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  1. Devils @ Carolina Game 2 ECSF, 7:30 PM ET, OLN/TSN, WFAN

    that sounds to me like something that the rags are all doing together right now
  2. Ozolinsh Arrested for DUI - BA % 2x Legal limit

    makes me want to sell my altima
  3. Can we gloat yet???!!!!!

    BUT.....in reality.....we have it. i dont know where all you guys are comin from, but i have the faith and confidence in our team to get that one win. therefore we can gloat all we want for now. stop it with all your fake supersticions and stuff, you know damn well that we are taking this series.
  4. Langenbrunner about to be on WFAN

    in no way has this series been easy for us. we've played our butts off to get to where we are right now. yes, the devils are the hottest team in the league, but it's all because of the work that we've put into it. although i am a tiny tiny bit concerned with their momentum being dampened slightly, overall, i believe that the rest will be well deserved and will help us prepare to dominate the second round as well.
  5. Have to respect Chara

    i dont know about you guys, but i absolutly DESPISE chara
  6. Can we gloat yet???!!!!!

    F that...GLOAT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got this now and there's NO lookin back. it's our time to shine and we deserve to gloat wherever possible
  7. Devils @ NY Rangers OGT: 4/26 7pm

    hey guys, i'm new to this forum, but definately not a new devils fan. call me crazy but there is no doubt in my mind that the devils will win tonight. even if we dont, we're going to take at least one of the garden games and this series will be wrapped up by sunday if not sooner. i dont want to hear all this crap about the devils being outplayed and blah blah blah. they have the balance necessary to win. that balance goes by the name of martin brodeur, plain and simple, the devils are just too hot right now