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  1. After all the losses from the offseason, and the way things were going earlier in the year, this team recovered unbelievably and made it to the middle of the playoffs. The offseason will fill the gaps needed.
  2. if the red sox can do it, why can't the devils??
  3. man, carolina's defense was absolutely dominant, they reminded me of the devils whenever they had to secure a lead in the past.
  4. I was gonna ask the same thing, why the hell isn't the game on yet?
  5. Hmm, it sounded like on television that there were a whole lot more devil fans in the crowd compared to game 3, each time the devils scored a goal, the light roar was much louder compared to game 3, and it sounded like "lets go devils" chants towards the end.
  6. hey guys, what channel is this game gonna be on??