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  1. Andy &$&*@##(@#(*%& Greene the Point Machine
  2. He's the new Denis Pederson. He's what to Madden as what Pederson was to Carpenter. Nuff said.
  3. We have to get into Cam Ward's face like they do Marty. Ward has gotten it too easy and the only one who's been doing it right is Clarkson, parking in front on him. If they are going to pull this crap on us, we have to do the same. Screen him, get in his way, and occasionally fall on him.
  4. I know Rolston has become a high octane offensive player since being in Minnesota but his play reminds me of Rolston in the past way back in the late 90s. I always will remember him as the guy with the wheels and huge slap shot that hit the glass, the boards behind, anything but on net.
  5. Anyone else see this link? Sites a bit slow but its a cool article. NHL trade deadline rewind The Mogilny for Morrison trade is in there and the Arnott/McKay for Langs/Niewendyk trade are both listed under "Most impactful deadline trades of the decade".
  6. 25 goals max I think. McKay was a stronger skater, faster. Clarkson has better puck control and more agile. Neither has a ton of offensive hockey sense to anticipate where to go or passing ability. At best he's a good utility wing that could fill in some 2nd line time as needed. If he develops a stronger/more accurate shot, he could be dangerous. I love Clarkson's work ethic, he's a keeper.
  7. The old fella who helped power us in 95 and threw in a couple in '00. On Sunday, he's baaaack!
  8. Gees, how many times do I remember #24 being back there and cringing? That was Lyle Odelein's number!
  9. Blues Forum Apparently, the blues forum loves Salvador. They wanted to sign this guy long term.
  10. Nothing comes over the team. Cya Neider, it was good knowing you and we thank you for your contribution. As long as Lou is around and Marty is around, I have faith in the team. Remember "interchangable parts"? I like to think of the Devils as the Borg.. but in a good way.
  11. Welcome aboard the board!
  12. The sickest thing is the article makes it sound like it's actually *BAD* to stay humble and down-to-earth. This is the kind of rubbish that turns me off the NBA.
  13. Wierd... I backed the same teams in that order.
  14. But of course! Monsieur Wenger is a genius... Thierry Henry is incredible and cannot be compared... Patrick Vieira is the best midfielder in England if not the world... Pires creates so much from the flank.. and Aliadiere and Clichy will be fixtures in the future! Shame about Cygan Up the Gunners! Arsenal uber alles! Oh wait, thats German oops
  15. Oh yes it is! I only wish they based it on the Audi A8's ASF instead of VW's Phaeton normal steel frame. 5000 is alot of weight but I guess thats fine for a fine British GT car. Mmmmm its STILL a lovely car!