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  1. lookin for team photo

    Does anyone have a really big team photo of the devils? I would like the one from last year that says the ‘atlantic division champs’ but any other big sized one is fine -x3marty0x
  2. poster ideas

    im going to the devils vs panthers game in about 2 weeks and i deffinetly want to bring a poster...any suggestions on what to write?? i think i want it more to be toward brodeur, but if theres a good idea for Devils hockey in general then i'll go with that..please helpp!
  3. I Need A Devils Decal For My New Car

    my friend bought that one for me for christmas along with a buch of other njd car accesories..i didnt know it stuck on the inside! i have mine on the outside, oh well..the only thing i don't like is the fact that u cant read the "New Jersey Devils" print once its on the car..i have tinted windows so that pretty much sucks.... Oh, and she bought it for me in some sports store in florida so im pretty sure once the season gets started their are gonna be a lot of stickers n other things comming out in stores so u don't have to pay shipping and all that other stuff...
  4. Meet Cam Janssen Tonight

    i went up to jersey for a few days back in march and saturday morning i went to one of their practices..its DEFFINETLY a must! i met all the players i wanted to meet, TWICE! you meet them when they come off the ice and when they are walking to their cars..so i would deffinetly take a few days up and head up to sma and catch a practice or two..
  5. Newbie

    HOH! already did! ...that man is gorgeous! i don't think i could even if i had to!
  6. Newbie

    so lets see....im a hardore devils fan that lives in florida..once every season i fly up to jersey for a home game..i go to every devs vs. tampa n pathers game possible..i have a dog named martin brodeur..florida is 'alright' but theres absolutly nothing to do here, jersey is always better... thats a pretty short sweet to the point summary... -x3marty0x-