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  1. I don't often post, and tonight is a big game so I will. I will say this, action speaks louder then words. The team on the ice needs to play like there is no tomorrow. If you are there scream as loud as you can but remember be supportive.
  2. GDT: Devils Vs. Flyers

    The Devils will win tonight. Why?? Well simply the haven't won a game since the snow had all melted North of Albany. Well the snow is back and so is a devils victory tonight.
  3. Another reason to hate Gomez

    At the end of the day gomez was an employee. Life goes on after him and will for a long time. The devils have never been about the player. Some of you may not realize this ut sports are a business before anything else. No one is going to pay to watch you do your job, or adore you as you do your job. As for smacking the devils in the face yeah, i don't like the fact that he went to the rangers, but if he had gone to LA or edmonton would it have made that much of a difference in many of your minds. I could give a crap about the rangers and how they handle there money. What i care about is the devils and watching them succeed without gomez.
  4. Another reason to hate Gomez

    I know you all love to hate gomez. But seriously folks, its time to show some decency?? Would we have won those cups without him, maybe, maybe not. Honestly I think the kid has a great game. He left the devils for more money. If your current employer offered you more money I am sure you would take it and no one would call you a "Scumbag." Stop with the childish namecalling and grow up. I mean boo him or send him a letter to his face saying that. Something tells me that none of you if you saw Scott Gomez would say anything like that. Well here is hoping for a devils victory.
  5. Pru Center Too Close to the Street

    http://www.dailyrecord.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a...ATES01/71011003 Article from the record. They built the building to c lose to the street. Could be an issue for homeland security.
  6. DEVILS 2007-08 SCHEDULE

  7. The Official UFA Breaking News Thread

    If any of us was in the same position with our job we would ask them to show us the money. Best of luck to gomez, but you will be booed everytime you touch the puck.
  8. Buffalo Announcers

    I could not agree more. The buffalo announcers where horrible. The worst part about the hole thing was when parise scored the final goal they kept talking about how he interfered with miller. They showed it on replay like 10 times and parise never even touched him. I would agree they are horrible, just horrible.
  9. NJDevs.com 10 Best Plays of the 2005-06

    Paul Martin from his own blue line off the boards and thru tim thomas of the bruins on one of the retirement jersey nights.