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  1. A-Trains head/face landed right on his stick on the ice. That's where the cut and blood came from. In the replay, you can see his face bounce off the stick. Looked bad. Although first impact appeared to be shoulder to head.
  2. The TSN report says it's another GM saying this, not an NHL exec.
  3. It's not showing up anywhere on DirecTV other than being blacked out.
  4. I heard from someone at the last home game the crowd was loud, but that didn't seem to carry over to the TV. Wonder if they lower the volume at the Rock for TV, but increased the volume in Carolina?
  5. I understand your point, but it was clear in the replay Sutter was going for the puck, but Weight was going for the hit.
  6. I didn't really see it as clean. Weight never tried to play the puck and Sutter didn't have possession of the puck. It could have been called interference. Being young, Sutter looked as though he thought Weight was going to play the puck. Rookie mistake...
  7. Four years ago, people were scared to come and play NJ. We had a defense that pushed people out of in front of the net. We haven't had that kind of defense since Stevens left. Why do you think Brodeur got run so much last year. Nobody aside from a few, stick up for anybody anymore like the Stevens/Danyeko era. Nobody wants to be "in charge".
  8. CBC cut off before the Devils post game. Did Lou say anything about the coachs exchange?
  9. Ward hasn't been tested cause all our shots are from the blue line with little G in front of the net getting all pushed around by Commadore. When we get in close we can score.
  10. It's always scary coming off such a long layoff. They will re-group for game two. But hey...this game isn't over!!!
  11. Well we've seen this type of play before from the Devs in this type of game. They will set a nice tone going into game 2. Unless of course they can turn this around in one period. You could tell within the first 5 minutes of the first period this was not going to be good.