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  1. I don't think Couturier was rushed. He absolutely crushed the Q the season before he left and he played fine in the NHL in his first season. He's not a better player because he's a bad skater and it's hard to be a top-line player as a bad skater. Regardless, I can't imagine Patrick falling that far unless teams have health concerns.
  2. They've traded the Devils a 3rd round pick twice in the last 2 years, why not make it a 3rd time?
  3. The Devils are still .500. Where's everyone else (expressed in points above or below .500)? LAK: +3 TBL: +2 PHI: +2 CAR: +1 BUF: +1 24th: NJD: 0 WIN: -1 DET: -2 VAN: -2 DAL: -3
  4. So he had a bad seven weeks and the rest of the team has had a bad, what, 15 weeks? They haven't played well since November. They're not a good team even with Schneider playing .925 hockey - they've still got a negative goal differential. Goal 4 is not awful. It's not good, for sure, and it's a shot Schneider should stop a large percentage of the time. It's not a shot I expect him or any other goalie to stop 100%. The Rangers had 40 shots last night. Maybe the Devils should think about allowing fewer shots. The Devils aren't going to dig up 5 hall of famers like Steven M said - most teams don't have that. If by 'win anything' you mean 'a Stanley Cup', sure, it's a remote possibility that the Devils ever win a Stanley Cup with Schneider. But a playoff round, or several playoff rounds? I don't see why not. Let's also not overlook the fact that the Devils have not had an above-average (average defined as total goals scored in the league divided by number of teams) offense since 2004, and obviously haven't been close since 2012. It's easy to think this is normal.
  5. Schneider is getting buried for soft goals because his offense almost never helps him out. Yeah, that last one by Zibanejad sucks, but it's not some floater from the blueline, Zibanejad was in alone - any goalie will get beat there sometimes. One consequence of giving up more shots is that you will see more soft goals - some of those do go in. But when your means to win games night in and night out is one guy, trying to hold on 2-1 every night, some nights that's just not going to happen and you give up the tying goal. Schneider hasn't been great this year, but this team has these offensive ranks since he's been a Devil: 2013-14: 27th 2014-15: 28th 2015-16: 30th 2016-17: 29th His record when the Devils score 3 or more goals was insanely good up until this season. People don't have faith in him because the rest of the team has put him in the situation to look bad, confirmation bias is a big thing, and when a team loses consistently it's natural to start blaming the best players. And Cory isn't blameless this season. But he's a great goaltender and when the Devils finally get an offense that's anywhere close to how good he is, he'll show it.
  6. It's an interesting move, Hynes claims it's for roster flexibility - with Zacha eligible to go to IR plus Quincey a likely goner from the roster (not to mention Parenteau), what could Shero have planned that involves this much roster flexibility?
  7. If the Rangers are giving Nash away for free, I'd hope the Devils would jump in there and offer a 2nd round pick for him. I don't really see how 17 goals in 47 games is a bad year for Nash - that works out to 29 goals per 82 games, which is quite good. Nash's individual numbers on the PP stink. I don't think he's good at it and I don't think loads of ice time will fix that.
  8. Vegas would instantly take Stepan if he remained unprotected. He would be by far their best player.
  9. There is no reason to talk about wins and losses as a percentage in the NHL because of how the standings are determined, like you said.
  10. Did I say anything about 'NHL .500' in my post? Read it again, or maybe go read that debate again to familiarize yourself with what it was about. The Devils are at .500 in terms of points percentage. They have 60 points in 60 games, which is .500. 'NHL .500' to me is the point at which the average team is at and because of the NHL's idiot math that is not .500, it's .561 so far this year.
  11. The Devils are at .500 and are tied with Carolina for 7th worst in the NHL. This makes expressing the standings easy and I think I will adopt it as a general form - these standings are in games above or below .500. A team that is + has to lose X games in regulation to be at .500, a team that is minus has to win X games to be at .500. 19. Calgary +4 20. Tampa Bay +3 21. Los Angeles +3 22. Buffalo +2 23. New Jersey 0 24. Carolina 0 25. Winnipeg -1 26. Vancouver -2 27. Detroit -2 28. Dallas -4 29. Phoenix -9 30. Colorado -23
  12. Cammalleri played with Josefson and Noesen tonight and they looked fine.
  13. We did on Friday, by the way
  14. Thought the Devils played really well from the 10 minute mark on - they had the puck for more of the game and were making the Senators work in their own zone. How this didn't result in any power plays for the Devils I'll never know. But this was the best game I've seen out of Blandisi since last season - he was creating things all night. I want to see more of him at center. Wood also had a really good game. I thought Noesen was quite good. Basically I thought this was the best the Devils looked win or lose in some time. Unfortunate that Zacha never returned, hopefully that's a precuation.
  15. It's not a rule. It's something that makes sense. If you're on a back-to-back, you're playing your backup to rest your starter. You shouldn't change that just because of how the game shook out.