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  1. Greetings fellow DEVILS fans!!!

    Welcome aboard??? You are a Rangers fan..WTF?
  2. NY Hockey Report Tonight

    I feel for Gary that he has to work with Rangers fans

    For the Devils fans who don't live in NY(myself, I live on Long Island) this is the angriest I have seen Rangers fans since the Islanders used to have their way with the Blueskirts back in the early 80's. I haven't heard back from 1 Rangers fan I know, and they have been calling me all season long telling me how "this was the year," and so on and so forth. Now it's as quiet as a mouse pissing on cotton where it concerns their collective mouths. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow and hear all of the excuses, I am sure they took all of their frustrations out today(or atleast tried) so they could deal with the crap they are going to have to take later on today. As an Islanders fan and bystandard in all of this, I have to say thank you. Because all season long they have been the biggest bandwagon, smack talking fans since the Yankees. But with this devastating loss, they all up and vanished like a fart in the wind and I thank the Devils for that. Thanks New Jersey!!
  4. Devils @ Rangers OGT: 3PM Game 4

    The Rangers sucked big fat hairy circus elephant balls in this one. PPPPPUUUUUUUU
  5. The Rangers this Sunday morning

    1) I am not a Devils fan, the Gods that be aren't going to give a crap what I think. 2) If I was Scottie Gomez or Martin Brodeur writing this THEN you should all be worried about bad kharma. 3) The Rangers are as wounded as any team I have ever seen. The Devils played a sloppy ass game for most of the 3 periods in game 2 and still came out with a 4-1 win. 4) This series was over before it began, they blew their load with sending 1/3 of their team to the Olympic's. And if history has taught you anything about the Blurskirts, the bad luck cloud that has always been synonmous with the Rags has never went away. 5) To the Devils fans that go Saturday, it would give me a woody to hear "SWEEP! SWEEP! SWEEP!" in their house towards the end of the game. I know there is a "get your butt kicked" factor in doing that at the Garden, but this doesn't come along very often. And besides, who better to mess up a nice weekend then the Rags and their "lovely" fans.
  6. The Rangers this Sunday morning

    You must be kidding. Godard beat Janssens rear at the Coliseum this season and never abliged him again. Instead Janssens went and fought Erskine and Erskine got the better of him. Granted Marc is a rookie, but a beat down is a beat down. I have no ill will against the Devils, but Godard is easily a top heavyweight in this league holding his won against fighters like Laraque and Brashear.
  7. Islanders fan here.

    Name...........FEG Age........old enough Sex........I take a leak standing up Favorite team........the Islanders. Favorite (all time) player...Mike Bossy Most hated rival......by far the Rags, with the two idiots doing the commentation for that franchise Born and raised on the North Shore of Long Island(Port Washington) Been a season ticket holder of the Isles since 1990, have been going to games since the late 70's with my uncle when I was a kid. Love the sport of hockey, do not hate the Devils(Only the Rangers). Found this site through a Rags forum that were complaining about this site ripping on the rags and how blah blah blah..............they basically are livid and talking out of their asses right now. I have rag fan friends who won't even talk about hockey anymore. "I am watching the Mets/Yanks" "I have been to busy at work to watch." BS.....when they win you never hear the end of it. Do everyone a favor and sweep these fecks.......I only wish it were the Isles doing it, because this town would explode and with the crap we have had to endure for a long time from them, it would sweet revenge. Go Devils!
  8. The Rangers this Sunday morning

    This image made possible by "SteveDepot," a very talented/smart Islanders fan from NyIslandersCountry.com
  9. Can we gloat yet???!!!!!

    Screw the Rags, they are done.