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  1. Plenty of ex-NHLers play in the Swiss league. Klein was a healthy scratch in the playoffs - maybe the Rangers told him in his exit interview that he wasn't in their plans anymore and that he'd be playing in Hartford next season unless someone would take him on waivers. Under the table payments would result in the loss of multiple draft picks, I imagine. It'd be such blatant circumvention.
  2. So you guys think that the Rangers are paying Klein under the table to retire and he's going to go play in Switzerland as a result? Yeah, somehow I don't think that's very likely. Kovalchuk retired to go play in the KHL but there weren't any investigations and he left way more money on the table to go do that. While this is uncommon, it has happened before - sometimes the NHL isn't the league people want to play in, no matter what they're being paid to do so. Klein on LTIR wouldn't change the Rangers' cap situation at all.
  3. Why would the Flyers be putting out credible information on their beliefs about Patrick's health, and why would the Devils do that? What is either side's incentive to be truthful about what they believe vis a vis Patrick's health? As it turned out, the Devils took Hischier and the Flyers took Patrick, so it's entirely possible that both sides were lying. Regardless, the reason why I cannot remember any trades from 2 to 1 in my draft watching lifetime are because of what I just said. If the Flyers want player X, and they don't think the Devils will take Player X, there is no incentive for them to trade up to get him. Chuck: Okay yeah that makes sense. The Devils got to stay as close to the top as possible and got a pick out of the Senators.
  4. It's very hard to make a deal involving draft picks that are next to each other because if the Flyers get the sense that the Devils won't be taking the guy they want, the trade is silly. I still have no idea how Shero conned Dorion into trading a 3rd round pick to move up one spot in 2016.
  5. Coaches can only do so much. If you can't handle a puck on a pass or can't stickhandle without losing the puck, the coaches cannot help.
  6. Thanks for the reports, guys - hope the Devils stick some of this online later but it's always so hard to follow.
  7. Shattenkirk was 5 when the Rangers won the Stanley Cup, so if the 'dream' was to meet the broken down star eating up minutes for the early 00s Rangers when Shattenkirk was entering his teens, mission accomplished. It weirds me out when some of these guys have sports heroes who were barely playing during their conscious lives. Some guy drafted a few years ago said Scott Stevens was his hero and it's like huh? You were 7 when he retired. Youtube only goes so far.
  8. The development camp forwards in 1999 were not this good, which I think was the point Mantzas was trying to make.
  9. You think a 40 year old guy with a wife and 3 children wants to go through that? I don't. In addition, can you name one time this has ever happened? I think something like Shanahan's return to NJ is more likely - signing halfway through the season with a good team who needs RW help.
  10. Iginla is 39 and presumably if he still wants to play, he would want to do it for a contender. He's also just through, unfortunately.
  11. Kerfoot didn't come to last year's, but yeah, he is probably history. NCAA players have to pay their own way to development camp so it's always a question whether they'll show. I don't really think Dudek has a future in NJ. I think Seney's been there before so who knows why he's not there this year.
  12. Devils' development camp runs all next week - I believe Monday is physicals and then Tuesday-Saturday is the actual camp. Only players who are under ELCs or have not yet been to 5 development camps are eligible. The Devils have invited two unsigned, undrafted players to development camp - F Nicolas Guay and F Robert Carpenter. Here's the development camp roster - G: Blackwood, Appelby, Senn, Cormier D: Kapla, Santini, Jacobs, Dyblenko, Walsh, White, Sissons, Chainey, Davies F: Hischier, Zacha, McLeod, Bastian, Wood, Quenneville, Anderson, Gignac, Braddock, Kujawinski, Boqvist, Zetterlund, Cangelosi, Popugaev, Bratt, Studenic, Carpenter, Speers, Talvitie, Guay
  13. Howard Johnson's nickname was 'HoJo' with a long O even though Howard and Howie and Johnson are all said with short o's (one of them is probably a schwa but I don't care enough to look it up). It should've been 'HaJa'. Let's get this fixed.
  14. His nickname as 'MoJo' comes from the fact that his last name is 'Johansson' and his first name is Marcus and 'mojo' is an existing concept.
  15. The idea that a Kovalchuk trade would look like a regular trade is where you're off on this, DJ. Shero wasn't negotiating with 6 teams or whatever - Grossman was going to bring him the team and then they were going to work out a deal. It is plausible that if the Rangers wanted Kovalchuk that the two GMs started negotiating and they were so far off that there was no hope of a deal getting done.