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  1. Unless Shero's lying, which I don't see why he would do - at the very least he'd be wasting Jay Grossman's time - he's said on multiple occasions that if Kovalchuk did not want to play here but wanted to play elsewhere that as long as it makes sense for the Devils, he would do that.
  2. Not a great sign, but we'll see. It isn't over until Kovalchuk has officially re-signed there.
  3. A classic hockey thing is where a guy has a bad reputation around the league, and so teams are not willing to take a chance on a player unless they have someone in their organization who is personally familiar with that player. Looking around the league, you've got - Former teammate Brodeur, AGM in St. Louis Former coach DeBoer in San Jose Former GM Lamoriello in Toronto Former GM Waddell, AGM in Carolina
  4. If it puts a damper on him being acquired, great. Vatanen is not that good.
  5. She was definitely better than Chorske, and probably better than Velischek. Also for good female color commentators, I think Jessica Mendoza is quite good on Sunday Night Baseball. She's a hell of a lot better than Joe Morgan was.
  6. I liked Sherry, disappointed about this.
  7. We stole it from them.
  8. In basketball you just don't have that many tradeable assets. Rosters have 12 players and the draft is 2 rounds long, and the 2nd round really isn't that important. If you want to improve your team quickly there's not much else you can trade than future 1st rounders. That said, everyone derided the Nets' trades at the time and they were quite stupid. They wanted to make a splash when they got to Brooklyn and they were not successful in doing so and now they will be awful for a while.
  9. Yeah, sorry, I'm not going to pretend my opinion on him is different just on the extreme off-chance that someone in the media or in a front office reads my opinion and trusts it. Chris Johnston is actually a good reporter and knows his stuff - anyone who knows their stuff should be a little skeptical of Kovalchuk.
  10. I think LA offered him something like 12-60 or maybe it was 15-75, but either way it was way short of the dollars he was looking for. Vanderbeek was bidding against Russia who was definitely still in there.
  11. The Rangers are a team the Devils will be competing against both next year and in subsequent years, as Lundqvist begins to decline and their prospect pool runs dry. They would need to pay a premium.
  12. Basically a no-Rangers poison pill if for some reason there's a cockmamie trade scheme worked out where Team X pretends they're Kovalchuk's ultimate destination but aren't.
  13. The other option is a huge conditional deal. So let's say he goes to a Cup contender, the deal could be something like - 2018 2nd, with all of these being in addition to that pick, and all the conditionals being contingent on Kovalchuk playing half the games involved IF: That team trades Kovalchuk in 2018, the Devils get a 3rd in 2018 or 2019. If they trade Kovalchuk before January 1, 2018: the Devils get a 1st round pick in 2018 IF: That team wins a playoff round, 2018 4th IF: They win 2 playoff rounds, 2018 3rd IF: They win 3 playoff rounds: 2019 2nd IF They win the Stanley Cup: 2018 1st
  14. Grossman's going to walk back to Shero with one deal, and then Shero's going to try to work out the sign-and-trade terms with that team. I assume that Shero gave Grossman some idea what he wants in a deal so that team is not operating in the dark when they go to negotiate the trade. That's why I keep circling back to a 2nd round pick as the likely basis for a deal.
  15. lol okay. I'm done with this.