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  1. Hey, we got some sentences without the spam paste this time. Terrific. The numbers really haven't been there for Kane lately - he's a good player, but he's a borderline 1st liner who turns 25 in August, so this is probably what he is.
  2. The next Olympic games are in South Korea and China, which are pretty much the worst time zones for US engagement. The US made the Finals in 2010 and there was no substantial uptick in anything NHL-related. There's been a lot of smoke about the NHL not participating in the next Olympics and I feel like that's an inevitability.
  3. Actually in this case, he is the Devils property, which is why he's playing in this tournament. Good for Palmieri, he'll probably have a relatively small role but it'll be fun to see him playing with better players. When the World Cup rolls around, I intend to make 2 threads for it - one for people who cannot get over the tournament format and will only piss and moan whenever it's brought up (aka the Gulitti Memorial Thread) and those who intend to enjoy the tournament for what it is.
  4. They dumped a total garbage salary on Calgary and Calgary was too stupid to realize they were getting damaged goods. To this day I have no clue why they made that trade. Your post also makes no sense. 'Calgary giving him as a rental?' What the hell does this mean? Kotalik had 2+ years left on his contract when Calgary got him.
  5. lol. you don't know anything. Kotalik was signed for 2 more years at $3M per back when the salary cap was around $60M, he was a flop with the Rangers and they managed to flip him and Higgins for reasonable deadline help. Jokinen's being a UFA was a bonus for the Rangers in that instance since they cleared salary away. Kotalik played one more half-season with Calgary before they sent him to the minors and then he was gone.
  6. Brassard makes $5M this year and then $3.5M in each of the next two years. I bet Zibanejad ends up being paid more money overall.
  7. Kotalik and Higgins for Jokinen was an enormous bailout.
  8. Rangers win the trade but it's not as outrageous as one might think, though the Senators did pay to get a hometown kid. Zibenjead gets more expensive next year and is paid the same amount as Brassard this year when you consider Brassard's bonus, so money is actually on Ottawa's side here.
  9. The last 3-way deal I can remember was 7 years ago. Maybe there was one since then, but I doubt it. Either way I don't think the Leafs or Blues are particularly interested in a Devils lottery protected 1st round pick.
  10. I'm not sure Poile was willing to pay him over slot - even that doesn't make a ton of sense. Maybe he just didn't want to play for Nashville. But yeah, I can't imagine he signs here, there's lots of other reasons to go elsewhere and not any particularly compelling ones to come here.
  11. They have a Monster-sized hole in net if Talbot is hurt for any amount of time.
  12. He should stand out when he's playing against guys who are mostly 18-20 years old. Thanks for the observations; very excited to see McLeod, hopefully he gets into a preseason game this year.
  13. No, this is not correct. Clowe is not retiring.
  14. All indications are that Elias only wants to come back here, so I doubt very much that he would be traded. I also assume he'd have an NMC.
  15. They have to pay a transfer fee. They've not done that, and they've made no indication that they will do that. I believe transfer fees for non-KHL leagues are like $125,000? Maybe more? It's not nothing.