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  1. GDT: NJ Devils @ Phoenix Coyotes

    Rule 49.2 (ii) A kicked puck that deflects off the stick of any player (excluding the goalkeeper’s stick) shall be ruled a good goal. Totally moronic rule but I guess the right call.
  2. Feds issue new medical marijuana policy

    No, they don't and most heavy narcotic addicts used marijuana before they moved on to cocaine, heroin, meth etc. But the same can be said for alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. There's no cause effect relationship between using marijuana and then using harder drugs. Use of marijuana doesn't guarantee that someone will use harder drugs, just like the use of alcohol or tobacco doesn't guarantee the use of harder drugs. Unfortunately the government is unable to get off it's moral high horse and end this farce. Legislatures and bureaucrats typically only turn the screws one way; tougher laws and harsher penalties. If marijuana were legal, people wouldn't have to go to a criminal to get it. A criminal who is under no government oversight, has no hours, no age requirement, no approved zones in which to sell, no potency restrictions, pays no taxes, bribes and corrupts public officials and carries firearms.
  3. Really? I could have sworn that at 3:12 of that video, the co-host read the following quote from Rumsfeld: "No terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat to the security of our people and the stability of the world than the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq."
  4. 2:25 in. Who's that saying Iraq is an imminent threat? Looks like that Rumsfeld guy. Forgot the link
  5. Devils Viewing Party

    Dano is sighted at the Grasshopper pretty often, usually Sundays. And the 3rd floor of the 'Hopper would be perfect for a viewing party if they did one in Mo-town.
  6. Clemmensen on NHL Live on NHL Network

    Encore is from 5-7 P.M.
  7. Colin White

    Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that number of posts directly correlates to ones level of "fandom."
  8. Colin White

    Nuff said. I haven't seen him complete a pass to anyone this year. He just gets the puck and throws it away. It's like watching a little kid who doesn't know how to play the game. Anyone know when his contract is up? That's a roster spot that can be better filled with someone (Corrente) else. Disclaimer: I know he's pretty much blind in one eye.
  9. Devils Youth Hockey Reception

    From my years of coaching in North Jersey, there are a lot of Rag$ fans. There actually aren't that many Devils fans. Or you get the kids who, while they play, say they don't watch NHL hockey, which is amazing to me. And of course the South Jersey teams are full of Failures fans.
  10. Devils Youth Hockey Reception

  11. Devils Youth Hockey Reception

    I attended a reception at The Rock tonight celebrating youth hockey in NJ. Probably about 60-70 youth hockey coaches, managers & administrators, very nice event in the restaurant with a tour of the arena. Anyway, Vanderbeek gave a nice speech about youth hockey and how the Devils support it and want to encourage it, etc etc. He mentioned that they're rolling out some kind of incentive program this summer where you can get tickets or merchandise for getting new people to Devils games. Then Lou got up to speak and he was talking about keeping kids off steroids and supplements, making sure they're focused on school work first, and instilling in them a sense of team first and discipline, all things you'd expect from Lou. Then he reiterated Vanderbeek's sentiment that they (the Devils) needed our (youth hockey people) help in getting more people to games. His next comment stunned me, as it goes against everything he said after the early playoff exit, that they liked the team they had on the ice and the players just didn't produce. He said, and I quote, "and we realize that we have a responsibility to put a better team on the ice." Maybe this means there will be some action on July 1. Hopefully.
  12. Everyone HAS to see this!

    Not only is this a similar hit, but in the slow-mo replay, you can clearly see that Clark's hands are right in Chelios's face, he practically punches him. Again, if you pause it when Cehlios releases the puck, and again when Clark hits him, it's around 1.5 seconds, compensating for a slow finger on the mouse. I'll say it again, 3 factors contributed to Cam's suspension: 1. The league views him as a nobody 2. Kaberle got injured on the play, mostly because of the way he hit the boards/ice 3. Toronto is a favorite of the league and this guy is a star on this team. Someone has to fall on the sword for the league so they can say that they're tough on this kind of stuff, when in reality, they aren't. If you watch Ovechkins hit on Briere, it's 10 times worse. If Briere had landed a foot to the right, on some part of the door that was being opend for him, that would have been the ugliest hit in NHL history. But there's no suspension on that play. I would love to have been a fly on the wall during that meeting between Colin Cambell and Bettman, trying to rationalize not suspending Alexander the Great.
  13. Cam suspended three games

    I was at the game last night, sitting up in 240 with a great view of the play, and honestly, at the game I thought Cam should have been penalized. Suspensed? No way, the boards and ice did the most damage. But I watched it on YouTube, and if you pause it when Kaberle releases the puck and then pause it again when Cam makes contact, it's a little over 1 second, from 5-6. So call it 2 seconds in real life; that's really not that late. I agree with the other posters, this suspension is pure BS, and if A) he hadn't gone into the boards the way he did, this isn't an issue or B) if it's ANY other team than the Laughs, it's also a non issue. The sad truth is that Cam is, in the leagues' perception, a nobody, who too a "cheap shot" on a star on an original six team that the league has a history of "friendliness" with. Simple as that.
  14. Devils T-Shirt

    Bad news Oat77. I was looking for the same shirt too, the Old Time Hockey one for the Devils. I emailed NHL.com and they responded by saying they have no control over which teams get which shirts made, it's up to the manufacturer. So, basically, there isn't an Old Time Hockey shirt for the Devils.