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  1. Devils Goal Song

    I agree that R&R pt 2 has some history, but I feel like the song is tainted now with the "You Suck" chant (Except when the Rangers are in the house - lol). They should track down some unknown NJ artist and make them a hit - just like I never heard of the Fratellis before the playoffs. I think with the changes this year, now would be a great time to change some of the stale aspects of the experience for those of us who have been going to games year after year.
  2. MSG+ 2 on Dish??

    Yay! I just found that.
  3. Who knew? It was 30 years ago tonight that the "Potvin Sucks" chant was born. Here's an article about it: http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/story/9256608...162&ATT=142 I just read through the entire (admittedly a little long) story. I'm surprised that even though the Devils were mentioned, the author didn't mention the "Rangers Suck" chant that we stole from them. I thoroughly enjoy that chant at the Rock and even more the addition of "Gomez Blows" afterwards. I did learn the name of the song that precedes the "Rangers/Potvin Sucks!": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5jwbt1K50Y Funny stuff.
  4. MSG+ 2 on Dish??

    Thanks for your replies... I know they should be in the 440 range, and I know they sometimes don't show up until game time. I wasted 45 minutes of my life with a spastic Dish Network "tech support" rep during a game back in November trying all kinds of different channels. What happens is that I put in 449 (for example), and it goes to the next highest channel number (454 if I remember correctly). There is no blackout warning or "check back" message.
  5. MSG+ 2 on Dish??

    OK, I was just going to live with this, since I go to most of the games anyway... However, tomorrow's game (Marty's return) is on Overflow... Wouldn't ya know? I've been back and forth with both Dish and MSG and neither of them can tell me why I cannot watch any overflow games. Does anyone else have this problem? Bueller?
  6. V Day promotion?

    Yea, some promotion... ;-) Not even worth mentioning. At least I'll get a cap on Sunday. ;-) (She's not going to that game!) hahaha
  7. V Day promotion?

    Any one know what the promotion will be for Valentine's day? I think I'll bring my wife for this one...
  8. MSG+ 2 on Dish??

    According to MSG's Overflow listing, the game should be on Channel 449 on Dish. That channel is a no show... I just called Dish Network and was on the phone for 35 minutes with some idiot who kept apologizing. He had me trying all these channels that I knew weren't going to work. Can anyone else with Dish Network see the game tonight? Or, is it just me that's f'ed? This is annoying! I pay for Center Ice and for all the regional sports channels. I can watch 12 other games except the one I want to watch!!
  9. Well.....

    I never saw the line have less than 10 people in it... and I wasn't waiting that long! No dogs for me... ;-(
  10. Anyone record the game on 12/7?

    Before I left for the game, I couldn't find the freakin channel that the game would be on. No problem, I thought... I'll just record the game at 12:30 am. Problem is, they only had the actual game on - no footage of the pregame ceremonies with Scotty, or the postgame ceremonies. Postgame, I was one of those dudes that I've always made fun of in the background trying to get on TV... Still haven't seen it. Anyway, if anyone has a recording of it and can send me a tape or DVD or something, please PM me. I've got tons of footage I can trade...
  11. GDT: Devils vs. Phoenix, The "Mmm, Hot Dogs" Edition

    I am so psyched about this game... I'll be bringing my 2 year old son to his first live hockey game! He's been watching games, and I've been quizzing him on players, and even Gretzky. I asked him the other day who we're going to see on Saturday and he said Wayne Gretzky... lol He's also been asking Santa for ice skates.
  12. Chico Comment from Last Night

    This reminds me... I ran into Chico last year while walking around the arena with a couple of buddies after a dismal game by the Devils. I'm not going to look it up, but I think Marty gave up 6 goals and was yanked from the game. The Devils lost like 7-1 or something. Anyway, we're wandering around and ran into Chico and started up a conversation while he was signing autographs for us. He mentioned something like "Marty had a stinker today, eh?" I "buddy punched" him on the shoulder and said "Oh, come on - you know what it's like to give up 6 goals, don't ya?" He glares at me, says "Get the hell away from me - no autograph for you!" A couple seconds later he was laughing at it, though. That was hilarious, and he played it just right - nice guy!
  13. GDT: Washington Capitals @ NEW JERSEY - 7 p.m

    Been looking forward to this game for a while... Anyone know what time the ceremony is starting?
  14. GDT: Devils @ Buffalo

    Damn! Wish I could be watching the game... None of you guys are blacked out? Some of you are from NJ, what are you watching the game on?