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  1. 1)The Shootout, because I hate when an exciting game goes to a skills competition. 2) The Brodeurezoid, I hate it, stop restricting Goaltenders. 3)Puck shot over the glass,delay of game.
  2. New Jerseys 2007-2008???

    Dont care for the new Sleek "form fitting" garbage they are throwing at us. I wont be buying a Jersey for awhile,and if they last for more than a season, then I hope I dont wear out the ones that I have.
  3. GDT: Ottawa at Devils Game-5 5/5 8:00 PM

    What a lackluster event, I'm disgusted by our teams play tonight, way to throw in the towel. Good luck Sens, you were by far the better team of the series. heres hoping for a better season in 07/08, see you all in October.
  4. GDT: Ottawa at Devils Game-5 5/5 8:00 PM

  5. GDT: DEVILS @ SENS 7pm 5/2/07

    we have done it before, but it seems very unlikely.
  6. Grant Marshall Revisited

    They also called up Mark Fraser, Frank Doyle, and Jordan Parise.
  7. respect to national anthems

    Any sporting event you go to, theres always a handful of idiots that do these things. Yes its disrespectful, and I certainly wouldnt do that, on the otherhand, they just made an ass out of themselves infront of 15,000 or so fans in the stadium, and the millions watching it on TV.
  8. Ottawa Sun Strikes Again

    Me kno undurstand whut he meens, wus dis surposed too mayke me argri, I duno maybee cuz ayem from Joisey.
  9. Barry Melrose

    Melrose is still a tool
  10. GDT - Devs/Sens Game II

    Marty's new Glove
  11. GDT - Devs/Sens Game II

  12. GDT - Devs/Sens Game II

    Lou with the smile at the end, love it. I was watching Versus feed, and they cut it off at the end for some Bullriding rodeo crap, anywhere that I can watch post game highlights Interviews on the web?
  13. GDT - Devs/Sens Game II

    Great game, had me on edge. Nice breakaway by Langenbrunner, and a great feed up the ice from Zajac. Matvichuk was awesome tonight, guy was blocking everything with his body, he showed alot of heart out there, and I'm glad he's back in the lineup, he's been a key to our playoff success so far. All in all, a good game, cept for Marty at the last minute of the 3rd, but other than that he was great tonight as usual. Bring on Game 3!
  14. Should the Devils throw today's game?

    Devils dont throw games away, atleast not on purpose. Although I would rather have the Islanders make it, I think it's funny that Toronto has to cheer for us to win.