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  1. No, Clowe will waive his NMC and then he doesn't have to be protected.
  2. Since it's just for today I put status quo.
  3. I saw this is a "he who shall not be named" rumor.
  4. That play was frustrating. Blandisi had a few plays tonight where he lacked proper awareness of the situation.
  5. The Albany beat reporter said the team is saying day to day with a lower body injury for Zacha.
  6. So this draft feels like an opposite of last year. Last year the Devils were drafting immediately after a talent drop off and this season the Devils draft a little before a talent drop off.
  7. Great. Hope he's a solid contributor in the pros in 2 years.
  8. The general tone about how Severson just has to be better and do the things to be better. I don't see a lack of effort on the ice and I don't see his on ice play warranting the repeated scratchings so I think it has to be something other than just game day performance Here is an early on article where Severson is bagged for lack of practice effort. I think we know Severson has tons of confidence in himself and maybe Hynes feels Severson needs to work harder on non game days to be the best he can be It is all speculation on my part but it's just my guess
  9. I'm still generally happy with Severson's play. He still shows the ability to read plays before they happen and to respond accordingly. My guess is Severson is being benched more for off ice habits than on ice.
  10. Farnham was already fined.
  11. I don't think the coaching staff will come down hard on Blandisi for this diving call. It wasn't really a dive, similar plays like that happen all the time with players reacting similarly. Blandisi just has to remember he's being scrutinized more closely than other players for the near future. I mean we've seen players not be touched by a stick and react with a violent head whip and people don't get bent out of shape over it; other than during that actual game.
  12. I'm hoping Shero can move some of the veterans for on the cusp NHL players that can be put in the lineup. The other teams gets a veteran to count on and the Devils get potential upside. Then let's roll the dice and hope to get lucky; Devils probably need luck either way.
  13. I agreed with the no goal call myself. So while I wanted a Devils goal; the replay worked here.
  14. If you told me Palmieri would stop scoring and Camm would be hurt and not playing, I could not imagine the Devils would then go through one of their best winning stretches.
  15. I'll say nobody after Elias. I think there will be people that wouldn't even say yes to Elias and I don't think anyone comes close to Elias in terms of likelihood.