans at large - I certainly think Kovalchuk would get plenty of boos if were to become a Devil again. Gomez left for the Rangers, but he did so 7 years before he came back, and went through 3 other teams in between, plus he had 2 Stanley Cups with the team. Kovalchuk has very little of that on him, plus he had a signed contract and left - it's just a different scenario.
  3. It's 8 years. With cap recapture, if Kovalchuk retired at any point, the Devils would've been on the hook for a huge dead cap hit every year until his contract is over. How much longer do you think Kovalchuk wants to keep playing in the NHL? As I recall, the deal was structured like a 10 year/90 million dollar deal and then the last 5 years have a 10 million dollar salary allocation. That means if Kovalchuk retired in 2020, the Devils would have a dead cap hit of $4.8 million until 2025. Believe me, the Devils are going to need that cap space.
  4. The deal still would have 8 years left after this one. It wouldn't even be half-over yet.
  5. I don't see how the Devils get a 1st for Kovalchuk. If Kovalchuk signs here for a year and does well, the Devils will probably look to keep him - they'll probably be doing well enough that they won't look to move him at the deadline. And why would Kovalchuk sign somewhere where that could happen? I would assume he would request an NTC. Even if he doesn't, you're asking for a situation where Kovalchuk does well, the Devils don't, and they look to move him. What are the odds that these things come together? I'd rather take a pick and move on. We just went through a time when the Devils relied on top player(s) who were well past their prime, guessing whether they could maintain their level of play for one more year. I don't want a repeat of that.
  6. I don't have to watch, I mean it'd be nice if I did. Kovalchuk's point totals are disappointing for what he did in the NHL and I know what kind of defensive player he is, he contributes literally nothing else besides scoring. He's a horrendous defensive player. He should be crushing the KHL. He shouldn't lead the league every year in points, but it should be the kind of thing where he has a year where he goes off and leads the league by 15 points. He plays on the best team in the league and it isn't close. The KHL is better than the AHL, but imagine if a top scorer from the NHL were for some reason forced to play in the AHL - he should dominate it, especially if he's on the best team in the league already. Kovalchuk was in fantastic shape as a Devil and is obviously a phenomenal athlete. But he is not immune to aging as we can see from his NHL results and his KHL results. He is clearly down from his NHL peak - we know that from his NHL results. It's just a question of how far off he is from when he left the NHL.
  7. Kovalchuk has used leaving the NHL for Russia as theoretical leverage in the two contract negotiations he did with the NHL. Why wouldn't he do the reverse for his KHL contract negotiation?
  8. Kovalchuk absolutely has declined. A player of his skill level should rip up the KHL every year. It's the KHL. The quality of play is way lower than the NHL. In addition, Kovalchuk plays on what is basically an All-Star team over there - his linemates are continually some of the best players in the league, and some of the few players in that league who could come to the NHL and do well. The fact that it took Kovalchuk this long to actually win the scoring title in the KHL says a lot about his decline. The idea that Kovalchuk would age like Jagr, a player who is almost without peer in terms of his ability to withstand age, is ludicrous. Lastly, this franchise has seen the return of so many once-exciting players over the years. We saw Alex Mogilny leave at 31 as a 40 goal scorer and he returned at 35, much slower. Petr Sykora left in 2002 as a 26 year old and came back at 35. Scott Gomez left at age 27 and returned at 35. Were these players exciting when they came back? Surely we saw glimpses of their former glory, but we also saw players whose skating had declined and with it their ability. Kovalchuk is just not different in this regard. The guy who sped through the Flyers defense to almost score a brilliant goal in the playoffs in 2010 is gone.
  9. Sign and trade. But yeah, Kovalchuk's SKA deal is up, so I imagine this is also a leverage play in the KHL.
  10. If you go to Youtube, you can see him crushing people. Physical guy. Probably headed to Binghamton though.
  11. Behind Damon Severson there is nothing at RHD. The Devils have Santini, who looks okay but wasn't anything special in his rookie season, and that is it. Josh Jacobs had a totally nondescript year for Albany, and the Devils haven't drafted an RH D in two years. I love Drouin, but the Devils need defense too.
  12. The problem with changing the rule is that there isn't an obvious alternative. Do you put 22 year old players back in the draft? That seems fraught - what if they get drafted by someone they don't want to play for? Now you're holding a guy out for another 2 years? And you can't have teams holding on a players' rights indefinitely - what if they don't want that player? There's always guys who go through 4 years of college only to be unsigned by their drafting team - should they be denied the ability to sign with other teams? And the thing is that in general it's just not a big deal. If I'm running an NHL team, I'm not sure I sign Alex Kerfoot to an NHL contract coming off his junior year. Good collegiate players generally come out of college in 1-3 years. They are generally giving up money by not doing so. Vesey was willing to give up some money to sign where he did and good for him.
  13. I don't see a way to change it, and I don't see any momentum for doing so.
  14. If there were an advanced stat that predicted how morons would react to them, it'd get the idiotic impressions right 100% of the time.
  15. I'm not sure how the calendar works - whether the Devils can expose Wedgewood and then not tender him as an RFA. Either way he does fit the exposure requirement and no one else does.