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  1. GDT: Carolina at New Jersey, 7pm EDT - OLN,TSN

    We need to win this one to survive, yes. But another reason I'd love to see the Devils win this game is so that I can see all those 'Canes fans on teir boards who are posting messages like "It's only one. We're still up 3-1. We'll win at home instead." will all be starting to sweat and will be posting things like "Uh-oh...."

    Marshall is the only Devils player I don't like. When he scores, I always wish it was someone else who scored instead of him. I won't be sad if he's not there next year.
  3. NY Times article on Newark arena

    God, I cannot WAIT until I can take the train to a Devils game. I will gladly never drive to another Devils home game again. Never have to pay $10 for parking again, never have to walk friggin miles across other highways to get to and from my car again, never have to deal with Turnpie traffic again. I grew up and lived my first 28 years in NJ, and I used to be a partial season ticket holder for a good part of Devils history until I moved away. I go to games every so often, but it's a 3-hour drive from Lancaster, PA. When I go, I usually swing by my family in South Brunswick, NJ and pick up others. I cannot wait until I can stay there and take a train up to Newark and see a game. The Devils fan base is more Central Jersey than it is North Jersey. It may have been North Jersey in the beginning, but it's much more Central Jersey and the Shore now. Newark is so much more convenient to that part of the state.
  4. Don Cherry

    I agree that Cherry is like the Archie Bunker of hockey. He's the epitome of every backwoods, supermacho Canadian hockey player who look down on europeans, french Canadians and anyone who wears a visor. I usually disagree with a lot of what he say - but not all. I think he's almost a caricature. But dang, he's entertaining to listen to.
  5. Out of Town Scoreboard - April 27th

    If Tampa had a goalie that would stop a puck now and then they could have made this a series. Emery's not that great that he can win a bunch of 1-0 and 2-1 games.
  6. Game 4 *VERY* important

    What hearts?
  7. Alert! Oilers' are Ruining Hockey!

    Even a 1-2-2 isn't, technically, a trap. A true NZT is one where the team without the puck positions it's players to funnel play toward one side of the ice or the other. They do this by forechecking to the other side (the strong side), making the natural outlet pass be down the side the trapping team wants it (the weak side). The trapping team then overloads that side of the ice in the neutral zone, effectively trapping the attacking team. It forces a turnover (frequently) which the trapping team then uses to generate an attack. The Left Wing Lock is a variation of this that forces the trap to a particular side over the other. It probably does have to do with the prevelance of lefty or right sticks. The 1-2-2 just means one forechecker, 2 fowards in the NZ waiting for the forechecker to force a turnover, and 2 defenders at the defensive blue line. 1-2-2 is kind of a genericly-named defensive setup. A NZT or LWL don't necessarily employ only one forechecker, either. Depending upon the tenacity of the team trying to break out, forcing them to a particular side may take two forecheckers - one deep and one shallow.

    I agree. He actually did hold the Rangers stick as he broke away from being hooked. So the holding call on him was justified. The Ranger shoulda been called for hooking, too, though. But the holding call was legit - so Marshall was just stupid to react like that. That could have been a very serious turning point in this series if the Rangers had scored there. I've come to not like Marshall. I think he's the only Devil player that I didn't like while he wore a Devils jersey. I think he's done some stupid and selfish and UN-DEVIL-LIKE things this season.