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  2. Not a bad idea, I know that there are devils fans down here because we always fill up Caps games pretty well. I just didn't know if anybody from this area had a good place they frequent.
  3. Anybody know of any good Devils fan bars in the Baltimore area? I can't seem to find any on google.
  4. Thanks 530, most of the guys they to have aren't in Doc's class, which is why it would be nice to hear a little bit more of the best NHL play by play man in the biz.
  5. Why isn't Doc doing more games on OLN? After watching him in Torino the man is clearly a machine.
  6. 4-0 awesome! You can just see the flyers starting to mail it in now!
  7. Follow up to that last post. The number of times it will matter: 0
  8. Over under on the number of times the phrase "this building is rocking" is used. 13 Over
  9. 3 mins of powerplay guys c'mon!
  10. LETS GO DEVILS! Have to deal with the HABS broadcast from center ice, but its better than nothing! I'll miss you Doc and Chico!
  11. GIO!!!
  13. Hell yea man! Love to have Johnny in the organization again, now we just need Claude back here!