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  1. LET'S GO DE-VILS!!!

    OK GUYS THIS IS FROM devilsrule.com and i thought i would just pass on the message...I'm from out of state and can't make it to the games but if i see beach balls on the ice tomorrow night YOU GUYS WILL BE MY HEROES!!!! SHOW THE CANES WHAT HELL IS REALLY LIKE!!!!! This is a serious post: For all those attending Game 3, we are encouraging any Devils fans in attendence to bring beach balls to the game. We want to make our presence known before the game to the Carolina Hurricanes. So far we have over 400 beach balls to be used during the pregame introductions. We need more. The NJSEA do not allow us to bring in signs that say "Lets Go Devils", banners, flags or anything else that is fun in the arena. But with beach balls, you can put them in your pocket deflated. When you get to your seat, you may inflate the beach ball and let it go during the pregame introductions. I have spoken to many Devils fans and we need everyone to participate in this event. We did this during the Rangers series and it was a total success because it motivates the CAA crowd to get loud and give us that 7th man advantage. If you need a beach ball, there will be some of us handing them out in the parking lot, but not guaranteed. You can pick them up at your local WalMart and they go for 88 cents a piece. For those sitting in the 100's sections: please try to send beach balls over the glass, only during pregame. You will be rewarded by a huge ovation from the CAA crowd and the Carolina bench should be filled with beach balls. You may also write a farewell message on the beach balls also. My beach ball hit Petr Sykora during Game 2 and he had to remove it out of his way before he was able to skate onto the ice. Only do this during pregame when the lights turn dark. inflate your beach ball and you may release it at anytime. please do not do this during the game because it may result in a "delay of game" penalty on the Devils. However, if we are winning by 5 goals with 10 seconds left, do it at your discretion. Come on Devils fans. we did this twice and lets do it again. Beach Ball Wednesday will make a statement and turn the tide of the series in our favor!