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  1. Happy B'Day Sammy! Long time no type!
  2. Sorry I'm late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  3. Paris is just plain skanky, she leaves nothing to the imagination!
  4. I'm back!!!!! and Jimmy Leeds your still my hero! W is for WINNER!
  5. Horrible news, God Bless!
  6. Get Well Soon!
  7. Ya know, my parents still live "down neck" and I'm there all the time, I just have one question, where is all the parking going to be for this new arena???????
  8. Anybody know about this being on any other channels??, I have satellite??
  9. Hey look at that I'm on top and I'm talkin about Boobs!!!
  10. I'm with you PK, I don't get the whole fake boobs thing, I think it's nasty. The fakes look like they're going to explode, or like they're real sore or something. Just not natural, not jiggily and ya know mushy and normal and stuff Just my opinion, that's all.
  11. Good luck Rd, hope you have a speedy recovery!
  12. This site is awesome, ditto what NJay said!
  13. Thanks ESB!
  14. Very nice pics both of you! Thanks for posting!
  15. Good one PK. I hate those baskets. I just can't see spending $75 and more on a BASKET! No matter how nice, it's still just a basket. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but at least candles you can smell and they make for a nice (sexy) atmosphere. Eh whatever. I also have to go to one called Home Interiors I've never been, have you heard anything about this one? I know I know I'm getting off topic sorry back to Langenbrunner's sausage!