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  1. Hey!

    Hey everyone! I'm 16 years old, from Connecticut, I've been a Devils fan my whole life. My dad got 4 tickets in Section 122 with his roomate from college when the Devils moved to New Jersey in 1982, which if you do some quick math is before I was born, so I've been going to 20-30 games a year... basically my whole life! The Devils have had a great run in the years I've been going, and I hope for many more great years to come, its great to find a community with likeminded fans. Now, enough with introduction: LETS GO DEVILS! WE WANT THE CUP!
  2. Coincidental Number

    Ah yes, I remember in 2003 when we clinched the division, I expected to see our picture on the back of the NY Post. But there in big letters of the sports page RANGERS BATTLE FROM BEHIND, EARN 2-2 TIE. And then in small letters on the bottom (Devils Clinch Atlantic Division for 5th Time in 8 years, page 7.) ............................. Classsic.