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  1. Who do YOU want to see back in a Devils jersey next season?

    id have to say everyone that was there this year lol, we went on a 15 game win streak, we swept the rangers, and overall had a great season, maybe add a few additions to defense and offense and i think well be set...
  2. Cam Janssen

    ^^^^its only his first season in the NHL
  3. As posted on another board...

    First off, Although it is 3-0 and only 2 teams have come back, i have faith, we went on a huge win streak, why cant we do it now?! And second, the offseason, we must re sign our key players.... Parise did great this season and i think hell be a phenom next season, as for Cam Jannsen, i think he can he can be the 2nd coming of Scott STevens, this guy is always playing with great intensity and only has room to improve.... With the acquisitions(sp?) of Wiemer, Klee, and Luko, i think they will really shape up next year, They came in mid-season and it is tought to adjust, this off-season hopefully we can sign a few guys that can really help our defense....But if we dont come back, i want to atleast win 1 game so we dont get swept.... See ya later....Thanks for the great season Devils...
  4. Gionta vs. Chara

    dang i really wanna see that, can you scan it or something? im gunna have to go pick this up......
  5. Jersey Help...

    whats your height weight if you dont mind me asking?
  6. Clemmensen.......

    Does anyone else have confidence in this guy? I think if we keep him, by hte time Marty retires he could be a great goaltender..........
  7. 1988 Game 7 vs. Washington

    i love these classic games since i was born, or too young to have seen them, i wish they would play them more often.........
  8. A thought

    A team will have its up and downs, these type of things happen....(trys to hold in from laughing at rangers and their fans) You know youll get your oppurtunity....Maybe you guys will have a better golf season......
  9. Game 4

    god i wish i had tickets.........
  10. Jersey Help...

    ok thanks.....
  11. Jersey Help...

    I dont own a hockey jersey right now but would like to buy one for next season when i plan on attending many games, i only attended 2 this year, 1 win, 1 loss, both were a great experience anyway..... But to the point, is it like other sports jerseys where the authentics run bigger than the replicas? I want to get a jersey but i dont want it to be too big or too small.....How much bigger do they run? And how come i cant find any jerseys with names on them?
  12. Devils @ NY Rangers OGT: 4/26 7pm

    Well some audio difficulties caused a loud screech and Lou looked pissed and shrugged and put his hands up and everyone goes "sorry" lmao... then no one was asking questions and hes just sitting there like nothing jus relaxin lol......
  13. Devils @ NY Rangers OGT: 4/26 7pm

  14. Devils @ NY Rangers OGT: 4/26 7pm

  15. 1 and 15!!!!

    make that 2-0 hahahha