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  1. Contract Status

    No - Pando can stay - he at least made an effort this year unlike some others (Madden, White, Green, Mottau, Havelid, ....) Neids would NEVER come back unless his whiny little bro followed. Ugh. Marty needs to break all of about 3 records left and then he'll retire. Maybe we'd get Ward with the leftover $ that was Brodeur's salary. Sorry but Arnott isn't coming back to Jerseyland either. Sykora would be just as useless as Holik and Rolston. I do agree with the rookies - although they MUST be rough tough rookies - no pansies please!! Oh and I think Scotty Stevens should be coach. We'd have Stevens, MacLean and Albelin behind the bench - HELLO 1995!!!
  2. Contract Status

    I agree with you 100% here. I think Greene should go as well, he wasn't really a contributor this season. Really sad. Madden didn't wake the F up til about game 7...No goals in 20-something games? That's just pathetic for him. Holik should have his jersey retired (i'm thinking that's why Lou brought him, Rolston & Shanny back - anyone else think that?)
  3. "It is always darker before the dawn"

    Well..maybe these last few years (and playoff disasters... ) ignite the spark that the team needs. Oh and if Brent would be SO kind as to remind the team (a.k.a a pep talk, not a beat down, thanks!) of 1995, 2000 and 2003, MAYBE then we'd be at LEAST Eastern Conference Champs. Or Hell, why don't we just put Scotty behind the bench for once! I'm Just sayin.
  4. GDT: Carolina at New Jersey, 7pm EDT - OLN,TSN

    Who's up for a Mother's Day Massacre with a side of Devils playoff victory? I am!!! Com'on Carolina....welcome to the slaughterhouse! HAHA! (or so I hope )
  5. Division Champs tshirts?

    I was thinking the same thing
  6. Annoying (Devil) fan stories?

    A few years ago, (2000? I don't remember!) my dad and I had "Niedemeyer haters" who sat behind us. They were two 30something guys and reminded me of the two old guys from the Muppets LOL!!! They weren't annoying, but hiliarous as hell! Everytime Niedemeyer did something stupid, these two would be all over it - "NIEDEMEYER - YOU a$$hole!!" LOL I would have LOVED to hear them when Scotty followed never-gonna-be-as-good-as-him brother to Aneheim. Arg! Oh, these two guys also started (during the "mony mony" song) "Hey! Guess What? The Rangers Suck!" Not sure if they also started the "(announcer names opposing player's name) WHO???" But they did that a lot. Classic. When i move back to NJ - next game I go to I hope I have guys like this sitting behind me
  7. 1 and 15!!!!

    So the Rangers are 1 and 15 when trailing 0-2.... and we're now winning 1-0... LETS GO DEVILS!
  8. Devils @ NY Rangers OGT: 4/26 7pm

    Okay, let's take bets on how long he's going to LAST in this one.... You know your career is over when you're playing on the Rangers.
  9. Superstitions

    Years ago, my dad and I ate "Lucky Chips" during the games! We both quit the chips, but he still has a lucky food. I think now it's lucky fat-free ice cream.... Oh also when I go to the games (when im in NJ anyway!), I eat skittles and save the red ones for the end of the game and only eat the red ones when we need the luck! I know...i'm weird....
  10. Official GDT: NYR @ NJ Game 2

    nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah... HEY HEY HEY.... GOOOOOODBYYYEEEE!!! Two down....two more to go. Rangers what?!?!
  11. Weekes in Goal For Game 2

    Shhhhh....listen..... MAR-TY'S BET-TER! MAR-TY'S BET-TER! MAR-TY'S BET-TER!